Project Manager at Al Saraf

  • România, Slatina
  • România, Slatina
  • Romania, Slatina
  • Romania, Slatina
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  • September 2011 - March 2012

    Project Manager, Al Saraf

    • Slatina, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    Managing and resolving issues. Escalating, where appropriate.
    Representing the company at client and project meetings. 
    Prepare and manage budgets of up to $xxxxx.
    Provide quality management to ensure conformity to building and safety codes.
    Supporting Project Manger, ensuring they have the information required to run the project, setting up and managing processes to provide reporting as required under the contract.
    Coordinating, researching and sourcing project materials, producing schedules and cash flow plans.
    Producing minutes from meetings and updating project information and scheduling.
    Organizing project files, assisting with handing specific tasks to team members.
    Managing the sourcing and purchase of materials to be delivered as required by the project schedule. Managing stock on site. Tracking use and expenditure against plan.
    Managing specification to ensure quality.
    Maintaining the client list 
    Managing site personnel administration, accommodation and transportation.  
    Ensuring work is completed as per contract. Managing contract and invoicing processes. Tracking and managing variations to contract and budget.
    Planning and managing logistics of deliveries and secure storage until required.
    Providing support to project teams by organizing projects, coordinating assignments, and overseeing activities associated with projects to ensure that goals or objectives are accomplished within prescribed time frame and parameters.

  • April 2009 - April 2011

    Logistics, Senior Coordinator, DynCorp International

    • Slatina, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Logistics

    Provide planning for logistical operations and support in tracking supplies and materials, and coordination of transportation functions, maintenance, and client services.
    Plan, execute, and monitor logistics activities for various departments. 
    Maintain accurate records of Customer Orders, back-orders, consignment inventory, import shipments and delivery details. Minimize exposure to holding and detention of goods.
    Oversee and provide directions to Logistics Coordinators. 
    Coordinate procedures for the flow of operations to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize cost. 
    Manage the work flow between departments including checking documents for accuracy, preparing documents for customs clearance, follow-up and delivery to customers. 
    Receive, issue, and monitor material. 
    Communicate shipment status with business departments, forwarders, steamship lines and truckers. Fully research and respond to customer issues/problems. 
    Report and update status to the relevant project/site managers on a daily/weekly manner. 
    Negotiate for agreement for special needs with shipping companies.
    Deliver  induction training for new personnel in the Logistics Department. 
    Process all new hires to ensure they have badges, credentials and registration with appropriate authority. 
    Work closely with HR to manage timesheets and payments against them. 
    Coordinate with operations for flight arrangements to insure all personnel are prepared and ready to depart to their proper duty location. 
    Used up to date staffing, band and Project Planning Estimates to determine personnel and skill sets required at each location. 
    Manage requests for changes and obtaining approval through the appropriate processes.
    Manage and maintain databases to track people and materials.
    Prepare, create and improve reports for tracking all warehouse and transportation operations. 
    Manage orders and back orders. Providing reports to Management. 
    Acting as Executive Assistant to director of logistics. Managing emails, diary and communications.

  • February 2007 - July 2009

    Administrative Specialist , KBR, Inc. Kellogg Brown & Root

    • Slatina, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Transport / Logistics / Naval

    Provide administrative functions and office support to operations director??? 
    Manage complex contract and project documentation provide reporting, distribution, data management, records administration, communications planning and coordination. 
    Provide statistical and financial analysis; 
    Work within established procedures, providing feedback on ways in which performance and procedures can be improved. 
    Manage office administration and the customer and supplier interface to ensure effective use of managers time. 
    Create and maintain files in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); 
    Provide quality checks on outgoing materials and correspondence to ensure consistency and conformity with established procedures. 
    Support the Operations team by review and compiling of operational data; prepare and distribute reports; maintain proprietary data as necessary for analysis, planning, and reporting purposes. 
    Work with manager/supervisors and site personnel to obtain data required for planning activities. 
    Manage the day to day movement of personnel between sites and projects. 
    Develop project operational strategies and risk analysis.
    Identify and recommend measures to improve methods, performance, and quality of services to management. 
    Manage the transportation and storage of temperature sensitive and perishable goods to and within a desert war zone
    Provide induction training and manage personnel records and movements.
    Responsible administrative personnel briefing every morning. 
    Manage administration maintenance and reporting for a fleet of for over 600 vehicles including Flatbeds, Tractors, Bulk Fuel, and Reefers. 
    Check on Mission Logs, Mission Trackers and Convoy Statuses. Provide up to date reporting on their status. 
    Accurately prepare and maintain Availability Reports for approximately 638 personnel. 
    Prepare End-of-Month documentation, Mileage Reports, Administrative Accountability Reports for all personnel. 
    Manage, maintain and communicate records for health and safety reporting and emergency and medical leave and evacuation. 


  • 2004 - 2006

    Master's degree, U.S.A.M.V

    • București, Romania


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