Best Hospitality Jobs SLEEPANDSMILE Hotels Germany There's room for U in our smilingly growing staff-team. With a legacy of forward-thinking leadership, team Members of SleepandSmile welcome you to work in our young, expanding & dynamic organisation . Perhaps you've even been our guest?! Then you already know that we are different than the others & now just want to be better: with YOUR help!! If so, then you know we treat our guests like our family. What you may not know is that we treat our team members like our best friends too!!!. When you join the Sleep&Smile team, you work among the best in the hotel industry. Our company is thriving, growing and creating new business every day. Our strength is the creativity of our people who partner to provide superior customer care to make every guest interaction memorable. We strive to make our working environment comfortable and welcoming so that our team members feel as valued as our guests.

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