Sales Assistant at SC KIDS LAND SRL

  • România, Iași
  • România, Iași
  • Romania, Iași
  • Romania, Iași
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Traduceri ale CV-ului
  • Ultima actualizare: 01.09.2015
  • Numar referinta: 139132

Obiectiv profesional


  • Rotterdam
  • Full time
  • Domeniile urmariteFinante Vanzari
  • Disponibilitate deplasare in interes de serviciuPana la 100% din program


  • 2009 - 2015

    Diploma de facultate, Management

    • Management si administrarea afacerilor
    • Iași, România


Permis de conducere
  • B
  • Capacitate de a munci in echipa
  • Spirit practic
  • Flexibilitate si adaptabilitate

Limbi straine

  • Last update: 01.09.2015
  • Reference number: 139132

Career goals

To work in a company where I can develop my sales career even further.

  • Rotterdam
  • Full time
  • Wanted work domainsFinance Sales
  • Availability for work related travelUp to 100% of the schedule


  • October 2009 - July 2015

    Sales Assistant, SC KIDS LAND SRL

    • Iași, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: Retail / Trade

    Offering advice to the customers
    Processing payments
    Opening and closing the shop

  • June 2010 - August 2010

    Sales Assistant, SC STUFF COLLECTION SRL

    • Iași, Romania
    • Part time
    • Work domain - Sales: Retail / Trade

    Responsible for the organisation in the storage
    Folding, tagging and organizing of clothes
    Preparing the inventory


  • 2009 - 2015

    Bachelor's degree, University

    • Management and business administration
    • Iași, Romania


Driving license
  • B
  • Ability to work in team
  • Practical spirit
  • Flexibility and adaptability

Communication skills
Team work in project groups during several courses at University.

Organisational / managerial skills
Training new girls to work in the cake shop

Job-related skills
Managing the Facebook page of “S.C. Kids Land S.R.L”

Computer skills
Advanced skills in Microsoft Office™ tool

Foreign languages



Love to cook and search for new recipes. I enjoy travelling and exploring new cultures.


How would you describe your personality?

I am a very hard-working and a put a lot of effort into what I do. I pride myself in being honest, because I believe it is important. I am very punctual. I always arrive at work on time.

What are your goals in life?

I have learned that long-term goals are best achieved when I break them into shorter goals. My short-term goal is to find a position that will put me in a forward-moving company with solid performance and future projections. As part of a team, I want to add value and continue to grow the company.

Describe your ideal job.

I wish to have a job that gives me professional progress as well as creative satisfaction, along with providing a stability that is required by every person.

What are the goals set for your career?

My short term goal is to get a job in an organization that is progressive and performance driven.  I wish to join a competent team wherein I can add value to projects and in turn, take home learning as well. My long term plan is to secure a challenging position as manager in the organization and deliver my best.

Are you able to work effectively in a team or independently?

I am equally comfortable working as a member of a team and independently.

What job would you like to be doing in 5 years?

My goal right now is to find a position at a company where I can grow and take on new challenges over time. Ultimately, I’d like to assume more management responsibilities . But most importantly, I want to work for an organization where I can build a career.

What are/were your most important 5 achievements in your current/past workplace?

Great initiatives and fresh ideas.
 Target sales, new sales.
 Developed a new customer satisfaction procedure.
 Established good working relationships with customers.
 Great team work.

What is your monthly salary expectation?

I want to learn more about the job first, before I think about the salary that would go with it.

Can you work according to deadlines, under pressure, etc?

Deadlines have always been more of a motivational tool. When I worked for Company SC KIDS LAND SRL, we often had to work triple time to meet some of the strict deadlines  in the field. In the beginning it was difficult, because it was a new experience, but the more I got used to deadlines and what they require, the easier they became, and I suspect I will feel the same way towards any deadlines I may experience in this new position.

What is the last book you have read?