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ROLE The auditor conducts audits against a referential chosen by the client, with the objectives of: * Assessing the compliance of the client to the referential chosen; * Identifying the points of non-conformity compared to the referential chosen by the client; * Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the organization; * Identifying potential areas to investigate for continuous improvement. TASKS, ACTIVITIES & RESPONSIBILITIES Depending on the auditor’s level, the tasks may include: * Organize, or participate in organization of the audit: * Carry out review of documentation; * Logistic preparations for the audit; * Obtain client approval for the audit programme; * Identify and plan the necessary resources for the audit; * Management of the auditors in the audit team. * Carry out audit: * Lead the opening meeting; * Carry out individual interviews as identified with the client; * Prepare the conclusions for the report; * Lead the closing meeting at the end of the audit; * Assess client compliance in order to issue or maintain certification; * Ensure timely production of good quality reports (including expenses claims); * Follow-up of actions to be done after the audit: * Agree the non-conformities with the client; * Review the corrective actions proposed by the client; * Accept and sign off the corrective actions; * Submit the paperwork to the relevant local office; * Issue audit report and time-expenses report timely; * Maintain training log, * Ensures the follow-up of certification; * Plan follow-up audits in accordance with the terms of the contract; * Contribute to the sharing of knowledge : * Deliver external training; * Remain abreast of changes in the relevant areas, as well as developments in norms and regulations; * Maintain and share knowledge and skills; * Contribute to developing business providing leads.


SKILLS PROVISIONAL AUDITOR * Basic training and technical knowledge in relevant Industry and Standard; * Is conversant with the terminology and principles of the relevant standards. AUDITOR LEVEL 1 * Basic training and technical knowledge in relevant field completed by satisfying the competence requirements of the Company QI Management System (BMS); * Is conversant with the terminology and principles of the relevant standards; * Has successfully completed a registered or approved lead assessor course based on reference standard; * Has taken part (as a provisional auditor) in the required number of audits specified for in the BMS. AUDITOR LEVEL 2 * Level 1 + has fulfilled the requirements to obtain an external lead assessor authorization for their chosen reference standard; * Has suitable work experience in the technical aspects of the required field, complemented by training in audit techniques; * H old s authorization to audit against additional reference standards; * Has main responsibility for client contact and success of the contract; * Refers business and actively participates in identifying opportunities for cross-selling Company services, as needed; * Leads teams where appropriate. AUDITOR LEVEL 3 * Has demonstrated strong abilities in managing auditors or client liaison; * A Lead Auditor who demonstrates continual professional development in chosen reference standards and in the technical aspects of a particular field and is nominated by the local Certification manager in this capacity; * Makes suggestions to clients regarding non-conformities, or other issues, which increase the “added-value” of the audit; * Has an in-depth knowledge of Company portfolio of services; * Has the capability to identify and contribute to initiatives on continuous improvement.

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