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  • December 2013 - Present


    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    - Manage the project portfolio in the department: development, transfer etc.
    - Organize effectively project meetings (according to the Group's project types)
    - Perform status reports, presentations and Gate reviews in collaboration with the Group Project Managers
    - Establish and organize training's for project teams
    - Offer support to project team to ensure the necessary resources for fulfilling the designated tasks
    - Participate in budget management, perform analysis and forecasts on financial performance
    - Manage project documentation in the relevant Group systems (Planisware, Windchill, Action Plan, etc.) and perform status reports concerning project’s quality and availability
    - Streamline the information flow in projects and participate at the conception of the Project Communication Plan
    - Manage Lessons Learned process in Projects
    - Participate, together with project coordinators, at audits concerning the maturity level of projects
    - Perform analysis and provide status reports concerning projects carried out in the organization and their results, according to the Group's valid project management standards
    - Perform and update project plans in collaboration with the Group Project Managers
    - Escalate risk situations concerning resource availability in projects and deviations from planning
    - Ensure constant communication with all project members regarding status, delivery terms and potential risks
    - Send progress reports to team members, inform the management on issues that could prevent completion of the project
    - Monitor the projects for closing successfully, on time and at budgeted costs
    - Support project team in solving conflict situations arising in the project

  • February 2010 - December 2013

    SENIOR ENGINEER (Project, Process, Mechanical, Manufacturing), CALSONIC KANSEI

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Automotive

    New Projects Launches and Old Projects (Transfer / Volume increase)
    - Conduct project meetings(gateway project phases/offers/quotations/sales agreements/project master schedule)
    - Perform capacity study with engineering project team in order to identify necessary equipment, facilities and material
    - Provide customers with all project related documentation(equipment, facilities, line layout, installation schedule)
    - Search for suppliers
    - Ask for quotation
    - Check and agree drawings for new tooling/equipment's with suppliers
    - Arrange for commercial and technical quotations from suppliers
    - Update project budget
    - Order equipment/tooling according to sales agreement and receipt equipment/tooling quotations
    - Prepare master schedule for shipment and installation of the machines/ equipment's
    - Prepare new machines/equipment/tooling measurements and validation master schedule
    - Prepare new layout
    - Prepare documentation for buy off
    - Follow transfer and installing schedule
    - Follow samples from supplier in order to validate machine/equipment
    - Control of installation, commissioning and hand-over to customer until closing of project in close co-operation with site manager, engineering manager and project manager
    - Control and approval of suppliers invoicing (register invoices, prepare reception documents, send payment confirmation at suppliers)
    - Prepare technical standard files
    - Construct Process Sequence Charts
    - Issue PFMEA and update according to customers concerns
    - Collate all Build Data, for Overall Equipment Efficiency/Quality Cost Delivery analysis
    - Process and Dimensional Capability Analysis for Design for Manufacture Inputs(check machines cycle times, process tact time)
    - Prepare Technical procedures(changeover procedures) for machines/equipment's
    - Conduct internal compliance audits of production tests, process specifications
    - Coordinate Plant trials with R&D, Quality and Manufacturing.  
    - Perform trials for the validation of machines/equipment's
    - Issue trial reports
    - Ensure trials are accurately conducted and reported
    - Keep track of trials parameters, operation conditions, results, quality reports
    - Train operators and supervisors
    - Monitor new projects launch coefficient
    - Start Of Production(SOP) + 3 months support until hand-over to manufacturing lines
    Buy-off , Commission and Install Equipment / Facilities / Tooling
    * Commissioning and Installing Items:	
    - Safety requirements are met for Machine/equipment
    - Confirm that all technical requirements of requested Machine/equipment are met
    - Check the proper functioning of Machine/equipment
    - Request official measurements report from supplier for all machine/equipment parts
    - Confirm by trials declared cycle time of machine
    - Verify and confirm supplier’s troubleshooting list of Machine/equipment
    - Evaluate Spare parts list and price quotation list of suppliers
    - Lead time of spare parts list agreement in case of emergency situation
    - Define guaranty policy
    * Type of Machines/Equipment's Commissioned:	
    - Fin machines(aluminum coil manufacturing fins) – UK 
    - Stamping tools for aluminum components forming - Japan, Romania
    - Die Spotting Press(90 tones Press) – Netherlands
    - Hemming Press – Japan
    - New/old injection molds – Turkey, China
    - Injection machines equipment(hopper, dryer, chillier) – Japan, Germany
    - Vacuum Test Machine – UK
    - Feature Check Machine(Dimensional Check Machine built as per customer requirements) – UK, Japan, Romania
    - Core Builder Tooling – UK
    - Clench Hydraulic Presses and Tooling – UK
    - Gauges (width, height, planarity gauges for plastic parts), refurbishment of machines/equipment – UK
    - Stamping Press – UK, Germany
    - Machines changeover parts(base plates, compression plates, quality checking gauges(drawings, orders, receive and validate)
    - Stamping tools parts(spares for damaged parts/forming units, springs) - Japan, Germany, Romania
    - Exhausting systems
    Monitor and control Project Budget Expenditure:
    - Capex budget for Old projects
    - Capex and Customer(Billable) budget New projects
    - Expense budget for engineering and maintenance
    - Reduce costs and bring value added ideas
    - Prepare and keep documentation of Planned Production Strategy
    - Standardize processes and support volume changes for customer satisfaction, improvement of line-performance, re-arrangement for installed equipment
    - Control and report progress of New Project Launches and of old Project Transfer
    - Prepare Facility Specifications to satisfy Customer Peak Volume and Machine Outputs
    - Support Management, Sales, Manufacturing and Maintenance on all technical matters of machines, equipment and other accessories
    Support Manufacturing and Maintenance in daily operations, machines settings and parameters:
    - Perform machines / tools measurements at failures points
    - Adjust machines / tools if necessary
    - Elaborate tools standard settings /  maintenance or customer requirements
    - Elaborate check points procedure to assure customer regarding quality and safety of delivered products
    - Study and elaborate machines settings standard
    - Train maintenance operators regarding facilities and tooling preventive maintenance schedule
    - Issue technical procedure and train maintenance operators(technical and practical training)
    - Responsible for the identification and implementation of molding projects to meet manufacturing outcomes
    - Evaluate and establish new optimal manufacturing process to ensure that the products have met the stated quality standard
    - Check mold drawings and condition
    - Prepare water and hydraulic connections
    - Perform trials in order to achieve quality and customer demands
    - Setup injection molding machines process parameters for new molds
    - Validate injected parts with Quality department
    - Perform analyses to reduce scrap rate
    - Involve in the development for manufacturing equipment, tools and raw materials sourcing to make processes improved significantly
    - Improve manufacturing process and equipment fixtures to maintain and improve process yield
    - Conduct Mold Testing
    - Perform training for Molding Maintenance Operators
    - Prepare Technical Standard Files for machines / equipment's
    - Prepare Technical procedures(changeover procedures) for machines/equipment's

  • February 2007 - February 2010

    ENGINEER (Project, Process, Mechanical, Manufacturing), YAZAKI

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    - Involvement in the CAO Project implementation (Cutting Area Optimization – Germany supplier)
    - Prepare, update and set-up automatic cutting machines – Switzerland supplier
    - Prepare and setup parameters and programs according to the needed circuit and Kanban
    - Setup and install CAO system software
    - Prepare, update and set-up ultrasonic welding machines - Germany supplier
    - Deal with technical issues when requested by the Maintenance Department or Production Department
    - Valuate machines capacity and selection
    - Perform trials for the validation of machines/equipment's
    - Issue trial reports
    - Keep track of trials parameters, operation conditions, results, quality reports
    - Improve the machines functioning
    - Prepare standards and machines troubleshooting documentation
    - Train maintenance operators
    - Improve the cutting process timing
    - Improve the supply of wire system for automatic machines
    - Ultrasonic machines operating standards and setup procedures for Maintenance operators

  • September 2005 - February 2007


    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    - Teamster in shifts
    - Draw up working permits 
    - Supervise products stock in tanks, seals 
    - Coordinate the operation of pumping full products at the platform or grade
      - tanks oil stock
      - mixing recipe
    - Draw up check sheets
    - Draw up instructing sheets – PM/PSI


  • 1999 - 2005

    Bachelor's degree, Oil Gas University

    • Ploiești, Romania


Driving license
  • B

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