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  • May 2011 - Present


    • Constanța, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries,Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Company activity field:Elcomex IEA SA offers design, manufacturing, repair, maintenance,           consultancy, service and expertise for: 
    • Power Plants 
    • Power lines of low, medium and high voltage and transformer stations 
    • low current systems 
    • Water from manufacturing and machine building for public utilities 
    • Plants for ways of communication for social civil construction - utilities 
    • Electric and metal support 
    • Power Supply
    Activities performed: 
    Midia refinery Navodari revision made, installed and sampled isometric flow and pressure installations 
    DGRS, aromatic and Parex. 
    We organized manufacturing isometric, as in the designer department plans they manage, by teams of 
    welders and locksmiths
    I held their installation on vessels or pipes thereto as PID(pipe,instalation diagram), by teams of locksmiths 
    AMC. I supervised the installation of the equipment AMC action, and checked the accuracy of hydraulic connections between isometric and AMC. 
    Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1.2: I made the mechanics of the DICA project (spent fuel storage), 
    and supports for transformers 440MW/440KV extacade.
    Coordinate activities within PSIND(mechanic departament)composed by:
    - workshop machine tools(3 lathes, 1 mill) 
    -metal workshop with members: 1 master mechanic, 3 lathe, 7 locksmiths ,2 milling , 2 painters and 6 welders.
    -electric workshop consists of: a master electrical, 3 electricians and 2 winder
    -technical department consists of two engineers (technologist + responsible technical welding ).
    -responsible for determining the organizational structure and organizational preparation for subordinate staff 
    Since October I operate in point-Navodari Midia refinery where it holds the position of Manager of project execution, installation isometric levels, pressure, differential pressure and flow assembly also AMC 
    (measuring and control devices) to the newly constructed section hydrogen plant and MHC(Mild 
    Hydrocracking), and I following tasks and responsibilities:
    The isometric coordinate manufacturing activity, levels, pressure and flow, performed by welding workshop 
    team consists of: welding engineer, engineering, master mechanics, welders, locksmiths, mechanics, turners.
    Offers solutions in making isometric conceptual design harmonizes with the situation on the ground.
    Establish priority of execution of isometric depending on the beneficiary's requirements.
    Prepare isometric execution schedule, following the deadlines and conditions imposed by contract.
    At the reception on site check isometric, isometric line shop welding performed in the project execution. Also check with the quality of materials used in isometric performance of those imposed by the project execution.
    Check the technical documentation accompanying the executed isometric welding shop: certificates of 
    conformity of the materials used in their execution, certified check welding, heat treatment after welding.
    The occurrence of problems in making isometric and their installation can not be executed according to 
    project execution provides the interface between the company and designer, established this project 
    solutions that change the Notes site.
    Staff coordinate the assembly of izometiilor containers, tanks or pipes, organize them in teams consisting of 
    team leader, welders and locksmiths depending on the volume of work executed.
    Editing team coordinate AMC-FT, PDT, PT, PI, TE, LT, LG, preceding the assembly teams isometric levels, pressure, differential pressure, flow rates.
    Track compliance with project execution coupled with isometric apartelor AMC mounted by: tubing, pipes or hoses.
    Prepare graphs and isometric assembly of AMC
    -responsible for the utilization in the PSInd only qualified and trained.
    -ensure the development, revision / updating and implementing document management quality (mounting and control procedures, technical procedures execution, general and specific quality plans, control files, tracking files) and follow their endorsement and approval of internal and external.
    -are responsible for training subordinate staff with instructions / procedures, the latest revision applicable to specific work / command performed. 
    -provides analysis of technical documentation and records. Based on execution documentation, if required, coordinate the preparation of tender price.
    -ensures all production activities on the basis of design documentation, responsible for drawing up the necessary material and its dissemination to the Purchasing Department. 
    -analysis and workshops with the heads of the order of execution of works.
    -responsible for the quality in manufactured products and records as confirmation of the execution in accordance with the applicable documents. 
    -ensure the transmission and storage products throughout the manufacturing identification to delivery to customer or site of installation.
    -ensure the conditions for carrying out checks, inspections and testing as required by the approved quality plan in order to confirm the quality of products. 
    -participate in analyzing and determining the causes of defects in execution and take steps to avoid them in future
    -implement timely and effective corrective action programs due to deficiencies found in evaluations, audits, inspections, surveillance and inspections. 
    -prepare self-evaluation report of effectiveness of processes and activities.

  • April 2009 - May 2011

    Project Manager Chief Industrial Cleaning/ Washing, SC OIL DEPOL SERVICE SRL CONSTANTA

    • Constanța, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries

    Company activity field: cleaning and washing the refinery industrial (Rompetrol-Midia, Petrom-Brazi, Luck Oil-Teleajen) heat-exchangers, radiators, columns of equipment, washing and cleaning of industrial oil tanks, gasoline, diesel etc, land greening infected.150 workers.
    Activities performed:
    Revision 2009, 2010-Midia refinery Navodari-industrial high-pressure wash water (500-1200 bar), heat exchangers, columns, reactors, tanks and pipes (50000-5000 cm)
    Revision 2010, Petrom Brazi refinery and Luck Oil, Ploiesti industrial high-pressure wash water (500-1200 bar)
    , heat exchangers, columns, reactors, tanks and pipes
    About COMPET SA-greening, cleaning and transporting waste oil tank park-45 tank (30000-1000 cm).
    - plan, coordinate and monitor production processes to ensure the implementation target department expenditure monitoring to ensure the maintenance of the proposed budget for work carried out; 
    -establish priority of work standards and procedures for providing an efficient distribution of resources and plan of quality, performance monitoring and evaluated subordinates performance incentives for individual and team performance results;
    -works exploited following types of maintenance of high pressure pumps: Hammelmann (Hdp172-S1100-17 S1100-25 Hdp-252, Hdp362-1200-36), Woma Ecotherm-600 5-Ibc washing equipment (Inside Cleaning Bundle ), Obc (Outside Bundle Cleaning) 0.1-Ltc (Single Lance) ,3-Tle, Hp 1500 Mbe Guns, Equipment Provided Hammelmann, Peinnemann, Woma.
    -tasks to distribute in fall team role and function of each employee to ensure capacity for a while making the standards and objectives team expected, says instructions periodic and fire safety in accordance with current legislation and procedures;
    -coordinates and is responsible hidrocleaning works of making,  accordance with established customers end graphics.
     -instruct and guide operators for professional conduct of business in accordance with practice hidrocleaning company;
    -i ensure that all personnel serving installation works with high pressure pump to sign sheets for protection of work, as a result of conduct training according to the norms for operators to work on practice and procedures of the company and the indications of specialists facility provider high-pressure pump.
    -train operators on general rules for protection of labor or equity (specific) and seeks them during work, to prevent accidents or damage incidental abnormal and installation of pump and accessories.
    -meet the maintenance facility and accessories for the officials and a good life international standards indications and suppliers Hammelmann, Pinnemann, Salotech, Caterpillar, Deutz.
    -based on the prosecution due to installation and operation of accessories, make timely proposals for the purchase of spare parts of wear and then when.
    -carries replacement parts replacement parts plant with existing or wear or supply stock. makes or repairs if necessary  where to register damages. 
    -facilitates team members both within hidrocleaning committed works, how and operations maintenance, repair,
    -carries the facility and accessories necessary adjustments in accordance with supplier Hammelmann indications, and with the needs of business scheduled Peinnemann.
    -i instruct with permanent equipment to know job working in order to use them effectively activity report filed and bring employers expected.
    -use my knowledge all technical and physical best solutions for implementation / execution arrangements for correct, but economic measures and associated works to be carried out in this way.
    -collaborate with beneficiaries of works contract for their spirit, with due diligence to defend the company, both as time, how and economically and lawfully
    setting out of any materials needed supplies for pursuit and care of supply ma their proposals approved under the leadership and the extent of funds allocated for this.

  • July 1999 - May 2009

    Chieff of harbour tools and devices / lashing Department, SC SOCEP SA CONSTANTA

    • Constanța, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Service / Installation

    Company activity field: stevedoring company and forwarding located in constanta port, 650 employees
    - Mechanical Repairs portal shore cranes
    - design, confection, maintenance of tools and devices for loading / unloading general cargo &container
    vessels and for lashing cargoes
    - distribute those tools and devices
    My role in the first activity:, is to sustain this activity by: 
    - design and manufacture of harbour tools and devices prototype, depending on the type of goods handled; 
    - modification and improvement of harbour tools and devices existing to ensure high productivity of labor; 
    - drawing technical documentation for projects under the procedures required by iso 9001/2000; 
    - supplying of materials and raw materials for the execution of tools and devices.
    I was incharge with coordoneiting following repairs and maintenance teams:
    -grabs for general cargoes bulk(sugar,chemicals,grains) and polip grabs for iron scraps;
    -conveyor belt;
    -bunker loading/unloading cargoes.
    Second main activity performed is lashing / unlashing of general cargoes and containers on ships and river vessels, railway wagons and goods into containers.
    -i plan the lashing operations required, choosing the best techology in order to diminuate the labour and materials costs.
    -i lead technical team of scaffolding made of 3 carpenters and 3 stevedors, used in manufacturing wood or metal scaffolding.
    -i made scaffolding for repairs to heavy lifting and transportation equipment (quay cranes, bridges transshipped containers) for ship repair and building repairs:
    establish the necessary materials to use (nylon ropes, wood, nails, etc.) and labor for each work part:
    -i supervise the lashing / unlashing operations; lashing is performed to comply the safety of cargoes during transport
    -i issue all documents requierd for this activity.


  • 1994 - 1999

    Bachelor's degree, University Ovidius Constanta

    • Constanța, Romania


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