The agency of occupancy for labor force Marlex Duo was born from the wish to promote and make easier the access of labor force from Romania to the states of the European Union. Established in 2007, the agency Marlex Duo was continuously motivated and interested in putting in connection available and qualified persons from Romania with potential employers from the states of the European Union. During these years, we have selected and collaborated with a huge number of specialists from gastronomy and we have selected many serious persons, who work in agriculture. So, our data base contains many profiles of especially recruited candidates for fulfilling the strict professional wishes of our clients. Also in these years, we have continuously consolidated our position on the labor market of the European Union by collaborating with a huge number of business men from countries like Italy, Germany, Spain. We offered each time qualified personnel for gastronomy, dedicated people for agriculture and that is why our collaborators come back each year to the personnel from Romania.The firm contracts signed with them, the availability and fastness the small divergences were solved between us, made from us a reliable partner not only for foreign companies, but for Romanian employees, as well.

  • Arad