ANAIS DIGITAL is a software development, software research, and software consultancy company with headquarter established in Brussels, Belgium. We managed to get together extremely talented people, from different cultures, in a professional environment that allows us to keep happy our customers all over the world and deliver high-quality software products and services. In ANAIS DIGITAL we believe in individuals and teams, in strong methodology and well-defined procedures. We believe in close relationship with our clients. If you really want to be treasured for your professionalism and innovation, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm, then you really must join our team in Bucharest. We build digital projects that work. It’s not a promise, it’s a guarantee. Creating a digital project only is not enough to achieve goals. Step by step, very pragmatically, we ensure that your project interface is fully adopted by users.

  • București
  • Calea Floreasca 169X, Et 3, Sector 1, București