supervisor la Saipen

  • România, Cernavoda
  • România, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
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Obiectiv profesional

Inginer electromecanic EPC CONSTRUCTII

  • Strainatate, Bucuresti, Constanta
  • Full time
  • Salariul dorit1200 €
  • Domeniile urmariteInginerie Constructii


  • septembrie 2013 - august 2015

    supervisor, Saipen

    • ARZEW, Algeria
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Electrica / Mecanica

    POSITION:  Electrical Supervisor for Commissioning system in 6 sub-statio
    Scope of work : 
    High voltage Switch yards power supply 33 kV, HV Main and auxiliary transformers 33kV/ 11 kV, HV Transformer 11kV/400V, LV voltage distribution panel 400V and charger 125v/48v UPS 230V, Main breaker GE power generators, Ventilation system, lighting system, fire fighting system, Earthling network system, Cabling network HV- LV- C – I, Marshalling box. 
    chemical treatment of chilled water and boilers. In power station supervised all commissioning activities for control the electrical cables, panels, batteries, transformers and machinery from field corresponded.
    -Temporary power, Emergency power and normal power, UPS, and lower voltage systems, CCR/DCS/FAR and sub-station building and systems, Diesel system and inventory.
    -Directs installed and commissioning for HVAC equipment including air handlers, chilling and heating
    systems, air quality equipment (including energy recovery make-up, exhausted air systems, and laboratory
    vent hoods); checks
    Commissioning of the utilities section: import of water, start-up of the electrical power generators, instrument air, nitrogen, fuel gas and other utilities that are required to pre-commission and commission the process train and off-sites, includes inerting the process systems, first gas into the process train and dry out of the LNG cryogenic section .
    Ready to energize for all the electrical equipment (check the functionality of all equipment, functional test for CB, UPS, motor, transformers, LV panels, MV switchgear ,etc). Operation and maintenance of high voltage substation.
    A complete record of all electrical checks performed and highlighted on single line electrical diagrams.

  • februarie 2012 - august 2014

    Superintendent E/I, METKA

    • Deir Ali, Siria
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Electrica / Mecanica

    LOCATION: SYRIA, Deir Ali 701Mw
    POSITION: E/I  SUPERVISOR FOR CCCP SYRIA DEIR ALIL II 701MW(Ansaldo Energi -2gas turbines,AE94,3+1steam turbine,250Mw)
    Main responsibilities:
    - Being part of Precommissioning & Construction Team, responsible with construction, testing and turn over to the Client of Electrical Systems (Electrical Distribution, Cathodic Protection, Instrumentation  and  Earthing  System);
    - Measuring isolation resistance/continuity checks/tests of protections.
    - Planning, scheduling, conducting, and coordinating electrical &instrumentation works
    - Ensuring proper interdisciplinary coordination on projects (civil and mechanical).
    - Working safely and in such a manner as to ensure own safety, as well as the safety of coworkers and all relevant parties.
    - Correcting unsafe acts or conditions within the scope of immediate work.
    - Ensuring that employees under his/ her supervision, are not entering any construction area without the knowledge of METKA jobsite supervision, and confirmation that all required and appropriate precautions and protections have been made.
    - Striving to make all work environments and company operations safe.

  • august 2010 - ianuarie 2012

    Superintendent, METKA

    • Ploiești, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    PROJECT: PETROBRAZI Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Complex - Combined Cycle Power Plant 860MW
    POSITION: E&I Supervisor
    Main responsibilities:
    - - Supervising the construction and mounting instrument and electrical equipment, pre-commissioning for electrical equipments
    - Coordinating inspections and testing of LV/MV Switch Gear installation/ modifications (Siemens/ Alstom / ABB etc.)
    - Supervising, installing, testing and pre-commissioning of Pressure / Temperature, Flow Transmitters/ switches, (Rosemount/Foxboro) Control Valves, ESD valves (Tyco/ Fisher/ Flowserve/ Neles Automation) and electrical equipment using manufactures manuals, electrical diagrams, P&I drawings and Instrument/ Electrical Layout Drawings
    - Performing witnessing tests, inspections and coordination with the client.
    - Preparaing  various tests and inspection reports as per Quality Control Procedures
    - Cable trench, cable laying, termination, meggering and continuity test for electrical & instrument cables
    - Electrical Heat Tracing System of pipe lines and storage tanks (Raychem)
    Fire Alarm System including Detectors
    - Supervising the Optic Fiber equipments, installations and inspection, cable installation, installation of optic fiber converters

  • ianuarie 2010 - decembrie 2010

    E/I Supervisor, TOZZY QATAR

    • Mesaid, Qatar
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    COMPANY: NUCLEARMONTAJ ROMANIA, Contractor: TOZZI QATAR / SNC LAVALIN, Client: QATALUM QATAR - joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and Hydro Aluminium of Norway
    PROJECT: Temporary Power Supply Diesel Generator
    POSITION:Construction  Electrical Supervisor
    Main responsibilities:
    - Scheduling and planning all electrical  activities for all pneumatically, electrical and electronic equipments, concerning maintenance, scheduled repairs, overhauling
    - Planning, ordering all materials and electrical  equipment (also, ordering new equipment and spare parts, being responsible for electrical side);
    - Repairing, checking, overhauling electrical  DC /AC equipments for field and control panel: controllers; recorders; multipoint recorders; interface for PLC and DCS etc.

  • ianuarie 2008 - decembrie 2010

    Superintendent E/I, SBM

    • AbuDhabi, Ajman (UAE)
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    LOCATION: UAE, Onshore
    PROJECT: Mopu Stor Module Project
    POSITION: Electrical / Telecommunication / Instrumentation Inspector
    Overall Project Management covering E&I Scope of Work including:
    - Performing inspections for telecommunication equipments.
    - E&I Site Engineering
    - E&I Procurement
    - E&I installation Services
    - E&I Commissioning Support
    - Being representative on all required interface meeting and issues with the(SBM)

  • august 2006 - decembrie 2007

    Superintendent E/I, Aljaber Energy

    • Abu Dhabi, Ajman (UAE)
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    LOCATION: UAE, Abu Dhabi
    PROJECT: Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Project
    POSITION: Electrical and Instrument Superintendent
    Main responsibilities:
    - Studying all the contracts to verify the scope of work end providing feed back to the construction engineer about Additional work. Detail engineering   design including Standard Work Specifications Electrical & Instrumental, ASME Codes (data sheet, Selection of Instrument).
    - Cable ,Junction box spec, sizing and selection, Termination Dwg., cause and effect , logic diagram, cable schedule Instrument index, loop diagram, I/O List, Instrument hook up, Bulk material, Cable layout  Instrument layout, P& I D. Procurement, evaluation of the vendor, quotation and reviewing
    - Acting as commissioning Engineer of all electrical installation work within hazardous area , creating punch lists and commissioning all a new apparatus and/or devices . Membrane plants complying hand over packs and documentation.
    - Controlling of the permit system involving site sub-contractor.
    - Issuing and analyzing all vendor documents , Construction activity  (Engineering & Procurement and Construction Experience)

  • august 2006 - decembrie 2007

    Supervisor E/I, CCC Arabic Company

    • Havuiah, Arabia Saudita
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    POSITION: Electrical  Supervisor
    Main responsibilities:
    - Performing installation for train No1 , were made  electrical:cable tray, supports end instruments in line installed, cables pulling and connection in  control substation.
    - Electrical supervising and site progress monitoring for the completion of the said project
    - Preparing material take off and bill of materials as per project specification and applicable drawing
    - Providing assistance and consultancy the group of instrument and electrical technicians, in order to control them related field/site problems.
    - Coordinating the project ( for client and main contractor)
    - Performing Commissioning activity, including: waste water and sludge treatment works sludge transformer pumps, instrumentation using E&H pressure transmitter and ultrasonic s ABB thermal mass flow meter  and  magmaster flow meter complying hand owner packs. Documentation Commissioning method statements.

  • aprilie 2001 - iunie 2006

    Supervisor E/I, CNE Cernavoda

    • Cernavoda, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    Same activity 1986 1997

  • decembrie 2000 - noiembrie 2001

    Supervisor E/I, TECHINT CIMIMONTUBI ITALY, Main Contractor: CHEVRON Client: NAOC

    • BONNY ISLAND, Nigeria
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    LOCATION: NIGERIA, Bonny Island
    PROJECT: LNG Expansion Project
    POSITION: Electrical Supervisor
    - Substation 33/6.9/04 Kv, 6.9 panel installation primary ,secondary and earthling bar connection. Working in the following installation
    - Earthing, system inside and outside;
    - Cable tray system complete in volute;
    - Cable pulling in substation, battery installation
    - Lighting  and HAVC afferent substation electrical test and  energization before temporary supply:
    - Electrical commissioning engineer SAP, final commissioning and documentation of all systems associated whit one export oil module and one gas treatment module Permit co-ordination.
    Period:	(1999 - 2000)

  • mai 1999 - august 2000

    Supervisoe E/I, TOZZY SUD ITALY

    • OB-OB, Nigeria
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    PROJECT: Ob-Ob Gas Plant
    POSITION: Electrical Engineer / Optic Fiber Equipment Inspector
    Main responsibilities:
    - Supervising the Optic Fiber equipments, installations and inspection
    - Coordinating and providing the engineering assistance of works, doing the substation and field for the following systems during erection and electrical test for start - up and pre-commissioning.
    - Power &Control system (cable tray and conduit installation , cable pulling and connection in field and substation ,check of insulation resistance  and  energization)
    - Medium Voltage Substation (MVS) (equipment installation , electrical test ,protection adjusting and energization)
    - Low Voltage Substation (LWS) (equipment installation , electrical testing , protection adjusting  and energization.

  • aprilie 1996 - noiembrie 1997

    Supervisor, ABB SPA ITALY

    • Qom, Iran
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    LOCATION: IRAN, Ghom C C Power Plant
    POSITION:  Instrument Supervisor for Siemens turbines 2x100Mw
    Instrument Supervisor
    Main responsibilities:
    - Supervising the Installation activities, Calibration, loop cheek, Hot Transfer, startup commissioning of instrumentation and control system for several works;
    - Performing installation & termination of tank level gauging system;
    -  Performing Installation for associated instrument such as a pressure ,flow ,temperature ,level gas detector smoke detector, PD meter, pressure gauge, control valve , I/P convector, Make, Rosemount Fisher, Vertex.

  • septembrie 1986 - mai 1997


    • Cernavoda, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Inginerie: Constructii

    POSITION: Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor / Quality Inspector
    Main responsibilities:
    - Mounting and installing cable ladder, cable trays and perforated tray, various type B-Line, Transcab  System;
    - Performing installation for cables and conductors (flexible metallic conduit, glands, clamp, lugs , shrink tube, clear tube, terminal block ,component marking;
    - Low end medium voltage panel installation, auxiliary and distribution panels  and motor control centre (MCC) installation;
    - Responsible for the local control panel and junction boxes   installation
    - Grounding system performing : grounding  station, ground wire ,PVC conduit , fastening clip, compression terminal lug, conduit clamp, earth rods, exothermic welding system.
    - Executing works for public address and fire fighting system: conduit protection, installation panel and sensory
    - Doing the JB, frame, instrument stanchion support;
    - Heat  Tracing cables installation with accessories
    - Cathode Protection with   sacrificial anode and impressed anode type;
    - Studying all detail engineering drawings such as P&I , cable layout, termination drawing, loop diagram, junction box location  and instrument layout , instrument data sheet, instrument hook up and vendor document;
    - Performing precommissioning &  commissioning activities;
    - Performing inspection before test, sequence of test, conductor continuity, insulation resistance, polarity, eartelectrod  resistance ,  eart fault loop impedance, functions of all device including protective devices ,additional check for installation in hazardous environmental
    - Performing inspection and test for LV& HV installations functional test of system/equipment
    E&I  Commissioning  Engineer  working on a variety of fresh water treatment works in particulate Filtration systems , Chemical Dosing, control of  Permit to work procedures for all M&E installation and testing  hot work, limitation of access confident space.
    - Supervising the instrumentation construction works as per Project Spec & Drawing such cable pulling, cable tray routing, instrument installation, calibration, junction box installation and termination.


  • 1980 - 1986

    Diploma de facultate, POLITEHNYC

    • Inginerie
    • București, România


Permis de conducere
  • B
  • Capacitate de a munci in echipa
  • Spirit practic
  • Atitudine pozitiva si optimism

That the deadline capacity.
Responsiveness and adaptation to new
Computer skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
Ability to analyze and solve problems
Leveraging the completion of the tasks.
Communication and relationship skills.
The seriousness

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  • Strainatate, Bucuresti, Constanta
  • Full time
  • Salary wanted1200 €
  • Wanted work domainsEngineering Construction


Driving license
  • B
  • Ability to work in team
  • Practical spirit
  • Positive attitude and optimism

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