electrician, electromecanic la Diverse

electrician, electromecanic at miscellaneous

  • România, Craiova
  • România, Craiova
  • Romania, Craiova
  • Romania, Craiova
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Obiectiv profesional


  • Holand, Belgiqoe, France
  • Full time
  • Domeniile urmariteInginerie Electrica / Mecanica
  • Disponibilitate deplasare in interes de serviciuPana la 100% din program
  • Disponibilitate relocareIn tara si in strainatate


  • septembrie 1985 - Prezent

    electrician, electromecanic, Diverse

    • Craiova, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Industrii / Productie

                 Martie 2016 – Mai 2016
       Prin societatea GFC Outsourcing , lucrez in Franta , la SC Allez & Cie, ca electrician in constructii civile
    Ianuarie 2015 – Februarie 2016
    -	SC Novara T Impex Srl – firma de constructii: electrician constructii civile. Am realizat instalatiile electrice ( iluminat, prize, senzori de miscare, senzori de efractie, de fum , etc ) precum si intretinerea unor utilaje folosite in constructii ( macarale turn , motocompresoare si altele )
    Iunie 2014 – Noiembrie 2014
          - electrician constructii civile in Germani la SC Niko Electrotehnic Germania
    Aprilie 2013 – Aprilie 2014 
                      - prin  firme romanesti ( Etiv Timisoara, Tamagiv Timisoara, Zasa Timisoara
           am lucrat ca electrician in Belgia la SC MKTechnics, si anume:
    -	la GSK Wavre ( firma de medicamente) am confectionat si montat poduri de cabluri, diferite dimensiuni si diferite cote ; am montat armoire ( dulapuri ) electrice; tras cabluri electrice, copexuri si conectari in armoire ( tablouri electrice )
    -	La Prison de Leuze am lucrat la instalare de iluminat interior pe plafoane fixe sau aparente, am tras diferite cabluri electrice si cabluri tip data, conectat in tablouri electrice, am montat diferiti senzori ( de prezenta, de foc, etc ), confectionat diferite poduri de cabluri,instalat diferite corpuri de iluminat, reflectoare, etc.
    -	La Gent, intr-o cladire Philips, am tras cabluri data si le-am conectat in dulapuri tip RACK.
         - Toate aceste lucrari sau facut respectind strict planurile de instalare si montaj.
    2012          -  SC MEKKA – Suedia
                           Electromecanic  am asigurat reparatii la autobuze si autocare tip                          Mercedes si Neoplan
    2011 – 2012 :     Electromecanic  maintenanta SC ISIS SRL ( ind. Alimentara ):
                         - mentinerea in stare de functionare a utilajelor specifice ;
                         - interventii si reparatii mecano-electrice ;
    1999 – 2011: SC PAN GROUP SA
         1999-2000  – Serviciu Aprovizionare – piese de schimb utilaje productie.
       2001 – 2004 – electromecanic   autobaza, unde am efectuat
       reparatii la diferite tipuri de autovehicule ( Mercedes, Iveco, semiremorci Rolfe, Kobel, etc )
       2004-2009 – electromecanic  in cadrul biroului mecano-energetic, unde am asigurat impreuna cu echipele de interventie buna functionare a tuturor utilajelor specifice industriei de panificatie, paste fainoase, morarit, silozuri:
       -  datorita experientei mele de electromecanic,  am lucrat in proiectele de investitii ale firmei ( am instalat in colaborare cu firme din Italia si Danemarca linii tehnologice necesare producerii de prajiturica Poiana sub licenta Kraft; am lucrat la montarea unei sectii de coffemix pe care tot firma Kraft a instalat-o la PanGroup SA si a unei linii de furaje granulate pentru animale procurate de la firma Buhler – Elvetia ).
      2009 – 2011 -  Electromecanic  la fabrica de nutreturi combinate pentru animale care apartinea de SC Pan Group  
    1996 – 1999 – SC ROMCONVEX SRL
                   Electromecanic sectia electrica, unde am asigurat intretinerea  si reparatiile utilajelor.
    1992 – 1996 – SC TRANS DEMOS SRL
    1989 – 1991 – SC CIT SA ( fosta IRA )
                 Electromecanic in cadrul Birou Mecanic Sef.
    1987 – 1989 – ICAPPA Dolj – intretinere mecanica si electrica silozuri cereale                        (   maintenanata )
    1986 – 1987 – SC BIOSINTEZE Calafat
                 Electromecanic – sectia II unde am asigurat maintenanta sectia II
                Electromecanic cadrul Atelierului Aparate de Masura si Control.


  • 1980 - 1985

    Diploma de facultate, Facultatea de Electrotehnica

    • Craiova, România


Permis de conducere
  • B

Limbi straine

  • Last update: 05.05.2016
  • Reference number: 112199

Career goals

electrician, electromecanic

  • Holand, Belgiqoe, France
  • Full time
  • Wanted work domainsEngineering Electrical / Mechanical
  • Availability for work related travelUp to 100% of the schedule
  • Willing to relocateIn the country and abroad


  • September 1985 - Present

    electrician, electromecanic, miscellaneous

    • Craiova, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    experience	-	March 2016 - present
             By GFC Outsourcing company, working in France, the SC Allez & Cie, as an electrician in civil
    -	January 2015 - February 2016
         SC Novara T Impex Srl - company Construction: Civil electrician. I realized electrical systems (lighting, plugs, motion sensors, intrusion sensors, smoke, etc) as well as maintenance of machinery used in construction (tower cranes, compressors and others)
    -	June 2014 - November 2014
               German Civil electrician SC Niko Electrotechnical Germany
    -	April 2013 – April 2014
                       - By Romanian companies (Etive Timisoara, Tamagiv Timisoara, Timisoara Zasa    I worked as an electrician in Belgium at SC MKTechnics,  for the following building sites:
    -	GSK Wavre (drug company) have made and fitted power cable bridges of different sizes and different rates; I assembled  electrical panel boards, pulled electrical wiring and connections in switchboards
    -	In the Prison of Leuze I worked on interior lighting installation on ceilings fixed or apparent, I pulled different cables and data cable type, connected the electrical panels, I installed various sensors (this, fire, etc) made various power cable bridges,  installed different lighting, spotlights, etc..
           -  In Ghent, a Philips building, I pulled and connected cables into Rack panel boards.     
    2012 - SC Makka - Sweden 
                          -  Electromechanical repairs for Mercedes and Neoplan buses and coaches 
    2011 - 2012: Electromechanical Maintenance SC ISIS Ltd (Food Ind.): 
                          - Maintaining state specific equipment operation; 
                          - Intervention and repairs mechanical power;
    1999 - 2011: SC PAN GROUP SA 
         1999-2000 - Supply service - spare parts for production.  
         2001 - 2004 - Electromechanical , I conducted 
        repairs to various types of vehicles (Mercedes, Iveco, semi Rolfe, Kobel, etc.)
         2004-2009 - electro-mechanical within the equipment  maintenance and utility office, where I provided with the team the proper functioning of all  specific  industrial equipment for producing bread, pasta, for  grain mill and silos:
       - Due to my experience  I worked in investment projects of the company (I installed in collaboration with companies from Italy and Denmark production lines necessary to produce cookie Glade licensed Kraft, I worked on installing a coffemix sections that all company Kraft installed it on PanGroup SA and a pelleted feed line for animals purchased from the company Buhler - Switzerland).
       2009 - 2011 – Electromechanical in  factory that produced feed for animals belonging to SC Pan Group  
    1996 - 1999 - SC ROMCONVEX SRL 
                    Electromechanical power section, where we maintain and repair machinery.
    1992 – 1996 – SC TRANS DEMOS SRL
    1989 - 1991 - SC CIT SA 
                  Electro Mechanic Leader in the office.
    1987 - 1989 - ICAPP Dolj 
      - Grain silos mechanical and electrical maintenance (scheduled maintenance) 1986 - 1987 - SC Biosynthesis Calafat 
                  Electromechanical - Section II Section II where we secured Maintained
    1985 - 1986 - Chemical Plant GIURGIU 
                 Electromechanical the Workshop Measuring and Control.


Driving license
  • B

Foreign languages



How would you describe your personality?

- I am a sociable and dynamic, I adapt easily to new working conditions, work well under pressure and long hours.

Are you able to work effectively in a team or independently?

I work well both alone and in team