Industrial Plant Engineer at HIB Trim Part Solutions Rolem part of NBHX

  • România, Brașov
  • România, Brașov
  • Romania, Brașov
  • Romania, Brașov
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  • September 2011 - Present

    Industrial Plant Engineer , HIB Trim Part Solutions Rolem part of NBHX

    • Brașov, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    - Support the management of change within the plant in order to provide continuous improvement;
    - Develop and upgrade existing and new plant line equipment, layout (using AutoCAD) and processes in order to maintain continuous improvement in efficiencies, by balancing the stations within the line (using time study), leading to cost saving and lean manufacturing;
    - Take responsibility for creating concept and feasibility layouts for new manufacturing processes:
                     - 6 projects: P970, P416, F3x, VW48x, AU49x, F48/ F49 
                     - Introduction of new production facility to the organization for 4000 m2 production area and   warehouse for 2000 m2;
     - Ensure that space is used effectively and supports Lean Manufacturing  targets and Kaizen tools (Line Design, One Piece Flow, Pull System, Continuous Flow, JIT, U-Shape);
     - Lead the development of the master layout or zone from concept design through to detailed planning or gateway approval, communicating clearly the requirements of the process and facility to the consultant engineer and architect;
     - Support the production engineering teams and other specialists with facility and layout expertise on multi-discipline projects in support of the construction and modification of new engine manufacturing facilities;
     - Lead internal and external layout review meetings, presenting the rationale on which the layout is based;
     - Coordinate the relevant design parties and disciplines within the project team to ensure the facility and building services are installed in a safe, coordinated manner;
     - Coordinate the physical installation of equipment in new locations(plastic injection machines, furniture presses, injection presses PUR lacquer, robots sending-polishing, polishing brushes, polishing machines, milling, painting cabins, heat welding machines), raising and managing issues where appropriate;
    - Monitor assembly equipment through production start-up;
    - Responsible to define the operational flow and buffer strategy, demonstrate effective problem resolution based of analyzing  volume and capacity data;
    - Part of the launch team for new products from concept through the mode lifecycle giving due consideration to the optimizing of cost, quality  and output requirements;	   	   
    - Work within a cross functional team of internal resources, production, quality, logistics, maintenance, cross border customer teams, external suppliers and the product customer to complete product launches;
    - Ensure that company health, safety and environmental requirements are met at all times by following established guidelines i.e. housekeeping, plant regulations, method statements;
    - Write process specifications  and make recommendations regarding ergonomic improvements;
    - Write specifications for manufacturing equipment and make recommendations for equipment procurement
    - Maintain current and historical data on equipment efficiencies in order to aid in productivity and cost improvements.  
    - Together with appropriate personnel from the Maintenance Department, prior to the acceptance of new equipment into the plant carry out pre-commissioning checks and agree sign off with the supplier.
     Coordinated projects for Technical Department including procurement of new equipment, installation and commissioning:
    - Exhaust system for plastic injection machines – 8 injections machines;
    - Installation of 2 gantry cranes, 5to + 10to in a new industrial building;
    - Increased the cooling capacity for molds used to plastic injection machine through a new chiller installation and increase the water distribution network;
    - Improved exhaust system of dust produced in Polishing sector with absorption capacity of 150.000 m³/h

  • April 2009 - August 2011

    Mechanical Engineer, Technical Advisor Mercedes Benz, SC Tiriac Auto Brasov SRL part of Holding Tiriac Auto Romania

    • Brașov, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Automotive

      - Responsible to all open repair orders;
      - Manage works in process and providing excellent customer service;
      - Performing quality inspections of vehicle repairs prior to returning the vehicle to the customer;
      - Inspecting vehicles and recommending additional services needed;
      - Advising customers on the care of their cars and the value of maintaining their vehicles in accordance  to manufacturer specifications;
      - Test driving the vehicle with the customer;
      - Road test motor vehicles and test automotive systems and components - capable to do brake test, shock test, CO2 test, compression gauges;
      - Consulting with customer on applicable service specials and additional options;
      - Providing a complete and accurate written cost estimate for labor and parts;
      - Contacting customer regarding any changes in the estimate or promised time;
      - Scheduling service appointments;
      - Managing telephone inquiries regarding appointments;
      - Implementing and maintaining a service marketing program;
      - Addressing and resolving customer complaints;
      - Attending all available training, including manufacturer and dealership classes 

  • January 2007 - March 2009

    APS Responsible (APS - Autoliv Production System) & Logistic Contract Coordinator(Logistic Support), Autoliv Romania, Brasov

    • Brașov, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    APS Responsible (APS - Autoliv Production System)
    - Coordinator of improvements and optimization projects following cost savings, resource planning,  used Lean manufacturing and Kaizen tools;
    - Period training of employees with 5S, Continuous Improvement, Suggestions System, Muda Elimination, Continuous Flow, Team Work, 5Why, JIT, Work Instruction;
    - Responsible with following suggestion system implementation, supervise the system, following the performance indicator and improving the actual flow;
    - Organizing sessions to award good suggestions made by employees;
    - Responsible for implementing, improving, monitoring, following the efficiency of cleaning standard (5S Methodology);
    - Responsible for implementing new standards, and following the performance for existing standards;
    - Fulfill the objectives set by Plant manager and APS Europe Manager
    Logistic Contract Coordinator(Logistic Support)
    - Level the production in function of customer orders, using standard methodology from Autoliv: Logistic Contract (collaboration between logistic responsible and production responsible), Heijunka board (planning board), Rail Management and Kanban System;
    - Report leveling daily and take the actions in case of big difference of leveling;
    - Ensures logistic planning for introduction a new products and suppliers.


  • 2009 - 2012

    Bachelor's degree, Constanta Maritime University, Faculty of Naval Electromechanics Engineering

    • Constanța, Romania
  • 2004 - 2006

    Master's degree, “Transilvania” Brasov University, Faculty of Mechanics Engineering

    • Brașov, Romania
  • 1999 - 2004

    Bachelor's degree, “Transilvania” Brasov University, Faculty of Mechanics Engineering

    • Brașov, Romania


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