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4 a 5 Mould Fitters For a long period of time. (for het beginning the contract for 1 month, and then the contract will be extended ) Asap • You will be responsible for the reparation of the moulds and of fitting of the moulds: • You will receive the compound drawing of the mould, which you have to be able to read and make interpretation. • You have to fit the parts into the whole mould You will receive the document in Dutch with the remarks and with the specification of the each mould. On the same document, after finishing your work, you will write down in English if it was ok, if there where some problems etc. • The moulds can be very small up to very heavy in between 100 and 200 kg. Therefore you can use intern transportation to replace the mould after you finish it. You have to take care that the smallest pieces are not lost. • You will be responsible for polishing, smoothing the moulds in different sizes and shapes. Therefore is the special room, where you can do it. This is a very important part of the process! Therefore you will use special pasta made of diamond granulate in different colours. • You will work independently on your mould, but if you cannot find solution it is best to ask for hulp and cooperate with the colleagues. • You will measure the moulds very accurate and precisely, by using the measure equipment and tools • If there are some parts which are not fitting into the whole mould, you will have to use milling machine (conventional milling machine) for instance to do some holes in it. • You will independently analyse the problems which occurred f.i where you finish the mould everything is fine, but when you set it up in the machine and it doesn’t work, you have to find what is wrong and make the correction. • -You have to rapport to the chief


Language knowledge: English - Communicative or German - Communicative or French - Communicative Others: • Minimum 5 years experience as a mould fitter • Preferably 5- 10 years experience as a mould fitter • Experience with laser welding is very welcome. • Someone with a high degree of precision and accuracy required • Knowledge on working with milling machines and turning machines - conventional • Good communication skills • Teamplayer • Has to be assertive and able in making his own conclusion • Responsible

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