Technical Manager at Anchor Grup SA

  • România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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Traduceri ale CV-ului
  • Ultima actualizare: 25.10.2015
  • Numar referinta: 141947

Obiectiv profesional


  • Europe, Africa, UAE
  • Project based
  • Salariul dorit2500 €
  • Domeniile urmariteInginerie Electrica / Mecanica
  • Disponibilitate deplasare in interes de serviciuPana la 100% din program
  • Disponibilitate relocareIn tara si in strainatate


Permis de conducere
  • B
  • Experienta in management
  • Spirit practic
  • Putere de organizare si disciplina

Limbi straine

  • Last update: 25.10.2015
  • Reference number: 141947

Career goals

Professional M&E Engineer, with over 12 years of experience and extensive knowledge of interior and exterior M&E installations for large scale, mixed-use projects. Team member of several departmental and interdepartmental specific projects in construction retail and office buildings, hardworking and motivated.I covered all aspects of the M&E works: reviewing and checking the design documentation, coordination with the design team during construction, assisting in tender evaluation for M&E works, direct supervision and coordination of contractors on site, testing and commissioning of the works. 
All projects I have been performed and completed in time, within the planned budgets and at high quality and functional standards, being commissioned and operational as scheduled. I am certified as Site Inspector by the Romanian authorities, for several specialties.Keen to work in a challenging and honest multinational environment where personal evaluation is based on performance and where personal experiences together with personal abilities are used at their maximum potential.

  • Europe, Africa, UAE
  • Project based
  • Salary wanted2500 €
  • Wanted work domainsEngineering Electrical / Mechanical
  • Availability for work related travelUp to 100% of the schedule
  • Willing to relocateIn the country and abroad


  • March 2014 - May 2015

    Technical Manager, Anchor Grup SA

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: QA (Quality Assurance),Research and development,Construction,Electrical / Mechanical

    Direct coordination of Facility and Maintenance technical team and engineers, reporting directly to Center Manager/General Manager, supporting procurement and accountingdepartments.
    Maintenance and investment construction contracts review,negociationsand execution, identifying, notifying and solving the contractual problems, quality control, materialsand equipments monitoring, budgeting and budget follow up, cost control.
    Organizing building maintenance and project planning CAPEX construction investments.
    Making and follow up of time schedules to  assure that projects are completed cost effectively and within deadlines. 
    Train staff personnel and hire personell for maintenance technical team

  • May 2012 - February 2014

    Technical Manager, ADCT Inginerie Instalatii

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: QA (Quality Assurance),Electrical / Mechanical

    Site supervision for several residential project, works follow-up, cost control.

  • May 2010 - June 2012

    ME Site Inspector, TRIPONT INVEST SRL, Constantza RO - IMMOFINANZ AG Austria

    • Constanța, Romania
    • Project based
    • Work domain - Engineering: QA (Quality Assurance),Construction,Electrical / Mechanical

    Inspect and supervise the completed works prior to the commencement, verification of technical documentation received from Designers and Subcontractor
    Supervision and control of the conformity between the architectural solution and the structural, mechanical and electrical installation designs
    Quality of workmanship review and supervise and control the quality assurance  scheme of the contractors for the M&E works, monitoring and control of suppliers and subcontractors
    Supervise and control of the contractual performance of the contractors of the M&E works
    Supervise and monitor the commissioning and trial operation periods and tests and participate at any hand over proceeding in order to protect the financial and other investor interests 
    Daily site inspections as per the legal and technical norms 
    Obtaining and delivery to Owner the operating manuals and warranty certificates, other quality documents and testing protocols
    Supervision executions on site for sprinkler, hydrants, potable water network, pumping systems, electrical bords, electrogenerators, electrical low and week networks, hydro exterior networks, HVAC.

  • March 2010 - January 2011

    ME Site Inspector, SHDS International engineering

    • București, Romania
    • Project based
    • Work domain - Engineering: QA (Quality Assurance),Construction,Electrical / Mechanical

    Inspect and supervise designs and ME works
    Quality and quantities construction works control

  • January 2008 - May 2010

    M&E Design project coordination engineer, TRIPONT INVEST SRL, Constantza RO -TRIGRANIT Corp Hungary/Great Britain

    • Constanța, Romania
    • Project based
    • Work domain - Engineering: QA (Quality Assurance),Construction,Electrical / Mechanical

    Rewiewing and comment M&E drawings submitted by designing office and keeping up thecorrespondence with the design studio appointed to achieve such M&E plans
    Participate in and contribute to the tender and selection procedure to be carried out in cooperation with Investor contractors to be involved into the M&E works in PCC
    Control and supervise the existence, validity enforceability of the permits, authorizations and licenses granted by the competent Romanian authorities in charge and the compliance therewith
    Assisting the Owner for tendering and contracting of M&E works for the attribution of tender in M&E construction contracts

  • November 2006 - December 2008

    ME Project Engineer, POLUS TRANSILVANIA,ClujNapoca RO - TrigranitCorp Hungary/Great Britain

    • Cluj Napoca, Romania
    • Project based
    • Work domain - Engineering: QA (Quality Assurance),Construction,Electrical / Mechanical

    POLUS CITY CENTER CLUJ NAPOCA -large scale project GBA=87000sqmDuties:        Coordination of M&E technical engineering  team during designing and works execution 
    Review and comment the M&E plans of PCC  project and keep up the correspondence with the design studio appointed to achieve such M&E plans
    Participate in and contribute to the tender and selection procedure to be carried out in cooperation with the general contractor in order to select and decide on the subcontractors to be involved into the M&E works in PCC
    Control and supervise of the M&E works are in compliance with the plans, the requirements of the building permit, and the relevant provisions of the M&E, preview and supervise the quality certificate of the used materials for the M&E works, contribute of the monthly progression report to the investor in realization of the M&E works and make proposals on the rejections or the acceptance thereof;
    Inform the investor on the progression of the M&E works, supervise the measurements, quantities, costs, and forecasting, as well as the assessments provided by the contractors to the investor
    Assisting the Owner for Claims for adjustment due to the changes in legislation or others
    Obtaining for the owner all building equipment operating manuals and warranty documents.

  • May 2005 - February 2007

    Project Coordinator, KAUFLAND ROMANIA SCS, Bucharest RO - Schwarz gruppe Germany

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: QA (Quality Assurance),Construction,Electrical / Mechanical

    Technical monitoring  and coordination of the mechanical installations constructions 
    Quality control, responsible with mechanical constructions and  buildings systems maintenance 
    Supervising  the construction of mechanical installations, pumping, firefighing, sewarage networks, HVAC, rain water collecting systems, water tanks, cooling equipments and systems, cooling shelves 
    Tendering technical specifications for the construction and maintenance, checking the bills, invoices and all documents cost control related
    Preparing of the documentation for local authority according with environmental rules
    Developing and managing maintenance team, follow up the construction and maintenance contracts

  • March 2004 - May 2005

    Maintenance manager, BILLA ROMANIA, Bucharest RO – Rewegruppe Germany

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: QA (Quality Assurance),Construction,Electrical / Mechanical

    Improvement and coordination maintenance and service programs of BILLA supermarkets for all structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical constructions
    Tendering, contracting and supervising  the construction installation of the new supermarkets and warehouse, developing  the new concepts for new projects related to maintenance of the mechanical installations and fire fighting systems
    Approaching service companies and negotiating contracts, bills cost control in order to minimize the costs, quality control of work and repairs done by the construction  teams;
    Fast organization of the service personnel for emergency situations and offering the technical solutions for the flaws of the installations
    Technical training of the employees in order to assure the correct use of the equipments

  • March 2003 - March 2004

    Mechanical engineer, GrundfosPompe Romania, Bucharest RO – GrundfosPumpen Denmark Group

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Electrical / Mechanical,Sales

    Analyzing and offering technical solutions for the sanitary installations, water plants; 
    Training courses with the distributors, attending conferences and exhibitions that promote the company in Romania. Tendering preparation for plants all over the country ( for example:
    RAJA Constanta,  Apa Nova Ploiesti, Apa Nova Bucuresti); Promoting the German company ARI-ARMATUREN on the Romanian market; market  integration of a new authorized distributor and increasing the sales value. Coordinate delivery of pumps and execution of external networks for district heating and district heating substations directed to RAT ClujNapoca


  • 1997 - 2002

    Bachelor's degree, UTCB-Technical Construction University- Installations Faculty

    • Constructions
    • București, Romania


Driving license
  • B
  • Management experience
  • Practical spirit
  • Organization skills

Comprehensive understanding of engineering and building construction principles
Able to work without supervision
Experienced in management team site coordination
Experienced in contracting, quality control and documents control

Foreign languages



Courses / training
Mar 2014	EUROBEST TEAM Bucharest
Certificate of Waste management specialist
2005   “EUROBILLA” – Wien, Austria 
Quality management and supermarket construction design
2003“GrundfosPumpenVertrieb” Grodig, Austria
Pumping systems, water plants, cost of ownership
“ARI Armaturen” Paderborn, Germany 
Pressure reducers, Automatic control systems, Valves
Certificates / diplomas
2009	CONSTRUCTION STATE INSPECTORAT – BUCHAREST RO - Site inspector authorization obtained for M&E quality control works
2014 - Waste management specialst


How would you describe your personality?


What are your goals in life?

Permanent education!

Describe your ideal job.

I like people to work in a team, the ideal job is to coordinate team for obtaining positive results.

What are the goals set for your career?

I want to manage a construction of a minimum GBA = 150000sqm.

Are you able to work effectively in a team or independently?


What job would you like to be doing in 5 years?

Technical manager/ME site coordinator

What are/were your most important 5 achievements in your current/past workplace?

Finalizing the buildings in Cluj Napoca GBA aprox 90000sqm and in Constanta 105000sqm, impproving of the existing systems at Anchor Plaza.

What is your monthly salary expectation?

36000 euro/year

Can you work according to deadlines, under pressure, etc?


What is the last book you have read?

Heating Instalation book - edited by Faculty of Installation