Project Manager at Global Services Provider Ro

  • România, Tulcea
  • România, Tulcea
  • Romania, Tulcea
  • Romania, Tulcea
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  • August 1956 - Present

    Project Manager , Global Services Provider Ro

    • Tulcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Management

    After two years like project manager with Global Energy Services Italia S.p.A detached to GLOBAL SERVICES PROVIDER RO S.r.L , I have decided , to enter in this company for personal reason . 
    • Preparations of all documents needed for the tender;
    • Checking all the technical documents, and in parallel with our technical Office, checking  quantity, and if possible find solutions to improve offer.
    • Request of offer to local company and working in parallel with ecomic department compile the  final offer;
    • Fulfill  of all the documentations needed to open the sites; 
    • Organization of men on site; 
    • Organize all the B.O.Q for subcontractors in parallel with our economical department ; 
    • Organize the contracts and schedule  with all the Subcontractor; 
    • Purchasing material in conformity with the internal procedure given by  our buying department ;
    • Checking contractual main stones for emitting of invoices;
    • Checking all the invoices coming from our subcontractors;
    • Coordinate our Engineer on sites; 
    • Coordinate H&S requirement and Quality requirement on site;
    • Charge on SAP all the invoice, the provider, materials ,invoices;
    • Be the link between our company and clients ;

  • August 2011 - August 2013

    Project Manager , Global Energy Services S.p.A

    • Tulcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Management

    After some years working like site manager “Sefe de santier” for Global Energy Services Italia S.p.A , I started a new career like project manager , accepting new kind of works , new responsibility and better economical salary condition . The new approach was the same already expressed in the last working experience, the only difference was the command chain over me, because even I was detached to GLOBAL SERVICES PROVIDER RO , all my actions was  reported and managed by  GES ITALY . During  this two years I reached a k= 16% without any delay 

  • October 2008 - August 2011

    Site Manager , Global Energy Services S.p.A

    • Tulcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Management

    This job was started after one year working like freelancer for my own personal company and could be possible separate this activity  in two parts, the first one was done in Italy and the second one in Romania like team leader .
    •	Check H&S requirement for all the subcontractors;
    •	Check  the good executions of works . 
    •	Check the quantity entered on site and the correct quality ordered by the P.M
    •	Check the advancement of works .
    •	Organize the operative schedule in conformity the P.M’s schedule.
    •	Teaching all the requirement needed to be a Site Manager; 
    •	Check the quality requirement, requested  from our company, and try to find common point between Italy requirement and Rumanian requirement ;
    •	Teach all the Report ,and all the procedure that must be signed  end must be sent to the PM ;
    •	Organize all the operative schedule for the Engineers on site. 
    •	Managing relations between us and the operative client’s staff
    Constructions made: Roads, walls in concrete, foundations, with poles, substations, cables duct .  

  • April 2007 - October 2008

    Civil Engineer Freelancer , Freelancer

    • Tulcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Webdesign

    •	Assistant for direction of works and H&S manager for constructions of Winds Farms in Calabria. 
    •	Design of Wind Farm in Calabria  ( Verona Gest S.p.A)   ;
    •	Design of civil Structures ( houses ) ; 
    •	Design of small solar farms ;
    •	Cadastral operations; 
    •	Achitectural and structural  rehabilitation of old “ Army base “ in Calabria ( vacconcello called  ) ;
    •	Teacher  for a master  a  master post University   organized by School high formation - Cosenza " with the patronage of Calabria’s University” ACAD 2D e 3D . 

  • March 2006 - March 2006

    Site manager - Rail way -Technical office, Bentini S.p.A

    • Tulcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Management

    In BENTINI Spa with the title of civil engineer at technical office , I made like General Contractor four stations of the metropolitan rail system inside the city of Bologna. 
    •	Executive design for all the structures. 
    •	Control of the well executions of the structures; 
    •	Checking of quality requirement , and managing of the PCQ following client’s requirement;
    •	Managing the topography; 
    •	Economical accountancy in constructions  for contractual deviations;
    Constructions made: Roads, walls in concrete, embankment with provisional structures,  foundations, poles,micro poles, constructions of  tunnels in concrete, cables duct, rail way structures, electrical connections, and F.Optical connections, steel structures .


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