Transport coordinator & PFEP Owner, at DELPHI PACKARD ROMANIA SRL, Timisoara

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  • August 2004 - Present

    Transport coordinator & PFEP Owner, , DELPHI PACKARD ROMANIA SRL, Timisoara

    • «Alt oraș», Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Logistics

    -Preparing PFEP outbound report(Finish Good software program), reporting on the European level.
    -Coordination of maintenance in SAP of report INBOUND PFEP by departments: engineering, finance, procurement, logistics, reporting on the European level.
    -Preparing report PFEP REPORT ERROR
    -weekly planning of transport routes and their implementation as volumes on PFEP INBOUND - LEAN ordering.
    -Organizing and tracking Inbound routes, unloading trucks as planned Receiving window, monitor and optimize their windows down trucks, 67 trucks week,130 suppliers.
    -Checking logistic circuit semester depending on volume.
    -Organizing and tracking Outbound routes, loading trucks shipping window as planned, 40 trucks/ week, 3 clients,
    Occupational Truck Maintenance Report File.
    -Organizing and supervising all special transportation inbound / outbound, including costs of maintaining the sharepoint.
    -Maintenance of data in DMF, transit time for carriers to comply under contract.
    -Preparation of Receiving & shipping compliance report for all carriers. -Maintenance orders-file numbers for all shipments organized (daily) containing confirmation of invoices.
    -Tracking invoices recorded and closing the month monthly transport costs vs. sales: Logistics vs. Finance / Accounting.
    -Analysis of prices / invoices implemented these routes versus contract prices agreed with carriers.
    -PCC-opening cases for carriers / providers for recovering a certain amount of money.
    -Follow all suppliers to comply "Golden rules " Packaging Requirements in accordance with standards of company.
    -Maintaining and ensuring a more efficient flow between suppliers vs. carrier, as well as contact with them in cases where problems arise. -Analyze and implement new projects to reduce costs in respect of all routes: improvement, optimization.
    -Preparing various reports for management at both local and European. -Building relationships and partnerships.
    -Reduce costs, further improvements
    Lean Coordinator logistic
    -organization and supermarket maintenance of value stream (optimize storage space depending on min / max Calculation).
    -Space reduction from 2400 m2 to 2000 m2 by calculating min / max and flow optimization for implementing new projects.
    -Reduce cost WIP (work in process) by reducing pack unit.Saving / year 400.000.EURO (I split packaging materials units in helping cash-flow), -indirect people reduction by implementing standardized work (workload). Ex: in 2009. 115 operators / 2010 80 operators.
    -Saving, changing flow routes of delivery, labeling process kanban changing labels replaced, with saving $ 12,000 / year
    -implementation support additional warehouse - kanban system
    - transport coordinator
    - routes inbound vs. outbound flow optimization germany:
    -for the 4 routes / week of Germany have optimized flow that are ordered returnable shipments dropping, saving total 292,000 euros.
    Space-optimized routes inbound trucks, two routes past / one present a total of 46,000 route saving Euro-Austria
    -concept implementation "train " turkey-ro route, saving 78,000 euros. -Reduction packages trucks return vs volume . Poland - saving 46,000 euros. -Reduction optimization returnable trucks-Czech Republic-saving 14,400 euros.


  • 2008 - Present

    Bachelor's degree, Universitatea de Vest , Timisoara

    • Timișoara, Romania

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