Asistent Personmal la Primaria Onesti

  • România, Onești
  • România, Onești
  • Romania, Onești
  • Romania, Onești
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Traduceri ale CV-ului
  • Ultima actualizare: 8 ian.
  • Numar referinta: 132629

Obiectiv profesional

SA lucrez in domeniul turismului sa fiu un factor de supervisor sa asigur o baza larga de client internationali 
sa ma specializez in contracte prestari servicii turistice internationale

  • Brasov, Bacau abroad, Bucuresti
  • Full time
  • Salariul dorit400 €
  • Domeniile urmariteInstitutii / Profesii liberale Juridic, Servicii Hoteluri, Servicii Turism
  • Disponibilitate deplasare in interes de serviciuPana la 100% din program
  • Disponibilitate relocareIn tara si in strainatate


  • februarie 2011 - decembrie 2013

    Asistent Personmal, Primaria Onesti

    • Onești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Sanatate: Sanatate

    Ingrijire Persoane in virsta la Domiciliu  tratamente medicale acte administrative ingrijire parentala atributii colaborare fundatii ong ingrijire la domiciliu

  • septembrie 2001 - august 2010

    profesor, colegiul petru poni onesti

    • Onești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Office jobs: Administrativ

    Am lucrat ca professor la Colegiul ethnic Petru bPoni Am Predat Turism si alimentatie publica precum si inbstrire practica la agenti economici de profil recomandari posed precum si referinte de la ultimul loc de munca

  • septembrie 1984 - noiembrie 1997

    Tehnician, Carom Sa Onesti

    • Onești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Muncitori Tehnicieni: Service / Instalare

    Am lucrat ca technician in metrologie aparate masura si control .reparatii metrologie a,m.c. aprovizionare materiuii prime import export .
    carti tehnice aprobare metrologie si norme de aplicare avize metrologie


Permis de conducere
  • B
  • Capacitate de a munci in echipa
  • Flexibilitate si adaptabilitate

Limbi straine



Limba Engleza pc literate  inspector resurse umane . technician servicii turistice
  • Last update: 8 ian.
  • Reference number: 132629

Career goals

to have a position of supervisor in torism and travel domain also in administratiuve works to make my own foundation and self organized to be a role of aid old people in distress

  • Brasov, Bacau abroad, Bucuresti
  • Full time
  • Salary wanted400 €
  • Wanted work domainsInstitutions / Liberal professions Judicial, Services Hotels, Services Tourism
  • Availability for work related travelUp to 100% of the schedule
  • Willing to relocateIn the country and abroad


  • September 1984 - November 1997

    tehnician, Carom onesti

    • Onești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Service / Installation

    work as technician maintenance repair and support electromechanical devices in petrochemistry field also maintenance of international contreacts with supllies  of import mechanicasm for measuring tempetratures pressure and tehnological devicers 24 hours per day .


  • 1996 - 2001

    Bachelor's degree, universitatea lucian blaga sibiu

    • Law
    • Sibiu, Romania


Driving license
  • B
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work in team
  • Flexibility and adaptability

driving licence since 1984 mechanical skills and repair also electronic devices maintenance including audio video

Foreign languages



Certificates / diplomas
in travel and hospitality also in travel agencies teaching experience over 6 years at high schools from my area .
pc literate courses .
human resources inspector


How would you describe your personality?

independent intuitive abilty to work under pressure

What are your goals in life?

reaching to finish second university in international relations but stoped for a moment because fgionancial problembs

Describe your ideal job.

personal assistant in domiciliary under contract with local city hall

What are the goals set for your career?

motivativation need for new experiences and new challenges in life

Are you able to work effectively in a team or independently?

I can work independent and in team

What job would you like to be doing in 5 years?

to manage a foundation for charithy for old people lonely

What are/were your most important 5 achievements in your current/past workplace?

stabilthy integrithy confident diplomacy determination

What is your monthly salary expectation?

400 euros in Romania // 1300 euros in abroad if is under a contract

Can you work according to deadlines, under pressure, etc?

yes iam used to that many years ago