Administrator, Cheaf of warehouse, D.F.A.C, Accommodation at Romanian Ministry of Defense

  • România, Giurgiu
  • România, Giurgiu
  • Romania, Giurgiu
  • Romania, Giurgiu
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Lucru in echipa, comunicare verbala si scrisa, rezistenta la efort, prioritizarea activitatilor in functie de importanta lor, punctualita, imaginea  realitati , calm, creativitate, optimism, siguranta de sine, amabilitate, buna dispozitie.

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  • Last update: 13 apr.
  • Reference number: 30621


  • March 1992 - Present

    Administrator, Cheaf of warehouse, D.F.A.C, Accommodation, Romanian Ministry of Defense

    • Giurgiu, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Logistics

    - Distribution of products in order of date of manufacture.
    - Managing products in storage.
    - Receiving goods from suppliers.
    - Controls on the document, all products that enter and leave the management of the work.
    - Check products for shipping, according to orders received.
    - Participate in the inventory of products.
    - Coordinates work of subordinate teams.
    - Know and endorse their characteristics and classification codes for all products company;
    - Check daily the quantity and quality of supplies and services including responsiveness, an evaluation of the contractors in fulfillment of their duties, and a summary of the overall effectiveness of the Unit.
    - Check functioning cold areas and take measures for solving possible failure.
    - Check the defense against insects and rodents through actions regular disinfection, disinfection and disinfestations and taking appropriate acting.
    -Inspect all areas of camp facilities to determine the presence of pests (vertebrate and invertebrate) and determine the sequence of treatment necessary; exterminate pests such as ants, roaches, spiders, beetles, fleas, fungus and termites; trap animals such as rats, mice and gophers; remove live and dead animals such as cats, dogs and skunks from attics, walls, and sub areas of District property;
    - Train, and supervise assigned personnel in methods of pest eradication and destruction; 
    evaluate the quantity and quality of the work performed;
    - Prepare specifications for pest control work to be performed by private contractors; 
    evaluate the work and report discrepancies to superiors;
    - Estimate time, materials and personnel needed for pest treatment at a site; confer with administrators and other personnel to schedule optimum time for pesticide treatment;
    - Make minor building repairs and request major repairs be made to prevent or control infestation by pests;
    - Make presentations at meetings to District personnel (custodians, food service, administrators) to advise them on the purpose, hazards and safety of pesticide treatments; 
    - Verify the existence and preservation in complete security and material goods accuracy operations included in the documents of evidence. 
     -Use computer systems for a very good optimizing the movement of goods from producer to end user , status of goods and exact inventory of goods.
    - Check of action the palletizing, containerization and transportation of material goods in major emergencies and taking appropriate acting .
    - Check the measurement of storage devices.
    - Take measures  of health , safety and fire safety in the warehouse and taking appropriate acting .
    - Provide administrative and other support to the Coordination Branch, to include support for all assigned - Coordination staff officers as directed by Chief, Coordination.
    - Monitor and maintain office suppluies and ensure accountability of Coordination Branch supplies, equipment and furnishings.
    - Responsible for the booking of the conference rooms used by the Office of Coordination.
    - Conduct monthly inventory of hand receipted equipment and furnishings.
    - Maintain personnel databases.
    - Administer Office of Coordination TDYs an Leave.
    - Supervising stock and non-stock furnishing and equipment requests.
    - Support the IN and OUT processing as appropiate.
    - Maintain inventory for working areas of the Office of Coordination.
    - Responsible for tidiness, health, fire safety, work and security within the Office of Coordonation area and taking appropriate acting.                                                                                                                  


  • 2016 - Present

    Faculty ongoing, Military Institute of Quartermaster and Finance

    • Communication and Public relations
    • București, Romania


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