Project Manager & PXP Leader la PAS Technologies Inc

  • România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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Obiectiv profesional

A top management position in a dynamic company, in operational field (production, quality, operations or
general management).

  • Bucuresti, Ploiesti
  • Part time
  • Salariul dorit5000 €
  • Domeniile urmariteInginerie Calitate, Inginerie Industrii / Productie, Inginerie Management Naval / Aviatie / Productie
  • Disponibilitate deplasare in interes de serviciuPana la 100% din program
  • Disponibilitate relocareIn tara si in strainatate


  • mai 2014 - decembrie 2014

    Project Manager & PXP Leader, PAS Technologies Inc

    • Ploiești, România
    • Project based
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Industrii / Productie

    Main Responsibilities:
    As Aviation Program Manager
    -	Customer requirements analyze. Business opportunity analyze as per corporate requirements and targets.
    -	Investment level definition and part quotation. Capacity design, production planning and production implementation. Business control and enhancement.
    -	Aviation business support definition and implementation, including the Quality Management System.
    As PXP Leader
    -	Personnel training and organizational culture implementation.
    -	To develop the proper instruments for Lean and Visual Management and to implement them in practice.
    -	To implement, control and manage the waste reduction instruments and techniques in organization, including 5S.
    -	To schedule and to monitor the PXP development through the organization.
    Relevant Achievements:
    As Aviation Program Manager
    -	Quality Management System certification against the aviation AS 9100 standard. 
    -	Quotation, customer requirements analyze and investments level definition for several potential programs and customers.
    As PXP Leader
    -	Steps to bronze stage were defined and scheduled.
    -	All operators and staff where trained with PXP base elements, as white belts.
    -	Different instruments of Lean and Visual Management where developed and implemented (Clinic Quality data collection forms and practice, OEE data collection form and calculation formula, Cell Pillar monitor and Waterfall scheduling and monitor, others).

  • iunie 1999 - aprilie 2014

    03.2011 – 03.2014 – Processes Control Department Manager at SC Turbomecanica SA 06.1999 – 02.2011 – Quality Laboratories Manager at SC Turbomecanica SA 06.2007 – 06.2011 – Program Director – Strategic Sourcing 09.2008 – 12.2012 – Project Manager & Expert - Management processes re-engineering and SAP implementation, SC Turbomecanica SA

    • București, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Calitate,Management Naval / Aviatie / Productie

    Main Responsibilities:
    -	Special processes method and material definition, design, validation and control. Acceptance / Rejection criteria and decision.
    -	Equipment definition, validation, maintenance and calibration. Definition of the maintenance and calibration operations, as type, volume and periodicity. Equipment acceptance or suspending decision.
    -	Definition, implementation and control of the management system for suppliers, procurement activity and material control. Strategic sourcing. Incoming inspection and material testing. Material acceptance or rejection criteria and decision. Supplier surveillance and supplier acceptance or suspending decision.
    -	Departmental activities and parts processing costs control and optimization. Resources and investments definition and yearly budgeting.
    -	Special processes customer approvals and third party (NADCAP) accreditations.
    -	To represent the company in front of customers and regulation / accreditation bodies in any problem related to special processes, laboratory methods and tests and measurement unit traceability, management and control. 
    -	Functional processes re-engineering and SAP implementation
    -	Participation to the plant relocation. New location arrangement, including all specific safety and regular conditions. To obtain all approvals from specific regular bodies (by example, from Nuclear Romanian Agency for NDT). All equipment and processes relocation and re-qualification.
    Relevant Achievements:
    -	All special processes were approved by customers. NADCAP accreditations for all implied special processes (NDT, welding, chemical processes, Heat Treatment, bonding, surface enhancement) were obtained, maintained and introduced in PRI Merit Program..
    -	Improvement of the calibration and maintenance activities with a reduction of 30% overall costs.
    -	Successfully SAP implementation.
    -	New sources for critical forgings were built.
    -	Developing new regular clients for Laboratory tests, NDT services and Calibration services, as an independent new businesses of around 150.000 – 200.000 USD yearly.
    -	Introduction of preventive and predictive maintenance for equipment in place of regular maintenance and equipment overhaul.
    -	AS 9100 system certification
    -	The standardization of the operation topics for chemical, heat treatment, shot peen, NDT, cleaning and preservation processes, as well as for test and inspection operations. The standardization for the working time and the working payment category for each kind of working operation, in relation with inductors as processed surface and coating thickness, in a manner that it was obtained an around 20% reduction in part processing costs (quotation and ante-calculation).
    -	The plant relocation was successfully done according the plan without any major activity interruption.

  • septembrie 1997 - mai 1999

    Chief of Quality Inspection Laboratory for Machining Dept., SC Turbomecanica SA

    • București, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Calitate,Management Naval / Aviatie / Productie

    Main Responsibilities:
    -	To issue and implement Inspection procedures and to train inspectors.
    -	To plan and manage all activities and resources in the laboratory.
    -	To coordinate the First Article Files execution for new products according to the different customer’s requirements and to validate the inspection method.
    Relevant Achievements:
    -	Completion of first substantiation files according to AS 9102 requirements.
    -	Introduction of first application of Six-Sigma and R&R GAUGE in Turbomecanica.
    -	Improvement of the laboratory inspection activity planning.
    -	Reduction of customer claims and an increase in customer satisfaction

  • martie 1990 - august 1997

    Design Engineer, SC Turbomecanica SA

    • București, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Cercetare si dezvoltare,Industrii / Productie

    Main Responsibilities:
    -	Technical assistance for Viper 632-41 and 632-47 turbojets, manufactured under Rolls-Royce license, and for Mechanical Assemblies for IAR 330 helicopters, manufactured under EUROCOPTER license;
    -	Analysis and investigations of Viper engines and Mechanical Assemblies for overhaul life assessement;
    -	Analysis of nonconforming parts (causes, corrective actions, repair schedules, concession analyze).
    Relevant Achievements:
    -	Design of different repair schedules for critical parts (by example the main rotor shaft for Puma helicopter, main gearbox case for mechanical assemblies) for safety use.
    -	The assess of overhaul life for VIPER engine and for PUMA helicopter main gearbox manufactured in TURBOMECANICA, from 500 flight hours to 1000 flight hours (VIPER engine), respectively from 500 flight hours to 2500 flight hours (main gearbox).

  • octombrie 1992 - iulie 1994

    Associated Assistant, Polytechnics University of Bucharest.

    • București, România
    • Part time
    • Domeniu - Institutii / Profesii liberale: Educatie

    As associated assistant in the Department of Thermodynamics, I trained students in
    laboratory applications but also I assured them theoretical preparation in thermodynamics,
    according the existing program. Also, I had to participate at their final examination

  • octombrie 1988 - martie 1990

    Production Engineer, SC IAR Ghimbav Brasov SA

    • Brașov, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Industrii / Productie

    Assembly and repair helicopters IAR 330A (Puma), under Eurocopter license.


  • 1994 - 1997


    • Management si administrarea afacerilor
    • București, România
  • 1982 - 1988

    Master / studii postuniversitare, Universitatea Politehnica

    • București, România


Permis de conducere
  • B
  • Experienta in management
  • Capacitate de a munci in echipa
  • Putere de organizare si disciplina

•	Technical knowledge: production, engineering, quality
•	Focused on customer satisfaction
•	Activities planning
•	Leadership
•	Project management 
•	Coaching of production, engineering  & quality teams
•	People development, motivation and control
•	Performance criteria and SMART indicators definition
•	Focused on continuous improvement; Six Sigma, LEAN manufacturing and TQM techniques and principles
•	Organizational skills:
o	Functional processes definition and implementation
o	Budgeting
o	Performance criteria and SMART indicators definition
o	Objectives definition, implementation, measurement and control.

Limbi straine



Cursuri / traininguri
-	Six–Sigma Training – Supplier Green Belt - Training organized by General Electric Power System - Prague1998.
-	Auditor Training - third part auditors of Quality Systems ISO 9000 series -Audit School BRACO – Bucharest 1998.
-	MICROSOFT OFFICE training - The Center Of Training in Informatics - Bucharest 1998
-	Project management  – Bucharest, 2013
-	Performant Manager of Accredited Laboratory – FiaTest, Bucharest 2004
-	AutoCAD R13-Level1 – Authorized Training Center AUTOCAD – 1997
-	Trading training for FOREX market - 2015


Cum ti-ai descrie personalitatea?

Inteligent, inventiv, atent la detalii, responsabil, ambitios, tenace, autoritar, deschis la nou, intr-o permanenta invatare, increzator in oameni, deschis, sincer, sociabil.

Care sunt telurile tale in viata?

Asigurarea, pe termen lung, a unui anumit nivel de confort socio-economic familiei.

Descrie jobul ideal pentru tine.

O poziţie de top management intr-o companie dinamică, pentru a putea utiliza pe deplin experienţa acumulată şi calităţile personale, asigurând companiei ascensiunea şi consolidarea pe piaţă.

Care sunt scopurile pe care ti le-ai stabilit in cariera ta?

Atingerea jobului ideal

Esti mai motivat lucrand in echipa sau in mod individual?

Sunt cel mai motivat cand conduc o echipa. Pot lucra insa foarte bine si individual.

Ce job ti-ar place sa ai peste 5 ani?

O pozitie de top management (general management).

La actualul sau fostul loc de munca, care au fost/sunt cele mai importante 5 realizari?

Implementare SAP; re-engineering-ul companiei; relocarea; constructia de surse; certificarile AS 9100; acreditarile NADCAP; standardizarile de metoda.

Ce fel de salariu meriti?

Corelat cu experienta, pozitia, responsabilitatile si performanta.

Poti lucra dupa termene limita, sub presiune, etc?


Care a fost ultima carte pe care ai citit-o?

Am recitit "Dincolo de nisipuri" de Fanus Neagu.

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  • Reference number: 142463

Career goals


  • Bucuresti, Ploiesti
  • Part time
  • Salary wanted5000 €
  • Wanted work domainsEngineering QA (Quality Assurance), Engineering Industries / Production / Manufacturing, Engineering Naval Management / Aviation / Production
  • Availability for work related travelUp to 100% of the schedule
  • Willing to relocateIn the country and abroad


Driving license
  • B
  • Management experience
  • Ability to work in team
  • Organization skills

Foreign languages