.NET Developer at SC Qubiz SRL

  • România, Oradea
  • România, Oradea
  • Romania, Oradea
  • Romania, Oradea
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  • June 2010 - Present

    .NET Developer, SC Qubiz SRL

    • Oradea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: IT

    -I have developed modules of an ERP project for the Health Care sector. The project was developed in Silverlight (MVVM) with RIA services and entity framework. 
    - Document management system project in Silverlifght with MVVM , RIA services and entity framework that permited to keep track of the documents in the system, creating documents from templates and other features
    - As team leader I was responsible with team allocation, coaching my team members, and implement Scrum from the Scrum Master role. 

  • April 2006 - June 2010

    .NET Developer, SC Infosoft SRL

    • Oradea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: IT

    I was responsible with the coordination of my team, to assign task to each member and offer support and training to my team. I am responsible with all the new applications that we do for our customers, make sure that the specifications were given very explicit and also with the programming part which is realized in c# or VB.net.
    - Contract Manager : web based application that keeps track of payment information, invoices, client details, project details
    - Import application from .txt files of stock information, receptions and of all products that are created in our bookkeeping system
    - Production Organizer: desktop application for organizing orders on work-groups and weeks. Based on execution times, it generates a report with all orders that will be finished on a certain period of time, and based on that, you can organize transports and generate transport invoices
    - Production reports : create production reports , all integrated in a web based application (with reporting services)
    - Bibas System : web based application for generating contract rates and invoices for coffee machines, based on the quantity of coffee that the clients have bought in that month
    - Production statistics: desktop application that collects scrap information and generates statistic reports and also keeps track of the current status of all orders in the system (what operation are at and what quantity is good and scrap).
    - PV: Web based accounting software for creating transfers, invoices, and other accounting documents developed in Silverlight 3 and interacts with an existing ERP system database
    - Bonus system: a web based application which generates the monthly income for salesman based on their sales (they have a certain percent from their sales) - developed in asp.net 
    - Task management : web based application for managing and assigning tasks to people in department, for keeping track of all discussions that all people in the marketing department have with their clients and also acts like a meeting agenda and prints activity reports
    - Reports management: is a web based application that keeps all reports requested by clients grouped by domain of interests, and it schedules automatic sending of the reports on mail as xls attachment
    - I have developed a web application to keep track of all interventions and based on that it prints invoices for the customers.
    - I have developed also a Silverlight application for an organization of retired people, that keeps track of their contributions, their files, creates loans and calculates monthly rates and also has a history of all the discounts for treatment received

  • June 2005 - April 2006

    IT Application Support, SC CELESTICA SRL

    • Oradea, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: IT

    IT Application Support.


  • 2001 - 2005

    Bachelor's degree, Universitatea de Vest

    • Timișoara, Romania


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