Restaurant supervisor at Whitley hall hotel

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  • April 2012 - Present

    Restaurant supervisor, Whitley hall hotel

    • Sheffield, England
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Hotels,Restaurants

    I currently work at Whitley Hall Hotel and have done so since April 2012 and since been here, I have experienced a number of different roles. Whitley hall is currently the number one hotel in Sheffield and as well as been rated a four star hotel by AA, it is also a two rosette restaurant. The hotel consists of 32 bedrooms, two wedding or function suites and two conference rooms all of which I contribute to maintaining the high standard whilst performing my many roles.
       •I first began working as a waitress at Whitley hall and catered for both the residents and restaurant guests as well as serving and been hands on with any weddings, conferences or private functions taking place. Due to the variation of circumstances I was in, I quickly became a flexible, confident individual who was able to adapt to any situation or environment to ensure the customers received the service and treatment they required to leave satisfied. This, along with my ability to cope exceptionally well under pressure and my natural leadership skills, resulted in me being promoted to restaurant supervisor. This has given me fantastic experience working in an intense, fast pace environment and my communication skills and customer service are second to none as they are in constant use. I pride myself in how I organise and lead my team as team work and communication is essential when working in restaurants in order to provide a smooth and calm service and to ensure all tasks are completed to a strict time scale. Since possessing this role, I have found myself dealing with difficult and angry customers on a regular basis but I have the right attitude and calm nature to be able to deal with these situations on a professional level and can quickly resolve any problems I am faced with. 
       •Whilst been at Whitley hall I also worked as a wedding venue stylist for a year, this was an amazing opportunity. During this time, I found myself paying extra attention to detail to perfect everything I did to assure the bride and groom had the memorable day they always imagined. This skill has continued throughout my work at Whitley hall and helps in the majority of situations and I believe it would be a great contributor to this job role.
       •Recently, I began working on the reception and although  it has only been a short period of time since I began. I have learnt a great deal about how to approach different circumstances and individuals in order to keep situations calm and overcome any issues I encounter as well as improving my telephone skills.
       •During busy periods, I help with the housekeeping and front of house to maintain the aesthetics of the fifteenth century building. Although this role does not  require the usual confrontations with customers and therefore the customer service I am used  to, it does require me to pay extra attention to detail and stick to a strict time scale so all the rooms are up to standard and ready on time as some customers have traveled for a long period of time so expect their rooms ready on arrival.
    As well as working at Whitley hall hotel, I also volunteered for my local veterinary practice for two weeks and this was an invaluable experience. In just a short period of time I learnt so many different skills and qualities I continue to use to this day and will never forget. My job role was to assist the vet in his daily duties on appointments as well as in surgery and it was unbelievable. I had to be attentive, affectionate and compassionate towards both the animals and the owners as in some cases. they were both going through a horrible experience and in every case, both the animal and owner needed to feel relaxed and in safe hands.


  • 2012 - 2015

    College, Longley park sixth form college

    • Chemistry
    • Sheffield, England
  • 2012 - 2015

    College, Longley park sixth form college

    • Mathematics
    • Sheffield, England
  • 2012 - 2015

    College, Longley park sixth form

    • Biology, Biotechnology
    • Sheffield, England

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