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Job description: Private Hire Taxi drivers in the UK (No experience required), men and women required to work in the UK (5 day course)! IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT THESE JOBS ARE GENUINE AND THE POSITIONS ARE FILLED VERY QUICKLY The courses start on Monday, 21st of MAY 2012, 09.00. NON SMOKERS GET PRIORITY - OUR COMPANY INSISTS ON NON-SMOKERS! There is no recession in the UK taxi industry. £300-400+ a week CLEAR PROFIT! The next option to consider is how you are going to get to Bucharest, by car, bus, train or plane. On arrival in Bucharest you will undertake a driving assessment to ensure that you are a safe driver. If you fail the driving assessment, you will not continue the course. You will be advised to go away and practice driving until such time you can drive safely, you may then return. In Bucharest we are preparing you for the exam in the UK that you will have to take and pass in order to become a licensed Private Hire Taxi driver. The course consists of studying and memorising such lists, planning 'routes' (how to get from point A to point B) and local council rules and regulations that apply to Private Hire Taxi drivers. Once you have proven to us (by way of mock examinations) that you have learnet the material, you may return to your home to arrange your departure. Our office is in calm, clean and hospitable. We prepare you for life in the UK, you must shave, shower and wear clean clothes daily(NO BLUE JEANS!). The course is FREE, we make no charge to you for the training. All course materials, notepads, pens, maps etc are also provided free of charge. The job is therefore guaranteed on completion of training. THIS COURSE IS FREE. ON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION, YOUR FLIGHT, ONWARD TRANSPORTATION, LICENSING FEES, CAR/INSURANCE RECRUITMENT FEE AND ACCOMMODATION DEPOSIT IS PAID FOR BY THE COMPANY IN ADVANCE (most but not all companies ask you to contribute to these costs in reasonable weekly amounts once you start working). WE NO LONGER USE ROMANIAN RECRUITMENT COMPANIES TO FIND DRIVERS FOR US, IF YOU GO THROUGH THEM YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THEM A FEE. IF YOU COME TO US DIRECT, THERE IS NOTHING TO PAY. OUR OFFICE IN BUCHAREST,ROMANIA: LIBRA QUALITY CONSULT Cotroceni Business Center Bucharest, District 6 No 7, Iuliu Maniu Blvd.


REQUIREMENTS: 1. NO CRIMINAL RECORD, CLEAN* OR AT THE VERY most (2 minor convictions maximum, only one for speeding* IN LAST 3 YEARS) EU member state DRIVING LICENCE (held for a minimum 2 years ), Good level of English, Male or Female, MINIMUM AGE 25 (for insurance purposes). You will not be considered if you are under 25. 2. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE A POOR DRIVER, HAVE POOR ENGLISH, A CRIMINAL RECORD, HAVE EVER HAD A DRINK DRIVING CONVICTION, ARE UNDER 25 YEARS OF AGE OR A NON-EU CITIZEN (for example, we cannot accept applications from Moldova, India or Africa). OFFER (BENEFITS): Once you have passed our training class the company you will be working for will provide you the followings: - FLIGHT, ONWARD TRAVEL, CAR, INSURANCE, ACCOMMODATION, ALL PRE-ARRANGED. ACCOMMODATION IN UK FREE and FOOD ALLOWANCE UNTIL YOU START WORKING. - Online Interview: 1. Have you had your driving licence for minimum 12 months? 2. Can you drive a car safely? This is not a silly question, 1000's are rejected every year, on day one of the course because they are poor/unsafe drivers. 3. Do you have a clean driving licence or MAXIMUM 1 speeding conviction in the last 3 years (as in UK)? 4. Are you MINIMUM 25 years old, applicants below 25 (18-24) will be ignored and deleted without reading. It is almost impossible to insure a taxi driver in the UK below 25, even if an insurance company could be found, they ask in the region of £10,000 per year. 5. Are you an EU citizen? We are well aware that Romania is an EU state but many Moldavians living in Romania respond to this advert. Romanians YES, Moldavians NO.

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