nurse at Floreasca Emergency Hospital

  • România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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  • December 2009 - Present

    nurse, Floreasca Emergency Hospital

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Institutions / Liberal professions: Foundations / Associations / NGOs

    1.Removal of waste and domestic waste is carried out diligently, whenever necessary.
    • residues and household waste are stored in special places.
    2. Responsible for cleaning and disinfection following the order 261/06.02.2007 assigned sector.
    3. Responsible for use and storage of utensils used in good condition that has personal care and those in common use and store them safely.
    4. Perform hygiene care of the person cared for:
    • body care techniques are performed according to specific skill.
    • Bathroom total / partial is made periodically or whenever necessary by using appropriate cosmetics.
    • plant and equipment are provided with conscientious care to prevent infections and bedsores.
    • Dressing / putting off care person is done with efficiency as specific techniques.
    5. Maintain hygiene care linen person:
    • patient linen is changed at a maximum interval of 3 days or whenever necessary by specific techniques.
    • Perform bed linen change busy / idle whenever needed.
    • Change linen is skillfully done to comfort the person assisted.
    • bed accessories (table served in bed, mattress, etc..) Are adapted to the immediate needs of the individual efficiency neat.
    6. Collects and transports linen and laundry:
    • Observe how soiled linen collection and packaging depending on the degree of risk under the Code of Procedure:
    • contaminated linen double pack (yellow-orange bag)
    • simple packaging contaminated linen (white bag)
    • Respect Universal precautions.
    • Dirty linen is collected and packed on-site, so that they are less manipulated and shaken, in order to prevent contamination of air, staff and patients.
    • Controls that collects underwear that are free-cutting and stabbing objects such waste.
    • It prohibits on-site sorting of linen on the types of items.
    • Observe the color code on the packaging of dirty linen.
    • storage of soiled linen on the ward is packed into a space where patients and visitors have access.
    • Do not allow removal of container transport linen to the laundry when returning.
    • Provide transportation to wash underwear.
    7. Take clean laundry to the laundry:
    • clean linen laundry is transported from the clinical department in new bags.
    • storage of clean linen is in dedicated sections designed and equipped, protected from dust, moisture and vectors.
    • Store and manipulate properly, by sectors, clean underwear, respecting the procedure codes on personal hygiene and wear appropriate protective equipment.
    8. Keep track of the department, linen and taught at the high unit laundry.
    9. It carries food from the office / building food on the table / bed, cared for person:
    • Food is transported in compliance with rigorous hygiene.
    • Food distribution shall conform to bedside diet indicated.
    • Transportation and handling of food is made using equipment for catering specially for this purpose (gown, gloves, cotton ...) in compliance with sanitary regulations.
    • Remove food debris on the circuit set.
    10. Prepare neat person dependent for food and hydration:
    • Placing the person cared for is in a comfortable position to be fed and hydrated, according to expert recommendations and instructions.
    • The table is arranged taking into account the particularities of aesthetic criteria and neat person.
    11. Help the person cared for at work feeding and hydration:
    • feeding the necessary support is given individual care based on assessment of personal autonomy in feeding and its health.
    • Support the person cared for hydration is achieved by carefully managing the consistency of liquid.
    • Support the person cared for is food with efficiency and skill throughout the feeding.
    • Provide support for feeding and hydration take account of people cared so prescribed, the patient's condition and preferences, habits, their food traditions.
    • The power dependent care person is under the supervision of medical care salon.
    12. Sanitize dishes groomed person:
    • Dishes are cleaned and disinfected the person cared for according to specific rules, whenever it is necessary for epidemiological chain termination.
    • Dishes neat person is clean after each use, using specific cleaning materials.
    13. Help the person cared to physiological needs:
    • neat person accompanies the toilet in order to satisfy physiological needs.
    • serves immobilized person with urinary basins, kidney trays etc.., According to specific techniques.
    • The person cared for is supported / assisted to calm the physiological needs.
    14. Perform mobilization:
    • Mobilizing the person cared for is performed according to the type and time established by the medical team.
    • Mobilization is permanently adapted to situations in daily care sudden.
    • Perform mobilization by providing support to mobilization.
    • Frequency and type of mobilization are permanently adapted to the needs of people cared.
    • Mobilising people proper care is done using specific accessories.
    15. Communicate with individual care using proper form of communication and using a specific language:
    • communication with the person cared characteristics are identified with objectivity in order to stimulate the exchange of information.
    • specific language used is consistent with communication skills identified in the person cared for.
    • The language used shall, where possible, specific backgrounds neat person.
    • The language used in communication with the person cared for is adequate for physical, social and educational thereof.
    16. At the end of the working nurse will give patients the following change to ensure continuity of care.
    17. Help transport people cared:
    • Use accessories necessary care or transportation schedule whenever needed.
    • the person provides care according to type of restraint necessary accessories.
    18. Accompanies the person cared for performing investigations:
    • Prepare the person cared for transport (appropriate clothing).
    • Take the sheet from medical observation, data sheet will accompany the patient, and he will teach at the office of interclinica consultation and the completion of consultation will ensure its return.
    • Transportation is carefully groomed person, appropriate to its specific nature.
    • care of the person pending completion of investigations is done with fairness and patience.
    19. It helps to transport the deceased:
    • Provides isolation from the rest of deceased patients.
    • After the declaration of death removes underwear and prepares it for transport deceased to cover for this purpose.
    • It helps to transport the deceased to the refrigeration room, dedicated storage bodies.
    • Participate in the inventory of personal property of the deceased.
    • Disinfect the area where the death occurred shall be made promptly, observing hygienic rules.
    20. Respect functional circuits within the hospital
          (Medical staff / patients / caregivers / linen / sanitary materials / waste).
    21. Meet responsibilities under the Order M.S. nr.219/01.04.2002 on infectious waste management and disposal:
    -The procedures stipulated by the code of procedure for waste management
    Transporting infectious waste-circuit established procedure code;
    Circuit set-carry food residues in appropriate circumstances, be responsible for
    coreta filing in containers, clean and disinfect bins in which to store and
    carry them;
    22. They recorded the activity of the patient's file and report their activity in writing by signing files activity monitoring (signature confirming the achievement of all steps of the protocols and schemes of work) and report to superior head (head nurse), signaling any problem in developing the activity.
    23. Services are provided promptly, in accordance with quality requirements of the patient.
    24. Requirements that exceed their own competence area are reported to the higher head.
    25. Unpleasant situations are dealt with calmly, on the forefront of patient care.
    26. Respect and apply the rules set forth in Order No. 994 MS / oct.2004 and Practical Guide to Management of accidental exposure to biological products for preventing and combating nosocomial infections.
    27. Apply regard for safety and protection standards for Fire fighting:
    • Electrical appliances are well isolated and not used with wet hands;
    • cleaning operations are executed with utmost care to avoid accidents;
    • cleaning solutions handles with hands protected;
    • Electrical appliances are disconnected from the current end of work;
    • Damages arising from equipment, electrical installations to promptly notify the head nurse.
    28. Wear protective equipment provided by internal regulations, which will be changed whenever necessary to maintain personal hygiene and aesthetics.
    29. Head nurse immediately declare any acute illness that presents as well as emerging diseases in family members.
    30. Observing team operates in hierarchical and functional relations.
    31. Respect "Patient Rights" under the MS Order 46/21.01.2003.
    32. Relationship is not entitled to give the patient's condition.
    33. Professional development in correlation with job requirements:
    • Self
    • Training courses / training
    34. Observe that the conditions of hygiene control individual performing periodic health to prevent diseases and the danger of the outbreak of epidemics (viral respiratory infections, skin infections, diarrhea, tuberculosis, etc.)..
    35. Respect the internal rules of the hospital.
    36. Observe the working hours of 8 hours, shifts work program and schedule annual leave.
    37. They come to work with full capacity to perform service work on quality parameters imposed by the department.
    38. At the beginning and end of work signed Attendance register.
    39. Maintain order and discipline at work, used with maximum efficiency and full time work.
    40. Depending on the needs of the department will take over and other outlets.
    41. Respect and endorses the provisions of health and safety legislation at work (Law 319/2006).
    42. Will be subject to administrative measures regarding the failure on time and exactly the tasks stipulated in the job description.

  • September 2008 - November 2009

    import/export officer, Graveleau Transports Romania SRL

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Logistics

    Coordinate the specific activities and international transport of goods.
    Commissioner organization of transport and groupage.
    Takeover bid requests and orders from customers.
    Finding optimal solutions for development of transport and communication solutions to the customer driveway, in a timely manner.
    Optimizing transport costs.
    Transport organization in the best conditions, in compliance with quality standards and deadlines required by the company.
    Making progress reports for the departament.

  • May 2006 - August 2008

    import/export officer, YKK ROMANIA SRL

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Logistics

    Attends meetings with transporters which are coming to the factory, generates short reports of the meetings.
    Coordonating with Productin Planning,Sales,Accounting and Administrativ.
    Ensured the efficient and timely circulation of information between both internal and external customers.
    Participates and coordonates with all the other departaments for the success of common projects.
    Broad understanding of the business and in-depth knowledge of the processes involved in the finished goods  production operations.
    Further jobs professional profile,at a superior's disposition.
    Quiqly assimilation of complex business and financial issues.
    Attens mettings, take notes and generate meeting minutes.
    Able to work with minimum supervision.
    Good knowledge of the information / documents flows.
    Organizational and comunication skills.
    Complies with work safety regulations as well as with the Personnel Handbook.

  • December 2005 - May 2006

    customer service, YKK ROMANIA SRL

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: Customer service

    -Issues necessary delivery documents for the shipments(invoices,Delivery Notes,Other documents),filling in them in proper files in max 24 hours from the date of printing;
    -Stick with the Reporting dead lines;
    -Issues the price offer when I receive a request from customer;
    -Participates and supports the finalization of the customer
    Databasefilling in daily and accurate the"Customer Code & Bussiness Code";
    -Promotes all the products and the services of YKK Group;
    -Responsible for sending samples, catalogues and other materials to customers according to their request;
    -Treats the customer's claims together with line Manager.Follow up implementation of the corrective actions;
    -Ensures a very good knowledge of all products of the Company.;
    -Plans my own work,coordinates and follows up assigned projects updating the Line Manager according to the deadlines;
    -Ensures the development of the customers portofolio and maintains crucial working relationships with selected customers;
    -Sticks with the internal operations procedures, according to the internal Code & Conduct;fills inproperly documents related to:cancelled orders,"Credit Notes Request Sheet" , "Productions Request Sheet", "Undespatch Goods List";
    -Fill in monthly Statistics till 6th of the next month and send them by e-mail to the designed persons from the Goup YKK
    -Attends meetings with customers which visit our factory , issueing meeting briefs;


  • 2007 - 2012

    Bachelor's degree, Spiru Haret University

    • București, Romania
  • 2003 - 2003

    Postdoctorate, Ministry of Research & Education Romania

    • București, Romania


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