Project Controlls Manager (Cost Control Manager & Schedulling/Planner Manager at LITWIN BATEMAN

  • România, Ploiești
  • România, Ploiești
  • Romania, Ploiești
  • Romania, Ploiești
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  • April 2006 - August 2011

    Project Controlls Manager (Cost Control Manager & Schedulling/Planner Manager, LITWIN BATEMAN

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Consulting,Management

    •	Responsible for accurate and timely monthly reporting of all Income Statements, Balance sheets, BU Budget reports to “mother” company (all the indicators: P&L, EBITDA, Operating Profits, Revenue Actual vs. Forecasted, Recovery hours/amount, PAT & PBT, Productivity, Billability,Contribution to Cash Flow, Rate of cost, KPI  Indicators etc), Breakeven rate calculation, Marketing Efforts report, Global resources report, Workload report, Overhead Calculation, Internal  Cost reports for overall projects and for company:Main KPI Analysis, Risk & Opportunity Analysis, Project Cash Flow,Revenue,Profit,Gross Margin and Costs calculation,not only for Actual period but for forecast period (more exacly “ETC/EAC”),Efficiency Analysis etc.
    This includes accurate reporting of results prepare periodically the following project reports: Weekly Home Office Progress Report, Weekly Man-hour Status Report, Monthly Project Cost Report,Progress Curves, Manpower Loading Chart based on data from Time Sheet System, Project Progress Analysis, Project Schedule in Microsoft Project, etc.
    •	Participating in the development of the Contingency Management Plan which reflects project risks and impact of associated progress milestones.
    •	Assisting the Project Manager in defining and incorporating cost and schedule bonus/ penalty arrangements including providing input into milestones.
    •	Provide functional and administrative oversight of all project control activities, including: Baseline and control budgets, project code of accounts, commitment tracking, expenditures, cash flow forecasts, manpower forecasts, progress and performance measurement, productivity, analysis, trending, change control process, project and executive reporting, and check estimates.
    •	Analyzing project cost and schedule performance with a focus on problem avoidance and early identification of trends and variances and the development of prompt corrective actions.
    •	One of the important clients that have worked was MUSTANG INTERNATIONAL the USA (I receipted the letter of invitation  from Mustang Company ( regarding the partnering of Mustang & Litwin Romania and for attend to business meetings regarding project controls reports) and I worked for they three years) , CLG Lummus Global and ABB Lummus Global.
    •	Create the Deliverables Control Index, for earned value calculations,Prepare the schedule,Review the schedule, Detailed planning,Resource Load the schedule, Resource Planning,Prepare the budget,Baseline the schedule,Plan reporting requirements,Manage gating milestones, Measure Progress, Track the schedule, Update the schedule and Resource forecasting, Critical Path scheduling concepts, Work breakdown development - estimating, tracking and control;
    •	Financial Closeout,Calculate the EV,EV Analysis, Progress Tracking, Manage EAC approval process, Preparation of Customer reports, Reconciliation and Analysis with external customer, Manpower & Cash flow – concepts, schedule loading processes, planned, actual, forecast. 
    •	Provide ongoing staff development/training programs to ensure that departmental expertise is maintained.
    •	Implementation of corporate standards, preparation and implementation of Project Controls procedures.
    •	Review all proposal schedules and insure that they have been prepared in accordance with corporate standards.
    •	Approve the modules to be used for each project and check the compatibility between them.
    •	Developing estimate-to-complete, cost and schedule forecasts for the current prospects.
    •	Pursuit the overall contract with Subcontractors

  • April 1998 - July 2004

    PROJECT ACCOUNTANT, Washington Group Romania SRL

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Finance / Accounting

    •	Invoicing and Payments,
    •	MultiCash Program with ABN bank for payment orders 
    •	Account statement, Foreign exchange, reports regarding macro-economical forecast,
    •	Reports regarding Diagnosis analysis of production activity, 
    •	Reports regarding Cost-Benefit analysis at “Co-generation Power-Plant for Astra Refinery” feasibility  study.

  • November 1995 - August 1998

    Engineer in “Adviser & Economical, Petrostar S.A

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    •	as Engineer , project coordinator and responsible with Quality Assurance.
    •	as Engineer and project coordinator I work at different study, for example:
    o	Feasibility study and economical-financial analysis (G.P.L.-Rova Rosiori , P.E.C.O. Station), 
    o	Natural gas distribution study,
    o	Alimentation rehabilitation with drinking water study
    o	Coal study for: Sotanga,Valea Resca, Valea Lunga,
    o	Projects and study for Gmbh-Essen Germany when I collaborated with P.L.E. Engineering.
    o	Patrimonial evaluations researches,
    o	Diagnosis analysis of the commercial company in transitional economy (C.E.M.A.T. model-the standards methodology accepted by CCSER(Council of Coordination Strategy and Economic Reform)),
    •	”The harmonization of costs and tariffs regarding the elaboration of politics models for transit pipes between West and East of Europe” study in cooperation with A.N.R.M., as Responsible with Quality Assurance:
    o	Implementation of Quality Policy (Project Procedure & Quality Manual etc), for Oil derrick Moinesti, Boldesti Scaieni, Berca, Braila, Ghelinta Targu -Mures etc.


  • 2005 - 2006

    Master's degree, Oil and Gas University, Ploiesti

    • Ploiești, Romania
  • 1988 - 1993

    Bachelor's degree, Oil and Gas University, Ploiesti

    • Ploiești, Romania

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