Manx Healthcare Ltd is a private limited company within the Richard's Pharma Group of UK based pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses. The Group, which has its Head Office in Warwick, was established in 2007 however Manx Healthcare was established in 1996, and acquired by the current owner in 2001. The Manx Healthcare portfolio includes Over-the-Counter and Prescription Only Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Oral Healthcare products. Since its inception it has expanded its portfolio through the acquisition of well-established brands from various well-known multinational companies as well as developing niche markets within larger established product categories, on a global scale. The OTC range covers several important product treatment categories including a Sore Throat Spray, Travel Sickness, Antiseptic Cream, Natural Fibre Bowel Loosener, Migraine Relief, and Fluoride Supplements. The Oral Healthcare range is based on the concept of "Brush, Floss, Rinse - Endekay" and includes Brushes, Interdental Cleaning products and Mouthrinses. The generic range is growing rapidly and includes over 30 Product Licences on the market or in development, ranging from niche generics to blockbuster drugs.

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