QC Laboratory Supervisor at SNC Lavalin International Inc. (Libyan Branch), Sarir Region, Libya

  • România, Victoria
  • România, Victoria
  • Romania, Victoria
  • Romania, Victoria
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  • December 2007 - April 2011

    QC Laboratory Supervisor, SNC Lavalin International Inc. (Libyan Branch), Sarir Region, Libya

    • Victoria, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Company activity field :
    SNC Lavalin – Sarir PCC Plant, Libya – is a construction site where concrete pipes, used for water transportation, are manufactured. The site has around 1000 employees.
    I have drawn up and organized the entire documentation required in the lab.
    Within this period, the laboratory succeeded to provide very accurate and valuable testing results and useful resolutions for the company in various occasions.
    •	managing and coordinating all the activities within the laboratory in conformity with company's system of Quality Assurance (ISO 9001) and customer’s demands; 
    •	performing chemical analysis, physical and mechanical tests for concrete and mortars and their raw materials (e.g. cement, aggregates, water, admixtures) in conformity with Standard Testing Procedures (ASTM and British Standards) and initiates appropriate actions on materials not meeting the specified requirements;
    •	Recording the test results and preparing daily, weekly and monthly Quality Reports;
    •	Assisting in testing , evaluation and monitoring of production quality;
    •	Operating and calibrating the devices and apparatus from laboratory such as: Flame Photometer, pH-meters, Colorimeters, Conductivity Meters, Compressive and Tensile Strength Machines, Setting-time Machines, Sieving Machines, Crushers, Balances (technical and analytical), Ovens and Furnaces etc;
    •	Preparing reagents and standardized solutions for chemical analysis (especially for titrations and photometry);
    •	Carrying out the statistical data analysis according to ACI 214 and drawing charts with the evolution of concrete’s strength;
    •	Participating in selection of a mix design of concrete appropriate to its intended use and performing trial-mix;
    •	Putting into practice, in Batching Plant, every new concrete mix-design, whenever necessary;
    •	Developing and maintaining contract specific quality documentation, including procedures and audit schedules;
    •	Providing technical guidance in the event of equipment failure;
    •	Ensuring a responsible and disciplined climate for the personnel, according to HSE regulations;

  • November 2002 - December 2007

    Production Supervisor at the Pharmaceutical Products Plant, SC Purolite SA, Victoria-Brasov

    • Victoria, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Company activity field : 
    S.C. Purolite S.A. is an American Company manufacturing ion exchange resins; the company has around 250 employees. The company has begun its activity in Romania since 1994.
    I took extensive role in putting into operation a production line, which produces pharmaceutical products, subsequently I set up all the process parameters and established the cycle time for each batch of final product. The main steps of the technological flow are: Dewatering, Drying, Milling, Classifying, Sieving, Homogenizing and Packaging.
    •	Managing and coordinating activities in the plant in conformity with company’s system of Quality Assurance (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), G.M.P. regulations and F.D.A. requirements; 
    •	Operating and controlling the process on Plant, based on thorough knowledge of commissioning procedures, air     blowing, water flushing, steam flow, instrument air, nitrogen etc;
    •	Ensure safe working procedures and the implementation there of for all works;
    •	Prepare technical specifications, datasheets and calculations for process plant and equipment;
    •	Specify/select appropriate equipment for the use in the plant;
    •	Provide cost effective solutions that minimize risk and maximize safety to operators and plant;
    •	Provide guidance/review of process and related design methodology;
    •	Provide supervisory and technical assistance for any commissioning work;
    •	Ensure the operating and exploitation conditions as per the project and operating code regulation;
    •	Enhance the efficiency of production levels in line with standard operation procedures in order to maximize productivity and minimize waste;
    •	Monitoring and controlling the whole production and manufacturing process so that the final products must give a greater customer satisfaction;    
    •	Give assistance to the operation and maintenance crew and explain the process and machinery; 
    •	Draw up the specific documentation (e.g. batch sheet), including procedures (e.g. SOP’s), and participating to audit meetings;
    •	Recommending investigation of questionable testing results;
    •	Prepare, in detail, the annual budget;
    •	Ensure that all the safety systems and equipment are in place, fully operational and correctly serviced;

  • August 2001 - November 2002

    Chemical Engineer, SC Anticorosiv SA, Bucharest

    • Victoria, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Company activity field : 
    Anticorosiv SA Bucharest is a company which manufactures protection materials and equipment against corrosion. It has around 300 employees.
    I manufactured an epoxy adhesive for the lids of car batteries that are produced by ”Acumulatorul Bucharest” company. 
    •	As a Chemical Engineer I got involved in research activities for improving the quality of all anti-corrosive products based on epoxy and polyester resins (e.g. primers, paints, adhesives, mortars, grouts, coats), and for producing new and better-qualitative materials for protection against corrosion.
    •	Taking part in development, design and formulation of anti-corrosive covers, especially primers, paints and mortars, based on epoxy and polyester resins. 
    •	Establishing technical solutions for the anti-corrosive protection of various type of materials such as: iron, steel, concrete etc.;
    •	Establishing and putting into practice the best method of painting for the anti-corrosive covers, especially primers and paints (painting manual, painting with airbrush and a spray gun, painting in electrostatic field );

  • October 1991 - September 1996

    Field & Control-Room Operator at Methanol Plant, SC Viromet SA Victoria

    • Victoria, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    As Operator I took the responsibility of operating and controlling the equipment and machinery within the process units of Methanol Plant:
    •	Catalytic Hydrogenation and Desulfurization of Methane Gas;
    •	Steam and Air Reforming of Methane Gas;
    •	Synthesis Gas Compression and Crude Methanol Synthesis;
    •	Methanol Distillation; 
    •	Operating and controlling the process on Methanol Plant, based on good knowledge of commissioning procedures, air blowing, water flushing, steam flow, instrument air, methane gas, hydrogen, etc;
    •	Controlling the parameters, and operating the equipment in the field or from control-room; 
    •	Giving assistance to maintenance crew when necessary; 
    •	Working according to safety regulations;


  • 1996 - 2001

    Bachelor's degree, Polytechnic University - Industrial Chemistry Faculty

    • București, Romania


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