ROMA2S is a group of 3 company : ROMA2S Transylvania Ingenierie, ROMA2S EI for Electricity and ROMA2S TM for the temporary workers. ROMA2S work especially in the industry :naval, nuclear, green power plant, and steel construction. We are around 35 and will be more than 40 at the end of august. We repply to a lot of offer to perform welding, fitting, outfitting, piping and electricity. ROMA2S have the possibility to provid a good job in good condition with a good salary. We DO NOT REQUEST ANY COMMISSION and if you have this request from another firm please pass your way... Every body can send his CV with his competence and licences (for welder), we'll reply quickly. Best regards, Sebastien BORRE General manager,

  • Pitești
  • 47 Sfanta Vineri, Pitești