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JOB OFFER: Competitive basic salary and attractive allowances and benefits which include: -free family housing/allowance; -free annual return ticket allowance for self and family; -end of service benefit; -annual leave; -free medical care; -interest free car loan; -furniture grant; -children education assistance; -annual bonus; -location allowance, annual increments, recreational facilities, etc. JOB DESCRIPTION: Duties: Fields • Carries-out daily inspection of plant and equipment in oil/gas stations, tank and flare areas and/or water injection units to ensure normal operations, as applicable. Takes a variety of readings such as rates, levels and pressures, flow, line loads, running condition of surface pumps, Redas and enters in daily log book. • Checks for any malfunctions, such as line ruptures, valve breaks and blown gaskets, estimates degree of seriousness and takes action accordingly. Includes isolating and shutting down individual plant. • Carries out minor running repairs where possible and details faults for subsequent preparation of Defect cards. In cases of serious malfunctions, ensures that safety procedures are followed. • Maintains quality control checks. Takes samples for analyses for TSS, salt, H2S bottom sediment, water (BS&W), Hydrogen-Sulphide, and dew point tests, as applicable. • Operates/Checks valves, lines and pumps/ compressors to meet operating requirements. Includes starting up and stabilizing degassing station, water injection units, main oil line pumps manifolds, flow/transfer lines, as appropriate. • Participates in all maintenance and inspection activities. Prepares equipment for required job and place back on line upon completion. Includes de pressurizing/pressurizing, purging, isolating and releasing/ receiving wellhead equipment, transfer lines, trunk line flow lines, etc. • Participates in pre-commissioning/commissioning of new wells and facilities. • Checks and monitors gas levels at various areas in the plant during maintenance activities. Attends maintenance work to ensure safe operations consistent with related Permit/ Certificate. • Prepares wells for wireline, inspection surveys, breakdown and planned maintenance. Includes isolating, spading and depressurizing the system. • Opens and closes wells at wellhead. Changes and adjust production rates as instructed. • Operates and monitors process control system. Operates computerized flow analyzers in water injection system. • Prepares test separators for testing wells and monitors flow pressure and temperature, prepares related data sheets and maintains test records records. • Starts, stops and monitors chemical injection in central station, remote stations and water injection units. Maintains records of chemical injection rats. • Re-charges chemical storage tanks. Keeps chemical stock and arranges for loading/ unloading of chemical. • Liaises with various parties to coordinate field activities related to MOL and pigging. • Directs/participates in simple maintenance and may provide work direction to contractor laborers on sand clearance. • Participates in the preparation/updating of operating procedures. • Maintains variety of records including recording flow rates and making rough estimate calculations, other daily activity records, locked open/closed valves, desert movements, etc. • Understands the Company Health, Safety and Environment Policy, and how it relates to his job. Performs his work in a safe and efficient manner, and is familiar with relevant safe working procedures and practices that relate to his job. Terminal • Carries out various duties related to crude oil loading operations either locally and /or from Control Room Graphic Consoles on assigned shift. This include: - Receive/distribute shipping telexes. - Prepare /checks / ensure the preparation of documents prior to arrival of vessels and the P.D. Meters prior to commencement of loading. - Record shipping movements in the approach channel and maintain detailed log of all berthing and loading times. - Carry out and/or control the Start/Stop loading operations including operating control console/loading pumps as necessary. - Ensure correct oil flow rates by operating loading pumps, proving the P.D. Meters during loading against prover loop. - Record all loading data, and, if required, to construct Meter Performance Curves in the presence of Supreme Petroleum Council Oil measurement Inspector and calculate hourly quantities shipped. - Accompanies SPC Oil Measurement Inspector to take the initial meter reading prior to commencement of loading and for final meter reading after completion of loading. • Prepare/check cargo documentation. Includes calculating shore final loading temperature/ pressure and cargo loaded, ensuring that telexes to lifters are prepared as per requirement and passed to Supervisor for signature. Ensures that completed shipping documents are properly distributed, and retained copies are properly filed. • Prepares shipment sailing cables and ensure their proper authorization and timely dispatch to concerned parties via Abu Dhabi. • Monitors incoming oil to tank farm, the transfer of crude oil to Ruwais Refinery, and the receipt of oil from the Refinery/Pentane Plus. - Witness the opening and closing dips; - Calculate stocks and enters in special register • Carry out / monitor Heavy Oil/Sludge/Water dips of Crude Oil Storage tanks on regular basis and ensures that the records are kept updated. This includes: - Record hourly tank level, daily tank temperature and mid night tank gauges - Prepare daily oil operations telex, monthly stock telex, telex regarding water content in storage tanks. • Collect / ensure the accurate collection and analyses of oil samples of shipment for fiscal purposes in presence of Government Inspector. • Carry out / ensures that tests for combustible gas, oxygen and H2S for permits are carried out. • Reads and records meteorological data four times a day such as temperature, wind velocity/ direction etc. and passes to Radio Room, Abu Dhabi. Ensure that monthly weather report is prepared and dispatched for Government Department concerned. • Report malfunctions or irregularities in instruments and equipment to the Supervisor or Maintenance personnel for necessary maintenance/repair/ replacement. • Complies daily/monthly statistics associated with the storage and export of Crude Oil and enter them into computer as and when required. • Understands the Company Health, Safety and Environment Policy, and how it relates to his job. Performs his work in a safe and efficient manner, and is familiar with relevant safe working procedures and practices that relate to his job. • Carries out other related duties such as: - Operate telex machine, VHF/HF Radios, Ground to Air Radio, monitors weather observation, and serves in the fire fighting team. - Maintain records of Personnel Movement from and to Jebel Dhanna. - Monitor Protech Feu Fire Control Panel in the Control Room. - Participate isolating and preparing P.D. Meters, loading lines, tanks etc. when required for maintenance work. - Ensure preparation and typing of ballast statistics and maintenance of the loading hose records, where necessary.


JOB REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Requirements: Completion of Secondary education (12 years) followed by 3 years full time training leading to a Diploma in a technical trade 2 years experience in oil terminal operations.


Nivel minim de educatie necesara Colegiu / studii postliceale

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