Mechanical Engineer at INDUSTRIAL MONTAJ GRUP ( Services in Refinery and Chemichal Industry)

  • România, Râmnicu Vâlcea
  • România, Râmnicu Vâlcea
  • Romania, Râmnicu Vâlcea
  • Romania, Râmnicu Vâlcea
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  • Ultima actualizare: 03.02.2016
  • Numar referinta: 108447

Obiectiv profesional


  • abroad, abroad, abroad
  • Full time
  • Salariul dorit200 €
  • Domeniile urmariteInginerie Constructii, Inginerie Industrii / Productie, Muncitori Tehnicieni Service / Instalare
  • Disponibilitate deplasare in interes de serviciuPana la 100% din program
  • Disponibilitate relocareIn tara si in strainatate


  • 1988 - 1993

    Diploma de facultate, Facultatea de Utilaj Tehnologic Bucuresti

    • Inginerie
    • București, România


Permis de conducere
  • B
  • Experienta in management
  • Putere de organizare si disciplina
  • Adaptare rapida la un grup nou

Aptitudini tehnice si organizatorice
* Experienta tehnica indelungata in activitati ca : realizare si montaj utilaje statice, montaj utilaje dinamice , conducte tehnologice, lucrul cu macarale si utilaje destinate stivuirii si transportul materialelor; ;
* Din punct de vedere organizatoric , am lucrat ca site manager avand in subordonare echipe de 40-60 muncitori pe care le-am coordonat si instruit pentru a atinge obiectivele cerute , am lucrat cu echipe multinationale;
* Experienta tehnica in activitati de montare si instalare a dispozitivelor , instrumentelor si echipamentelor produse de companii ca : KRUPP-UHDE, BALCKE-DUR , ABB, etc.
Aptitudini si competente profesionale
* Atestat  RSL IP   in 23.07.2014 la ISCIR Bucuresti
* Apt de a lucra si conduce o echipa , detinand cunostinte tehnice temeinice , bun organizator , sociabil , disciplinat, muncitor , rapiditate in gandire , putere de munca , rezistent la conditii de stres , disponibilitate pentru program de lucru prelungit , comunicativ , simt al responsabilitatii ;
* Execut si montez: utilaje statice ( rezervoare de staocare, vase sub presiune, schimbatoare de caldura) , coloane de reactie.
* Execut, montez si instalez conducte tehnologice orice diametru din material ca : otel carbon , otel inox , cu: flansi , teuri, coturi , reductii , robineti , vane , ventile fluture si membrana , electro ventile , la pompe , cilare si diferite echipamente.

Limbi straine

  • Last update: 03.02.2016
  • Reference number: 108447

Career goals

Technical expertise in assembly and installation activities devices, piping , static equipments (staocare tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reaction columns ), dynamic eqipments (pumps, compresors, turbochargers ) and instruments ; precommissioning and commissoning activities.

  • abroad, abroad, abroad
  • Full time
  • Salary wanted200 €
  • Wanted work domainsEngineering Construction, Engineering Industries / Production / Manufacturing, Technicians Service / Installation
  • Availability for work related travelUp to 100% of the schedule
  • Willing to relocateIn the country and abroad


  • March 2013 - Present

    Mechanical Engineer, INDUSTRIAL MONTAJ GRUP ( Services in Refinery and Chemichal Industry)

    • Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Mentenance  all the equipment at the plant such as :
       Static equipments: Pressure vessel, Column, Heat Exchanger, Shell and Tube air cooled, Drums, Tanks.
       Rotating equipments: Pumps , Compressor , Turbines , Fans and Blowers 
    * Receiving  and analyzing “Scop of Works”
    * Estimate the spare part
    * Calculating men-hours for repair
    * Leading  repair workers ( mechanics, fitter, welder ) 
    * Presure Tests 
    Project :
     #  Mentenance of General Shutdown “LUKOIL”  REFINERY- Catalytic Craker Unit  ( in april 2015 )
    #  Mentenance of General Shutdown “OMV ROMPETROL”  REFINERY- Catalytic Craker Unit  ( in mai 2014 )
    #  Mentenance of General Shutdown “ROMPETROL”  REFINERY- PHD Unit  ( in march 2013 ).
    Responsibilities for INVESTEMENT PROJECTS :
    * Reading and verification of technical documentation, verify the proposed changes in the design according to the real situation on site
     * Check necessary materials (pipe, flanges, elbow, reducers, valves, supports) of isometric drawings with materials supplied.  
    * Control and receipt for materials made in the work to be accompanied by copies of documents as received from please provide;
      * Check that the site of the execution processes take place only on the basis of procedures and instructions;
     * Preparation, checking and execution  the pressure tests of  technological pipes and marking and labeling according to technical documentation
     * Participate in the identification and analysis of non-conformities found in the checks carried out by internal or external bodies and to establish the causes and propose solutions to solve nonconformities;
     * Provide technical and material redistribution of resources, workforce, works in progress, according to the contractual terms;
     * Responsable for reporting achievements made to settle monthly production site corresponding physical stages and confinnate registered customers; 
    * Pre-commissioning , commissioning and start up.
    Project :
    -   GASOLINE  FLOW  RATE INCRESING TO SHIPS – Rompetrol Refinery (KMG menber)
    Investment made by the Certification TUV Austria (international society of examination and certification of quality work)
    - MADE  GASOLINE STORGE  TANK  3180mc - Rompetrol Refinery (KMG menber)
    Designed and Made according to  API650 (Standard American Petroleum Institute – Monting and welding tank petroleum storge)

  • July 2007 - March 2013

    Mechanical Engineer, ATOL CONSTRUCT ( Services in Chemichal Industry)

    • Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    * Participation in the equipment maintenance allocated:
    -centrifugal pumps (Flowserve, Finder)                                  -displacement reciprocating compressors, gas turbines;
    * Repair and replecement defect or worn parts;
    * Test equipment operation, check the alignment, balance equipment ; 
    * Participate in technical and financial estimates of repairs or investments according to the customer drawings and instructions;
    * Made technology and activities of the maintenance project
    * Establish the workers schedule, in order to end activities accord inf to the graphics; 
    * Approve the material costs and supply data;
    * Approve requisite materials and spare parts as documentation and project specifications;
    *  Track and provide estimated costs, framing with both force labor and material consumption;
    *  Participate in the negotiation of contracts with the clients;  
    Uzinele Sodice Govora – CIECH Group (Calcinate Soda Unit )

  • May 1997 - July 2007

    Mechanical Engineer, OLTCHIM (the largest petrochemical company in south_EstEurope)

    • Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

     * Receiving drawing and instruction from the project manager;
    * Drawing schedule execution of works and follow its observance during execution;
    * Coordinates the actions of subcontractors (construction, mechanical, electrical and automation) of the project and supervises the work;
    * Coordinates and monitors the activities under chart Primavera Project Planner, particularly  activities on the critical path;
    * Take steps to successful completion of activities in terms of quality and deadlines;
     * Receiving materials, comparing all materials and ensure total compliance with the
    material list;
     * Check that the site of the execution processes take place only on the basis of procedures and instructions
              -  Ceck pipe alignment , bevel , space between the pipes for welding
              -  Check flange parallelism;
              -  Production and assembly brackets for pipes;
              -  Mounting flanges, valves, gaskets, elbow, reducer, brakets;    
               -  Check and remove any excess piping stresses which may  be imposed on the equipment especially for the pumps 
    * Coordinate and check the work carried out by the contractor personnel, directly acting during more difficult stage for pipelines, erection of rotating and static equipments;
    * Supervising and checking the erection of jacketed pipelines, carbon steel lines,stainless stell lines, ptefe and rubber lined lines;
        * Cupper and thermo facilities tracing for heating and cooling;
        * Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up.
    Project :
    # CAUSTIC SODA PLANT- License Sett Italy

  • September 1993 - May 1997

    Mechanical Engineer, STIZOVIL

    • Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Service / Installation

       * Execution, mounting and installation according to the project: metal structure, technological pipelines, steel tanks, static and dynamic equipment;
       *Action of safety, quality control, participation in commissioning and maintenance of plant;
       *Planning and tracking works according to the actual situation of the site in accordance with the requirements imposed by the management team and programming;


  • 1988 - 1993

    Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Technological Equipment

    • Engineering
    • București, Romania


Driving license
  • B
  • Management experience
  • Organization skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Computer Skills	
          Microsoft Office - very good
          Primavera P6 – good
          Estimate Program ( giving estimates and offers ) – very good
          Autocd             - intermediate

- RSL-IP Certified    ISCIR Bucharest  in  23.07.2014   (Responsible for Supervising the Mounting of Installations of Pressure) - certified true four years
- Romanian B Categorie ( international driving license) 

-Adaptability to specific work conditions
-Available for working extra hours when needed
-Adaptability to work with foreigner partners

*Technical expertise in assembly and installation activities devices, instruments and equipment from companies such as: SIEMENS, KUPP-UHDE, BALCKE-DUR, ABB, etc.
* Apt to work and lead a team, holding sound technical knowledge, good organizer, sociable, disciplined, hardworking, quick thinking, hard working, resistant to stress conditions, availability for longer working hours, communicative, sense of responsibility ; 
* Execute and install: static equipment (staocare tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers), reaction columns, heat exchangers. 
* Runs, mount and install any diameter pipe technology as material: carbon steel, stainless steel, with: flange, tees, elbows, reducers, valves, valves, butterfly valves and diaphragm valves electro, antibrante junta and anti flood, etc.. pumps, cilare and various equipment.

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