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Detalii loc de munca - Emiratele Arabe (mainly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, very ...

Descrierea jobului - Dubai

We are looking for HOTEL STAFF for MIDDLE EAST - UAE (mainly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, very rarely Sharjah, none of the other 4 Emirates: Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman) mainly: - waitresses; - receptionists; - hostesses; - All other positions available, but not in large numbers and not for every hotel. - Legal contract for 2 years contract, renewable. If the employee wants to terminate her/his contract before 6 months, she/he has to cover the expenses for visa and ticket /appr. 3500 USD; - Minimum salary 500 - 550 USD, TAX FREE. Salary might be increased after 6 months of service; BASED ON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE WORKER; - Free employment visa - VISA IS NON-TRANSFERABLE to another employer - it allows the candidate to work only for this company; - Free transportation to and from work; - Free meals on duty. Meals are provided in the staff cafeteria on a block-table, for all employees; - Free shared accommodation. Males and females live separately. Normally girls live in 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, 2 or 3 girls in each room. Every apartment is equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. ALL WORKERS are expected to clean their own room, as well as the common areas. Normally employers try to keep the girls from one nationality together, but if this is not possible girls may be required to share a room with somebody from another European country or Asia. - Free return ticket every two years. If the employee wants to travel to her home country during her paid holiday after the first year, she has to pay for the ticket; - 18-22 days paid leave annually.ance will be paid by the employer.


- females; - experience is required; - English is required and any second language is welcome; - hardworking, nice personality, good executant, serious person; - good physical appearance - to respect and comply the policy of the hotel, the collegues and the superiors; - dynamic, energic person; - to be courteous, warm, smiling while dealing with guests; - to be efficient, fast, service with confidence and fair; - must be professional, polite, and reliable. Must be able to learn and describe food proficiently. Costul programului: - 300 RON - Taxa de inscriere si procesare dosar. - 400 EURO + TVA - Comision de mediere (se achita la semnarea contractului de munca) - Biletul de avion

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