Consultant financiar la Consultant

Financial Analyst at Mobility Games SRL,No 2 Muzic Street , Iasi.

  • România, Filiași
  • România, Filiași
  • Romania, Filiași
  • Romania, Filiași
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  • mai 2011 - Prezent

    Consultant financiar, Consultant

    • Iași, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Finante: Management

    -recrutarea si selectia permanenta a unei echipe de Consilieri financiari
    -planificarea si organizarea activitatii echipei coordinate
    -sustinerea motivatiei membrilor echipei coordinate
    -sustinerea membrilor din echipa in realizarea obiectivelor zilnice
    -sustinerea in toate demersurile de inregistrare a noilor CF
    -raportari zilnice si saptamanale catre Managerul superior
    -respectarea programului de lucru si a sedintelor zilnice

  • august 2008 - mai 2011

    Ofiter corporate - Dir adj, BC Intesa Sanpolo Romania SA

    • Filiași, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Finante: Banci / Institutii Financiare

    -Identificarea si atragerea potentialilor clienti in vederea cresterii portofoliului; 
    -gasirea solutiilor financiare adecvate pentru clientii bancii;
    -preluarea si analizarea documentatiilor financiare (balante/ bilanturi contabile, rapoarte ale adiministratorilor, etc.) si juridice ale solicitantilor de credite;
    -intocmirea si gestionarea contractelor de credit;
    -cunoasterea si aplicarea normelor si regulamentelor care guverneaza activitatea de creditare; 
    -deschiderea si administrarea conturilor pentru client; 
    -asigurarea echilibrului intre evitarea expunerii la risc si realizarea volumului de credite acordate; 
    -orientarea catre o buna administrare a portofoliului de client.
    -Analiza Planului de afaceri (analiza politicilor economico-financiare ce urmareau eficientizarea activitatii societatii comerciale); 
    -Analiza Bugetului de Venituri-Cheltuieli si Cash Flow-ul (prevazut – realizat);
    -Analiza Riscului (inclusiv studiul documentelor: contracte, Statutul societatii comerciale, analiza firmei pe portalurile: instantele judecatoresti, Buletinui Insolventei, www.mfinante.ro, arhiva electronic, etc  in vederea depistarii problemelor juridice, economice, etc); 
    -Analiza creditelor existente in sold (contracte, acte notariale - ipoteci), precum, si modul in care au decurs relatiile cu bancile respective;
    -Analiza activitatii economico-financiare a societatii comerciale (pe baza Contului de profit si pierdere; analiza bunei gestionari a Situatiei patrimoniale, analiza masurilor propuse pentru cresterea rentabilitatii). 

  • iunie 1999 - noiembrie 2007

    Manager, X net lotus

    • Filiași, România
    • Full time
    • Domeniu - Finante: Management

    -reprezentam societatea comerciala in relatiile cu terte persoane fizice sau juridice; 
    -efectuam analize referitoare la evolutia activitatii, a portofoliului de clienti, a cifrei de afaceri, a productiei si a altor indicatori importanti;
    -asiguram evidenta contabila primara si financiara conform legislatiei in vigoare (intocmirea documentelor contabile inclusive Balanta si Bilant) 
    -elaboram planificarile de investitii financiare si tehnologice, Bugetui de Venituri-Cheltuieli si Cash Flow-ul (prevazut – realizat);
    -urmariream indeplinirea conditiilor igienico-sanitare, de protectie a muncii, de prevenire si stingere a incendiilor si de protectie a mediului prevazute de reglementarile si normele legislative in vigoare;
    -eram preocupat de conservarea si dezvoltarea bazei materiale a firmei; 
    -organizarea si coordonarea activitatii comerciale (atragerea de clienti noi, cresterea vanzarilor in raport cu capacitatea de productie, abordarea de domenii conexe, stabilirea si implementarea strategiilor comerciale de imbunatatire a calitatii si a competitivitatii produselor, reducerii cheltuielilor);


  • 1993 - 1998

    Diploma de facultate, Universitatea Ecologica

    • București, România


Permis de conducere
  • B

Limbi straine

  • Last update: 22.12.2015
  • Reference number: 28977


  • May 2011 - Present

    Financial Analyst, Mobility Games SRL,No 2 Muzic Street , Iasi.

    • Iași, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Management

    - Market research, financial consulting, contacting potential customers, presentation services, concluding contracts, portfolio management and database;
    - Assistance in completing paperwork:
    • Business Plan
    • Income-Expenditure Budget
    - Analysis of economic and financial activity during 2005-2011 (based on profit and loss account, analysis of the property)
    - Proposed measures to increase profitability

  • August 2008 - May 2011

    Deputy Director, BC INTESA SANPAOLO ROMANIA SA, SUCURSALA IASI, Cuza Voda nr. 56, Iasi.

    • Filiași, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Banks / Financial Institutions

    -Identify and attract potential customers to increase the portfolio;
    -find appropriate financial solutions for clients of the bank;
    -taking and analyzing financial documentation (balance / balance sheets, reports adiministratorilor, etc..) and legal loan applicants;
    -preparation and management of credit;
    -knowledge and rules and regulations governing lending;
    -opening and management of client accounts;
    -ensure balance between risk and avoid exposure to achieve the volume of loans;
    -orientation to a good customer portfolio management.
    -Business-plan analysis (analysis of economic and financial policies that aimed at streamlining the company activity);
    -Analysis of Income-Expenditure Budget and Cash Flow (provided - made);
    -Risk-analysis (including the study of documents: contracts, the company status, business analysis portals: courts, Insolvency Bulletin, www.mfinante.ro, electronic archives, etc. in order to identify legal issues, economic, etc.);
    -Analysis of existing credit balance (contracts, notarial deeds - mortgage), and, and how relationships with banks that have gone;
    -The economic and financial analysis of the company (based on the profit and loss, good analysis of the economic situation management, analysis of proposed measures to increase profitability).

  • June 1999 - November 2007


    • Filiași, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Finance: Management

    Organize, coordinate, monitor and control activity within the company. In this respect, it was necessary to set objectives for each department and then the main directions to follow in order to achieve objectives.
    I represented the company in dealing with the most customers and suppliers, banks, state institutions and other bodies.
    Periodically present reports on the evolution of business ownership, the portfolio of customers, turnover, production and other indicators evolution requested by employers.
    We provide business management:
    • negotiating the collective labor and individual labor contracts;
    • Follow fulfill hygienic conditions, labor protection, prevention and fire fighting and environmental protection, provided by the regulations and laws in force;
    • I was concerned in terms of conservation and development of material organization;
    • control and supervise the activities of accounting departments, administrative, human resources and / or other departments within the company;
    • approval of premiums, bonuses or promotions only on grounds of professional merit;
    • providing feedback to all concerned for decision making, both staff across the organization and people outside the organization with which we have established economic relations.


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  • B

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