• România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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  • August 2012 - Present


    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: Sales

    •Responsible for business results (turnover, profitability, costs) and the achievement of the sales targets in Romania
    •Lead the business organization and ensure that all the company’s policies, work processes and financial control
    procedures are followed by the team
    •Develop the annual business plan
    •Implementation of the company’s standards in the Romanian business and organization at a high quality level as per
    the company’s guidelines
    •Monitor, analyze and periodically report the sales evolution in accordance with internal standards and KPIs
    •Monitor and analyze the operational costs of the business and recommend actions and interventions to optimize the
    organization’s productivity
    •Manage the budgets as well as the investment plan in cooperation with the Controlling department; the position
    holder is directly responsible for the execution of the budget and for the implementation of the most suitable
    measures if non-conformities are found
    •Evaluate the profitability data of sales points in Romania
    •Ensure effective commitment of the Shop Managers in order to meet their respective pre-defined targets
    •Coordinate and supervise the preparation and implementation of marketing campaigns proposed at international and
    local level and subsequent result analysis
    •Ensure accurate and timely stock counts and inventory reconciliation are carried on by the Shop Managers for their
    respective stores
    •Recommend the sales events for the over-the-counter area in cooperation with the Marketing department and
    implement the agreed activities in the stores
    •Ensure top-quality customer service for the local business, in accordance with the company’s standards; responsible
    for directly managing all customer-service difficulties and potential conflicts with shop customers
    •Supervise and control Shops Managers in respect to proper application of valid advertising measures, product
    presentation principles, shop-window displays and aesthetic qualities of shop facilities
    •Ensure that customers' requests and requirements are responded to in a professional manner – through designated
    •Responsible for hiring qualified shop employees’ in accordance to company’s requirements and expectations set in
    the respective employee profiles
    •Professional and conscious representation of the company in all external contacts, as well as ensuring protection of
    interest of the company
    •Approve working schedules in accordance with valid labor law regulations in place and needs of individual units
    Identify individual training needs for the shop employees in cooperation with Shop Managers
    Major achievements
    • Project manager for creation of a new store concept together with an international team and consultants, reinventing
    a brand/store which is not a matter of just changing the logo & the store architecture (design / furniture / functionality)
    but of changing the behavior and culture of organization behind it.
    •Coordinate the opening of the company’s first stores in Bucharest in 2013 October
    • Setting up a new department inside the organization for the new business

  • August 2006 - August 2012


    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Consulting,Management

    EXTENSO (SSD SPORT SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT) is a privately-owned Romanian-Italian joint venture dedicated
    to distribution activities in the field of sporting and fashion. The company is the solely Romanian distributor for: Lotto
    (sportswear equipment), Stonefly (casual footwear),Weruska & Joel (cosmetics), Gas Jeans (fashion)comprising a
    total network of 34 shops, spread all over the country.
    •Establishing with the Executive Manager the annual sales plans for Lotto, Gas and Stonefly brands;
    •Following the accomplishment of the proposed sales plan; reaching the established sales target
    •Establishing the price policy
    •Reporting periodically on the progress and results, analyzing the developments and making recommendations.
    •Performing competitive analysis of the market about new brands entries, market changes, consumer trends;
    •Developing long-term strategic plans and realizing the orders for the suppliers based on these plans; Coming with
    ideas in order to optimize the sales and the efficiency of sales;
    •Following and controlling the sales and stocks of the brand in the stores;
    •Inspiring the personnel in the shops, inform and train them regarding the brand;
    •Supervising, motivating and monitoring team performance
    •Developing strategic retail marketing plan;
    •Implementing different promotions and supervising them.
    •Reviewing stores operations and ensuring that everything is according to the requirements standards;
    •Coordinating all administrative tasks;
    •Supervising the commercial contracts;
    •Identifying the local changes in the market and drawing up conclusions indicating opportunities and threats search
    and propose new retail locations;
    Major achievements
    • Setting up a new organization
    • Setting up all the internal procedures for HQ and stores
    • Opening of 16 stores for Lotto and Stonefly Brands and 4 stores for a new brand, Gas Jeans


  • 1997 - 2001

    Bachelor's degree, ASE

    • București, Romania

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