technical manager at ew repairs

  • România, Mangalia
  • România, Mangalia
  • Romania, Mangalia
  • Romania, Mangalia
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  • June 2009 - August 2011

    technical manager, ew repairs

    • Mangalia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Project:  Conversion and building for Lay barge “GSP Bigfoot 1”, what will install a subsea pipeline and rebuilding “GSP Bigfoot 2 “ - Heavy lift and semi-submersible ocean going deck cargo barge, classified under IRS
    Builder and Client: GSP Shipyard
    Duties: Steel & Hull structure repairs and pipes renewal.
    Workers manager, Plan and organize repairs, Repair operations.
    Identifying and managing maintenance schedule changes and the impact of potential delays
    Delivering the works, final, testing installations, as required.
    Renewal of steel structure about 150 T (decks with frames, side shell, girders, double bottoms plates, etc).
    Site office works.
    Project: New Building Fire fighting vessel, Aluminium Superstructure and welding hull body; confection pipes accordingly isometric drawings;
    Builder: Neorion Shipyard, Greece.
    Duties: Solve and quickly solutions to work problems in an effective manner.
    Training and development of operations personnel.
    Steel outfitting and pipe Works as per requested order schedule, to shared responsibilities to foremen and engineers.
    Closing of jobs as per timelines without any customer complaints;
    Inspect construction and outfitting works at all stages of confection to ensure that they comply with the approved construction plans and specification;
     Implementation and prepared aluminum welding and works package according specifications to be ready for working teams in production.
    Project: New building project for Container vessel 900 Teu, Volharding owner) - Hatch covers confection and install on board of vessel;
    Builder: UM Deniz shipyard, Izmit-Turkey
    Duties:  Technical assistance and inspection for hydraulic hatch covers.
    Measurements for hatch coamings and hatch covers before welding and final assembly;
    Testing openings and closed hydraulic hatch covers after final mounting on board, pressure test system (make measurements and corrections);
    Hose test for hatch covers, to be tightness.
    Inspect materials and equipment to be used in the construction and outfitting of the Vessel to ensure that they are of acceptable standard and quality in accordance with the contract;
    Attending and analyzes partial and final deliveries of the jobs with the Q.C. inspector, Client and Class Surveyor;
    Coordinate activities on board of Vessels and in Workshops.
    Project: New building project for cruise liner “Celebrity Silhouette” – Install ventilation spiropipe and ducts line, air conditions units for system.
    Builder: Meyer Werft Shipyard, Papenburg, Germany.
    Duties: Performed manpower/production calculations. 
    To reduce the deadly times in production.
    Supporting the engineering and technical aspects for install vent system according with the drawings.
    Administration of material, Lists of necessary materials, consumables and man-hours on a monthly basis.
    Supervising and evaluation for Foremen and technicians jobs;
    Maintain close liaison with nominated builder staff and chair regular progress meetings.
    Quality-System requirements implementation.
     Checking the working conditions and safety conditions;
    Coordination to keep the production schedule and quality standards.
    Taking over all design mistakes or class/owner's requirements and solving them together with manager, designers and QC inspectors; 
    Preparing of purchase order requisition for materials.

  • June 2007 - March 2009

    ship repair manager, eurobalkan exim

    • Mangalia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Projects:  Repairs ships:  like bulk carrier vessel with 38.000dwt, cargo ships with 18000-40000dwt, Container ships 1000- 2000 teu, Chemical/oil Tankers vessels 40000dwt and various range of vessels –Dry Dock jobs.
    Shipyards locations:  Holding Cape Midia Shipyard, Constanta Shipyard and Bulyard Varna Shipyard-Bulgaria.
    Duties: Ship repairs works with proven ability in operations control and people management as well as exposure to handle and control multi-disciplines works like mechanical works, steel works, fabrication works, electrical works, estimation, invoicing, Q.C., commercial work, customer interfaced other functions like health, safety, administration;
    Marine coating inspection. (Sandblasting surface, prepares surfaces before start applying first layer);
    Direct contact with Owner representatives (Superintendents), Class Inspectors and Surveyors on a weekly basis;
    Organize and attending at daily productions meetings with the Owner representatives (Superintendents);
    Establish the schedule of the repair works and the job delivery terms and follow the working activity progress;
    Inspections and damage assessment.
    Work list planning based on Job Orders given by the vessel representative, Job management, and technical control;
    Following up the repair days of the Vessels inside/outside Dry docks.
    Preparation of specifications for vessels and barges for repairs, conversions and dry dockings.
    Steel and Pipe Works as per requested repair order schedule for shipyard floating docks;
    Prepare Master Schedule including labors and person-hours allocated for each project according to capacities & capabilities of subcontractor facilities and issuing final Works Completion Reports, Invoicing and estimating;
    Cost control, job cost monitoring, direct management of the repair contract.
    Improving operational efficiency through effective control of all resources;
    Coordinating the activity of subcontractors engaged on projects regarding hull and pipe installations;
    Checking material purchasing, checking critical jobs, which affect completely, repair period.
    Overall responsibility of overseeing the Operations of Ship Repair and Workshop departments.
    Ensuring adherence to all quality systems and requirements and Quality with respect to ISO 9001;
    Inspect the methods for preparation and application of all coatings and paint systems;
    Supervisor Engineer 	Independent sub -entrepreneurs	2005- 2007 (2 years)
    Projects:  Top sides module, hull steel structure for offshore construction. Confection pipes and installing on modules according isometric plans.
    Builder: Greenland Group, Haugesund, Norway.
    Projects: New buildings and repairs Various small vessels ; New construction for   Fish farms with floating structures ,Maintenance and repairs; Manufacturing modules from Aluminium,assembling and  welding;
    Builder:  Vestprodukt As, Bekkjarvik, Norway.
    Projects: New buildings for multipurpose and specialized vessels (PGS seismic vessel, ROV support vessel, platform supply vessel) and rescues offshore ships.
    Builder:  Aker - STX Ro Offshore Tulcea shipyard, Romania
    Duties: To conduct technical inspections during flow production and perform all conditions for delivering to class and client.
    Checking the surface preparation of joint on both internal & external surfaces and bevel ends before welding.
    Visual inspection of the weld joint on both external & internal sides for lack of fusion, lack of penetration, under cut, slag, spatter, arc strikes, internal & external weld reinforcement and rectification of the above.
    Controlling welding of joints according to isometric and engineering drawings & checking diameter, thickness, drawing number & piping class in welding progress reports.
    Closing of jobs as per timelines without any complaints from Maker and Owner representatives;
    Coordinating ongoing projects regarding painting activities;
    Preparing of material calculation for forward projects.
    Inspect the drawings for outfitting works at all stages of construction to ensure that they comply with the approved construction plans and specification;
    Inspecting the structure of the ship before joint the block sections (fitting and welding control)
    Attending for daily inspections for the Owner staff and Coordinating work process with QC.
    Supporting Owner staff to improve the quality of works and maintain the agreed/planned schedule for delivering works.
    Evaluation and analyzing, managing of works production volume in order to delivery
    and respecting the terms of graphics.
    Ensure that allowances for costs for environmental and safety regulation compliance are included in annual budget preparations.
    To find out technical solutions for production nonconformity or drawings nonconformity.
    Prepared the technical documentations and procedures for production.
    Inspect construction (hull assembly and hull joints welding) and outfitting works with respect to compliance with agreed construction standards and the requirements of classification and statutory authorities;
    Making weekly and monthly reports regarding the works progress;
    Supervise the technological flux of components needed in pre-assembly for the production.


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    • «Alt oraș», Romania
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    • «Alt oraș», Romania


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