Inginer Constructor at LR Group

  • România, Câmpulung Moldovenesc
  • România, Câmpulung Moldovenesc
  • Romania, Câmpulung Moldovenesc
  • Romania, Câmpulung Moldovenesc
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  • May 2002 - Present

    Inginer Constructor, LR Group

    • Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    Construction / Installations / Decorations
    June 2012 - present
    Company :Kora-Angola-Ytong Housing Building System
    - Checking the quality of work performed by subcontractors
    - Prepare daily and weekly reports on the progress of works
    - Maintaining relationships with subcontractors
    - Estimate of the necessary materials and their ordering.
    - Monitoring the execution of works under the project floor
    - Follow the time schedule and its implementation.
    - Prepare progress report to project manager.
    Project Manager, implosion Company SRL, Bucharest
    Windfarm Moldova Noua.
    May 2011 - May 2012
    Coordination of the technical department.
    Supervision of subcontracting firms.
    Monitoring compliance with project specifications and time schedule.
    Checking materials put in the work, leisure and specifications.
    Working with the general designer.
    Coordination of site: frontal teaching work, tracking progress of works under execution schedule, correspondence, coordinating weekly Headquarters, preparing the list of deficiencies, financial closure of the project.
    Maintaining relationships with the companies participating in the project (consulting, construction, project) and the authorities.
    Verification of statements of work for subcontractors.
    Participation in weekly commands.Primary responsibilities:
    -supervise production line operation in accordance with plant policies and procedures;
    -train end coach production line employees;
    -conduct  employee performance reviews;
    -responsible for shift schedule;
    -coordinate production startups,shutdowns and changeovers;
    -cordinate with Human Resources for appropiate staffing levels;
    -schedule end conduct  shift  meetings;
    -responsible to meet shift  production goals;
    -responsible for quality control;
    08.2008-01.2011,, Bouygues Travaux Publics,-Olkiluoto, Finland 
    Project Engineer, LR Group, FOREIGN
            Along with Bouygues I participated as a supervisor, to build a nuclear power plant in Olkiluota, Finland. 
            This is the most important work for me. 
    If  with Holcim I won management experience, with Bouygues I won execution experience. I participated in the execution of the reactor building.
       I also participated in the execution of a reactor building annex. Prefabricated  (stairs, walls, ventilation  channels , plates), waterproof walls, finishing, platforms, preparing the support for large equipment, labor protection. Everything had to be organized, prepared in detail and when it was set up to be checked and rechecked.
     I fulfilled two functions:
    a) Production Supervisor
    b) Supervisor finishing
    As production supervisor, I was following duties:
    -Coordination of work(reinforcement,earthing,embedded parts and formwork);
    -monitoring end checking to ensure conformity of design and specification as well as compliance with time schedule;
    -observation of site rules and regulation;
    -to take care of inspections in cooperation with all involv parties,like main contractor Areva and client TVO.
    I had a total of 30 workers of different nationalities (Polish, Slovak, Portuguese), which I coordinate them.
    As finishing supervisor,I was fallowing duties:
    -I had a total of 20 workers  
     -Duties were similar to the production duties, organization of work was different
    - Before starting work on a level I did a map of defects in walls, concrete slabs, ceilings.
     These steps were so:
    -visual inspection
    -green light for finishings
    -pull of tests
    -validation of repair
    Other interesting works:
    -injection craks
    -floor finishing (screed)
    -second stage concrete
    11.2006-07.2008-Holcim Romania ,Muscel Project  4000
    Along with Holcim I participated as a site engineer in the reconstruction of a Cement plant in Câmpulung Muscel by European rules.
    -elaboration of tehnical and  commercial  documentation for  the assigned  civil project during all development phases(concept,design,contracting,realization  and  finalization);
    -manage  end  assume  responsability  for all assigned civil  construction activities  ;
    -daily filed supervision of assigned civil construction activities with respect to time(short,mid end long term),quality,quantity and cost.Checking of equipment,material  and  services suppliers for all civil aspects;
    -control and management of the  assigned  civil construction  schedule  on detailed  and final  milestones  accordingly the  requested  schedule and assigned  project civil construction budget  including interdisciplinary  interfaces;
    -management,in conjunction with civil coordinator,of all assigned  civil construction contracts and site  personnel  related  expenses;
    -approval  of monthly civil progress payment certificates to  assigned civil constreuction contractors;
    -present any deviation to Civil Coordinator;
    -prepare status report;
    Thurd  parties companies  faloow the  Safety Rules;
     I patricipated as project engineer for the following work: 
    Preheater (preheater)-metal structure
                                           -height = 126m final
    Clinker silos-                 diameter = 36m
                                            -height = 78m
                                            =   octagonal foundation-5125 mc concrete end  780t reinforcing / foundation
      The silos have been made using sliding formwork and were postensionate.
    Transport clinker, cement transport, roads and started towards the end of contract i work to strengthen  cement silo. 
    It would be much to tell about this experience.
    10.2004-11.2006-M & S Construct S.R.L 
    Primary responsibilities:
    -the organization works on the site;
    -check the execution plans and propose constructive solutions to resolve non-conformities identified and technologies;
    -study design details and technical documentation necessary for construction work;
    -follow the on-site execution of the works in terms of quantity, quality, and compliance deadlines for execution;
    - writes the book building;
    -drafts and / or check attachments, work situations, work reports, records and any other documentation technical nature;
    -follow the supply of materials ordered to make timely and quality check for documents;
    - chalks up and follow-enforcement, technical procedures and work instructions.
    Along with M & S company I participated to these projects: 
    Ana Pann-Pipera-Project engineer 
    The first industrial project somewhat.
    We've built a bread factory.
    Residential building. -S + P+ 6 E- Project engineer 
    Office building-Pipera S + P +11 E-  Project engineer
    The property has the following characteristics:
    1154-square footprint with an overall length of 84.35m and width of 29.18m.
    -floor height - floor and first floor is currently 3.50m
    +42.00 top-rate.
    Structural system is a dual-frame reinforced concrete perimeter wall with beams and floor slab type with 16cm and 22cm thick.
    The plates were various sectors in the console, between 22cm and 10cm.
    The central core is made through the wall around the vertical circulation of 30 and 40cm in thickness.
    Concrete perimeter cells are arranged to achieve a symmetrical distribution of rigidities in the horizontal plane.
    The calculation was taken into account structural and earthquake on the vertical direction due to large consoles and floors of "slab".
    05.2002-10.2004-Apolodor Comimpex S.R.L 
    Primary responsibilities:
    -organizes and coordinates work of subordinate persons;
    -organize, coordinate and control the activities conducted at the work for which responsibility is assigned;
    -ensure smooth running of the site work and meeting deadlines;
    -draws up the necessary materials, financial resources, human resources;
    -provides and instructs his staff;
    -make contact with suppliers of materials;
    -ensure compliance with rigorous execution technologies and instructions on operation and maintenance of tools and instruments of production, is responsible for correct and proper use of all machinery on site;
    -control the quality of the work to ensure the provisions of the technical documentation
    Along with the company I participated to these projects: 
       Drains, embankments, piles drilled, digging difficult metal support. 
    Buzesti-Bucharest Romania
    -12.40 m deep excavation
    This project was an interesting project because of the irregular shape of the enclosure but also complexity.
    There were two sources of water in rates:-5.40m-7.10m
                                                                           - 9.30m-13.20m
    To achieve excavation piles were drilled.
    We made three types of piles drilled:
    1) 90cm reinforced and secant
    2) 45cm reinforced and tangent
    3) 45cm metal (pipe diameter 210cm) tangent
    Excavations were made in four stages:
    1) From the 0.00 to -3.20
      -2.20 at the first support beam steel canopy
    2) From -3.20 to -6.80.
    -5.80 at the second level metal support.
    3) From -6.80 to -9.80.
    -9.00 at the third level metal support.
    4) From 9.80 to 12.40.
    To achieve this excavation were also required 16 wells monitored 24 hours from 24.
    Cora Lujerului-Bucharest Romania
    Demolition + excavation
    90 000mc material load and unload.
    We had five excavators and over 50 cars per day.
    Romania-Bucharest Mall Lujerului
    Drains, embankments, parking lots, access roads in an area over 20,000 sqm.
    Charles de Gaulle, Bucharest, Romania
    A somewhat similar project at the Buzesti but not as complex.
    Work on Apolodor  was amazing.
    We like to set as we move the earth!


  • 1996 - 2001

    Bachelor's degree, Technical University of Construction Bucharest

    • București, Romania


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