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DRIVE IN THE UK - Private Hire Taxi Drivers (No experience required)YOU MUST SPEAK ENGLISH (See requirements) UK JOBS with FREE Assessments in Bucharest (IBIS HOTEL - GARA DE NORD) Monday July 1, August 5, September 2, 2013 at 10am Latest vacancies (new vacancies every week): MEN OR WOMEN, self-employed positions (no work permit necessary) 3 NEW vacancies in KINGS LYNN & WEST NORFOLK (Norfolk) 2 NEW vacancies in MAIDENHEAD (Berkshire) 2 New Vacancies in NEWCASTLE (Yorkshire) 1 NEW vacancy in UTTLESFORD (Essex) 1 NEW vacancy in North Herts (Hertfordshire) 6 NEW vacancies in TELFORD (Shropshire) ‘D’ category on driving licence for mixed bus/minibus/taxi driving duties (this is not a position that is exclusively bus driving)B category considered 2 NEW positions in Welwyn/Hatfield 4 NEW vacancies in REIGATE (Surrey) 1 NEW vacancy in STOCKTON (Teesside) 10 NEW vacancies in PLYMOUTH (Devon) TOP UK TAXI COMPANY 15 YEARS RUNNING! 2 NEW vacancies in CITY OF DURHAM (County Durham) D category drivers for mixed minibus/taxi driving duties. This is NOT a position for driving buses exclusively. COMING SOON (and subject to confirmation) LONDON Multiple vacancies in LONDON (North, South, East and West). The Public Carriage Office (PCO) that issues licenses for Private Hire drivers in the Capital take at least 12-14 weeks to process an application. If you are not prepared to wait three to four months to start work, do not apply for these vacancies. Accommodation and prices are far higher than the rest of the UK . The necessary London atlases and maps cost over £30.00, these will not be issued free of charge to map collectors, they will need to be paid for in advance. (Other destinations free or downloadable). Driver Providers is a registered PCO assessment centre, we provide the topographical pass certificates, the knowledge test is with us, not the PCO. ALL PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED POSITIONS FILLED BY LARGE TURNOUT OF APPLICANTS IN BUCHAREST ON MARCH 4. PRIVATE HIRE TAXI DRIVER UK The job of a licensed Private Hire driver in the UK is a well respected and well paid job £1400 - £2000+ CLEAR PROFIT (after expenses) per month. It is not like being a taxi driver in Romania. You do not wait around the streets waiting for people to approach you. You are supplied with jobs by the company via an in car computer equipped with satellite navigation. You will be self-employed and receive cash daily and paid for any account journeys you undertake weekly. Cars and accommodation arranged in advance. ROMANIAN ASSESSMENTS THIS ASSESSMENT IS FREE (NO FEES) There will be no courses run in ROMANIA yet, these assessments are just that, assessments. They will prove (or disprove) that you have learnt the material. You will then be issued with maps for orientation. WHAT DOES THE ASSESSMENT INVOLVE? When you apply for this position you will be sent an email with the materials relevant to the destination cities. This material has to be learnt at home in your own time. When you have learnt it, you come to one of the monthly assessments in Bucharest (next one is to be held on Monday February 4) when you will be tested to ensure you have learnt the material. You learn only the material relevant to your selected city - not all of the cities! The material involves lists of venues (hotels, bars, restaurants etc), sometimes roads and routes, these need to be memorised. You may attend without learning the material but you will have to return the following month to prove you have learnt it. IF THE CAR HAS SATELLITE NAVIGATION WHY MUST I LEARN THE MATERIAL? The individual councils that issue Private Hire Driver licenses insist that you take (and pass) a written examination on local topography before you are issued with a licence. The material you are supplied with is what they ask you on the test. ANY SPEEDING TICKETS IN THE LAST 3 YEARS BAR YOU FROM PARTICIPATING (City of Plymouth will accept 1 speeding conviction). READ THE ADVERT CAREFULLY If you ask questions that are already answered, we must assume that your English is not good enough for the job. Basic, beginner English is NOT ACCEPTABLE for these positions. Departure to the UK is usually within two to three weeks. The population of a particular destination is totally irrelevant to earnings. London is the biggest city with probably the lowest driver earnings and a minimum 12 months to obtain the licence! Smaller towns and villages are often better than big cities as public transport is poor or unavailable (once a day and non-existent at weekends) thus making taxis the only choice in getting around. ££££££££££££! Applicant’s flights to the UK and transfers from the airport will be arranged and paid for by the recruiting company. • Applicant’s accommodation will be arranged and paid for until you start work. The recruiting taxi companies will pay for your flight, our fee, transfers, accommodation deposit, UK medical and all test, badge and licence fees in advance, if you are unable to. They quite reasonably expect that these costs are repaid by you in affordable weekly amounts over a twelve month period once you start working (£25-30 pounds per week). You will sign a legally binding contract to this effect and those that quibble over this will be rejected on arrival. They do not pay local drivers fees, why should they pay yours? We cannot detail individual costs such as licensing fees as every individual authority charges different fees, London being the most expensive. We cannot detail accommodation fees as obviously it is dependent on city, location and the type of accommodation you require, again London will be the most expensive.


Medium English (minimum), conviction free driving licence (no speeding tickets) in last 3 years and basic mathematics skills. • Applicants should be minimum 25 years of age and hold a full, conviction free, EU member state driving licence. Proof of conviction free status must be obtained from the Interior Ministry’s Traffic Police Brigade. Your driving licence must be issued by a EEA country and bear at least the category B. • Applicants should have medium to good conversational and written English (part of the job is to compose reports). • Applicants should have reasonable mathematical skills • Applicants shall have no criminal convictions and obtain a Criminal background check from the Interior Ministry to this effect. • Applicants must have all the required documents, a form in English may be provided for your Doctor to fill and must be translated into English by an approved translation body and verified as genuine by a Public Notary. • Applicants must be of good health and get their Doctor to complete a DVLA D9 medical form that will be attached to a reply email that will be sent to all applicants. Applicants cannot apply if they suffer from heart disease, diabetes or mental illness.

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