tig welder at Sc Conis Star srl Onesti

  • România, Onești
  • România, Onești
  • Romania, Onești
  • Romania, Onești
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  • August 2003 - Present

    tig welder, Sc Conis Star srl Onesti

    • Onești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Since august 2003 i work attrading company Conis Star ltd.ONESTI in the
     installation domain and the
     quarter heating sistem.I am a skilled plumber.Since the i april 2004 I 
    work as welder at trading company UTON sa ONESTI.Description of the company:
    This compani is part of the platform Onesti together with Refinery RAFO
    ONESTI,rebber factory CAROM and the chemical factory CHIMCOMPLEX BORZESTI.
    It was set up in 1973 and executed complex works for export all over the
    world.In this company i executed welding works for:Changing Heating System,
    Instalations for demineralising the Water,Boilers,Gas tanks,Vacuum tubes,Bend
    tubes welded at 90.
    The executing welding works are being controlled with rx,penetrating liquids,
    us and authorized.For some works,we executed the welding by penetrating the 
    wig and for other works,we took out the root laier.The welders are being 
    annualy tested for renewing the iscir,asme or tuv authorizations.The used
    devices are profesional and guaranteea high quality-Master tig ,Lincoln 
    electric,Kempy.The factory where I work is authorized for asme and tuv and is 
    renowned all over the world for its exported works:1997 Vertical Pump,Casings
    (Fabrications)Flowserve_Pump,Germany,France,Holland,USA etc.
    From ian 2007 to jun 2007 I worked as welder(mig-mag,wig)at CEM srl ITALY
    Modena.I did resistant metallic works with mig-mag and electric welding.
    From aug2007 to Nov 2007 I worked as welder(wig,electric,mig mag)at trading
     company SC CHIMCOMPLEX SA BORZESTI.I have worked with inert gas at pressure
    Installations with chemical product.
    From nov 2007 to apr 2008 I worked as welder(wig,stick,mig mag)at Trading
    Company DEMONT srl ITALY.I did weldings at pipes with diameter 200,300,600
    ,800mm ,carbon steel,in Italy si writing like A106,P11,P91,Aceaio.The
    weldings are controlated with x ray,I work at TORINO-MONCALIERI at a big
     heating system named IRIDE.Here I worked at all positions of welding vertical
    ,orizontal,45,etc.From june to september 2008 till now i worked as welder
    for Danish company Euro Industries in Norway at Porsgrun in a big factory
    welding pipes from inox 316,309.From september 2008 till april 2009 I work as
    tig welder in a big refinery in my city Onesti.RAFO SA is an old company
    making fuel for cars and gas.Here i work stick welding and a little tig at
    pipes and tanks and changing heat system.From april 2009 i work as tig and
    stick welder with tuv certificat gained in SICES POLSKA(a company Italian and
    Polish).Here i make weldings controlled with x ray at pipes from carbon steel
    and stainless steel from 2 inch to 36 inch .I work in a big refinery close to
    Goteborg(Sweden).From September 2009 until march 2010 i work as stick welder
    and tig welder in my city Onesti at company Bio Chemicals sa Onesti.Here i weld
    gas pipes from carbon steel and stainless steel.From March 2010 until september
    2010 I work as tig welder and stick welder with company SIMONTAGI ,a good
    company from Italy in a refinery in France at city Depane.Here i weld pipes 
    fom 2 inch to 12 inch carbon steel and P91.From september 2010 until december
    2010 i work in my city Onesti at Chimcomplex sa Borzesti.This is a chemical
    factory.Here i weld pipes carbon steel,stainless steel and inconel,titan.I 
    weld with tig.From december 2010 until february 2011 i work in Grece in city
    Lutraky for company Biotek as tig welder and stick welder.I have to weld
    minimum 40 inch in 10 ours every day.I weld pipes from 2 inch up to 48 inch
    with diferent tickness.All the weldings are controlated with x ray.I weld
    soclets and vendolets.I weld pipes from 2 inch to 11 inch,material crom p5.
    After finish this job i work in France 1 month in a heating sistem at ARCELOR 
    MITTAL FOS SUR MER in FRANCE company name Bocard.I weld pipes 2 inch tig and stick
    The weldings are controled with penetrant liquids.I am young and i am looking
    for a serious contract.

  • June 1997 - April 2003

    stick and tig welder, Sc DODO srl Onesti

    • Onești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    1997-2003 -trading company Dodo ltd Onesti-stick welder
    and mig mag welder.Here i begin to learn welding pipes,metalic structures
    ,carbone steel,stainles steel.I start to weld oil tanks inside and outside
    with electrode.I learn to weld in diferent positions :orizontal,vertical,45,
    I executed welding works for petrol tanks at the refinery Rafo sa Onesti,
    pressure instalations with chemical product in the chemical factory
    Chimcomplex sa Borzesti,resistant metalic works(ex:polyvalent sport hall 
    NADIA COMANECI from ONESTI recently finished).From year 2003-2004 i work 
    as tig and stic welder at trading company Conis
    Star ltd.Onesti(as a part of our working team DODO srl)
    I executed welding for the folowing types of sistems and equipments:vessels
    and tanks for liquid fuels(mineral oils,under pressure systems and equipments
    ,chemistry plants,steam power plants).I executed high quality welding during 
    my activity proven by the fact that on the undergone tests(visual,radiography
    ,Us,hard liquid)major flaws were not be found.I also executed good welding
    in low-alloy carbon steel(OL45,Ol352k) as well as in alloy steel including
    welding procedures in rare gas(argon).I demonstrated a constant interest in
    the development of my profesional training level,I provided to be a serious
    person never causing any misconduct or civic problems.


  • 1997 - 2000

    Highschool, Liceul Petru Poni

    • Onești, Romania
  • 1994 - 1997

    Highschool, Scoal profesionala de sudori

    • Onești, Romania


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