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JOB OFFER: Competitive basic salary and attractive allowances and benefits which include: -free family housing/allowance; -free annual return ticket allowance for self and family; -end of service benefit; -annual leave; -free medical care; -interest free car loan; -furniture grant; -children education assistance; -annual bonus; -location allowance, annual increments, recreational facilities, etc. JOB DESCRIPTION: Duties: Pipeline Maintenance - Fields & Terminal • Supervises the activities of assigned personnel. Performs supervisory functions and excesses financial authorities established by management. • Supervises and directs the execution of planned and maintenance and repairs in assigned area. - Retrieves monthly maintenance plans from 3Ms; sets weekly schedule and prepares daily activities. - Prepares excavation plans in co-ordination with C & I for MOL Preventive Maintenance Programmes developed from IPS results. - Sets priorities and endorses Hot and/or Cold work permit in conjunction with operations. - Ensures availability of adequate manpower, materials, spares, tools and equipment guided by standard procedures. - Specifies welding procedures, stress relieving and pressure testing procedures to be used for welding work. - Inspects work progress/completed work through site visits and/or review of work records to ensure proper and timely execution. - Adjust work schedules to accommodate urgently required work and follows up receipt of work orders upon completion of repairs • Ensures the provision of adequate supply of non stock materials, spares, consumable items in local stores and raises necessary documentation for issue of stock items and/or procurement of direct purchase items. - Liaises with Bab 13 store to ensure availability of required items. - Raises issue vouchers for required items through 3Ms. - Ensure that sufficient plant, equipment and materials are readily available for repair of major and minor leaks. - Endorses purchase request for non stock/ direct purchase items. Ensures that full technical details of material, code numbers, other buying descriptions, recommended supplier(s) and estimated cost are provided. - Reviews bids received for the supply of materials, carry out technical evaluation and raise recommendations on acceptable bidders. - Inspects materials received either as samples or purchased to ensure they conform to required specifications and arranges testing/operational use of spares, as necessary, to verify compatibility with existing equipment. • Oversees the work of specialized welding techniques on materials such as iron, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steels and various other alloys. • Supervises the work of Hot Tapping and Cold Cutting. Ensures that all personnel have been briefed on safe working procedures to be followed when welding onto 'live' pipelines and cutting into de- pressurized pipelines as required. • Plans and supervises the provision of efficient and economical welding workshop services in support of maintenance and project activities. - Orders spares and materials as necessary and controls the inventory of consumable and tools. - Schedules and supervises day-to-day workshop activities to ensure the proper utilization of manpower and equipment. - Ensures regular inspection and maintenance of workshop machinery, equipment tools. Includes testing equipment, pivoting and TIG welding machines, cutting and precision tools, etc. - Ensures operability and safety of hot tapping machines, and availability of associated equipment and cooling fluids. - Reviews and plans future workshop activities with special reference to workshop equipment, resource and material availability. • - Monitors all work carried within the workshop to ensure that safety rules and regulations are being followed. Empowered to stop any operation not following laid down safety procedures. • Responds to MOL Emergencies and repair activities. - Ensures that minimum stock levels of MOL Emergency Response equipments are maintained in Bab 13 and they are periodically inspected. - Patrols network to locate leaking location. - Organizes Spillage Disposal equipment (Shovels, Pumps, Tankers) from fields and directly supervises spillage disposal operations. - Assists in MOL isolation and draining operations - Directly supervise repair activities. - Assists in normalizing MOL operations subsequent to completion of repairs. - Assists in locating leak - Directs isolation and de-pressurization of line in liaison with Field Terminal Operations. - Ensures spillage disposal complies with HSE Rules - Directs normalizing operations subsequent to completion of repairs. • Issues hot and cold work permits and applies for excavation permits as required. Includes initiating or compiling, approving and passing to operations for countersigning. On completion of work, signs off jointly with operations. • Coordinates work activities with other maintenance supervisors in assigned field to ensure optimal use of manpower resources and equipment. • Participates in engineering projects related to pipeline. Includes reviewing tender package, witnessing commissioning, following up with concerned engineers to ensure timely receipt of commissioning and 2 year spares and manufacturers maintenance manuals. Follow up on maintenance activities during warranty. • Participates in the preparation of the department budget as applicable to welding maintenance with particular reference to non routine operating and capital budget. • Participates in the training and development of assigned UAE national employees. Includes developing and implementing O-J-T programs, monitoring and reporting on progress and counseling employees as required. • Knows the Company health, safety and environmental policy, procedures, regulations and objectives as they relate to his area of responsibility, and ensures that they are effectively implemented in his domain. Pipeline Operations - Terminal • Operates the MOL network in accordance with operating philosophy, pipeline design parameters, pumping station over pressure protection systems and throughput from fields. - Monitor operating parameters in Degassing Stations and off-site valving stations - Maintain records of operating parameters and transfer the required information to Terminal for weekly/monthly reports. - Liaise with Field Operations to carry out valve manipulations inside Degassing Stations as required for lining up the network. - Organizes and supervises valve manipulations in off-site valving stations required for lining up the network. - Monitor velocity of crude and ensure that Operating Philosophy conditions are satisfied. - Monitor operating parameters to ensure that Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) is below MAWP • Carries out routine and non-routine pigging operations. - Plans pigging operations as per network availability and prepares monthly pigging schedule. - Organizes crew, pigs, tools, spares as per scheduled program. - Authorizes work permits for jobs in off-site valving stations and arranges work permits for jobs inside degassing stations from operations. - Liaises with operations to launch/receive the pigs inside degassing stations. - Directs pig receiving and launching operations in off-site valving stations by manipulating required valves. - Ensures that spares for pigs & pig traps are available in sufficient quantity. - Organizes and supervises maintenance of pigs & pigs traps • Monitors activities in MOL corridor. - Apply PTW system to ensure integrity of pipelines during third party activities. - Ensure compliance of project activities to “Spec. - Protecting Existing Facilities During Construction”. - Maintains records of all utilities in MOL corridor and arrange updating of MOL corridor maps as required. • Liaises with Corrosion Section personnel in routine chemical injection and batch treatment programs. - Monitor routine chemical injection program - Ensure batch chemical treatment programs are in accordance with Corrosion & Inspection guidelines and Operating Procedure Manual - Monitor crude oil quality at entry and exit points to ensure adherence to standards • Participates in review of projects affecting MOL network to ensure that Design parameters & MAWP is not compromised. • Audits and reviews the following to ensure capability of network to transport throughput from Fields to Terminal. - Operating procedures - Operating philosophy - MOP, MAWP, MROP - Over pressure protection system rating • Responds to MOL emergencies - Assists in locating leak - Directs isolation and de-pressurization of line in liaison with Field Terminal Operations. - Ensures spillage disposal complies with HSE Rules - Directs normalizing operations subsequent to completion of repairs • Co-ordinates prevent maintenance activities and ensure that MAWP>MROP


JOB REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Requirements: B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering complemented with welding qualification. 5 years in general welding and fabrication work in the oil/ gas producing Company. OR Completion of Secondary education (12 years) followed by 2 years full time training leading to welding Diploma. 8 years in general welding and fabrication work in the oil/ gas producing Company.


Nivel minim de educatie necesara Diploma de facultate

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