Production Manager at Schaeffler Romania

  • România, Brașov
  • România, Brașov
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  • Romania, Brașov
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  • February 2010 - Present

    Production Manager, Schaeffler Romania

    • Brașov, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    The company is one of the largest and important producer of different types of bearings(radial,axial,linear) for the industry such as heavy industry, naval, aeronautical, energy, automotive. I lead and coordinate the manufacturing activity in a division that produce elements for car engine.The production team is build from 212 operators,8 setters,4 technicians(equivalent of process engineer) for machining(turning  process, finishing process,superfinishing process and clasification process), 4 Shift Leaders(Engineer  level) and 6 Quality Supervisors/Assurance. I am involved in a Move project for optimization of the material flow (Kanban system) and also to implement the TPM& 5S concept in a pilot production area.The production activity is split in 3 shifts and 4 team ,the reason of 4 teams is to cover all 7 days of the week.
    Equipements used in production proces:
    -16 automatic 6 spindles lathe+16  automatic measuring machines
    -8  ball calibration stations
    -1 treatment furnace
    -2 face grinding machines(high productive machine)CNC
    -4 exterior grinding machines CNC
    -40 interior grinding machines CNC
    -2 interior superfinishing machines
    -5 exterior superfinisng machines
    -1 degreasing/washing machines
    -15 classification machines
    My tasks is focused  on Gemba activity,in order to fullfil dailly  demands to the costumer.Every day ,in the morning, i have a production meeting with technical team(technicians,shifts supervisor,maintenance) where we review  the activity in terms of equipements breakdowns,produced parts,abnormality events(utility breakdowns),performance indicators(scrap level,productivity,sales,working hours,stocks(raw material,WIP,tools,semifinished parts).At noon is production meeting where is involved also logistic team,we schedule the capacity on the production lines,we decide the change-over according with the customers demands and we followup the entire flow in order to sincronyze capacity Vs demands.Before this meeting ,togeter with logistics,we have a telecon with customers and we confirm or negociate new delivery terms  to customer. 
    Daily i have to perform a production forecast to confirm the customer  request or to negociate the delivery and to plan the backlog elimination.Do to the production&logistic  meeting  i can create a daily strategy and to deploy to the all 3 shifts customise actions to acomplish the delivery agreed with the customers.I receive support from HR department  on recruting activity for blue collar,and also mediation in case of disciplinary aspects with blue collars.
    On the quality side when we have a quality risc in production i involve the quality department for specific analises(5Why,Ishikawa) in order to reduce or to eliminate that risc.This activity is linked  with the FMEA tool .
    On the R&D side ,weekly we have a meeting with technical team where we analyze the new products that the customers want,and according with this new products we schedule and followup miniprojects for startup of new products(create new tools,create new lists of parameters,change the technology or invest in new equipements).
    According with the sales forecast  we create a budget  in sens of human resources, financial alocation,new equipements,relayout of  the production area,remove or adapt to the new layout the production equipements.
    Maintaining the budget for the following key indicators:% of non-quality costs(scrap and rework), inventory (tools, raw material, WIP and semi-finished goods), productivity (the ratio between value produced and hours worked), value of production (which must accommodate the sales budget ), outstanding (which is a percentage of budgeted sales).
    On the cost reduction i have a meeting with the technicians and we decide wich area,or process could be improve/optimize in order to achieve  a cost reduction from anual sales.I mention that each technician need to bring a innovative solution for his area that can save money(tool optimization,renegociation with the tools and technology supliers,renegociate with the raw material supliers,a.s.o).
    As a personal achievements i increase daily output of finished parts with 10%,in the turning area the capacity increase with 12% do to the fact we send to an external subcontractor different  type of products that afect us in sense of eficiency.After this switch the eficiency increase with  25% and the OEE with 20%.To achieve this figures we keept  in”ours house”only the parts that increase our capacity and eficiency and the products that afect us on this indicators we deploy to previous external suplier.
    -Optimize the human resource on production field lead to a decreasing number of direct workers from 212 to 195(more than 8% personal cost reduction).

  • July 2006 - January 2010

    Production&Maintenance Manager, Autoliv Romania

    • Brașov, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Responsibilities: Production coordination on the base of Logistic Contract(to produce for customer what he need ,how many he need, when he need)whit the aim to maintain the finish stocks in targets. Create a matrix for shifts in order to maintain and improve the LPMU indicator(Labor Minute per Unit) that show the productivity . Implement Lean manufacturing (VSM-Value Stream Mapping) to create add value in process and to eliminate the non value activities. Weekly follow-up of the budget for consumables and spare parts for the entire facility and adjust this according with the sales. Create utilities consumption forecast and optimize the production equipments in order to reduce the waste of energy. OEE improvement for production machines by implement a program of cleaning and inspection made by operators and coordinate by Production&Maintenance Manager. Organize preventive maintenance for all equipments from facility, maintain the spare parts stock ,create min-max level stock for all spare parts used in production, apply TPM concept (total productive maintenance) as a Kaizen concept,improve the indicators such as MTBF&MTTR, create TPM procedures and WI for direct workers and also for maintenance technicians ,apply 5Why methodology as a technical investigative tool . I have lead a project for a Waste Water Plant facility as a project leader .The tasks was to involve a construction subcontractor to erect the structure of the building ,a supplier for waste water equipment  to create a green facility . Maintenance Team were build from 3 mechanical(skilled)technicians and 3 electricians(skilled) technicians plus 2 Process&Industrial Engineers all of them lead by Maintenance manager. As a Production Manager i have lead 2 Line Managers,6 Shift Supervisors and 60 operators.
    A professional aim performed and finished was to increase productivity in a production area with the following figures:
     -Before: we use 30 operators to produce 180,000 m/day -After : we use just 12 operators for the same quantity. 
    In total a have coordinated a team of 70 peoples and receive support from function like IT, Logistic, HR, Finance.
    Equipements used in production proces:
    -40 looms(Muller)
    -4 dyeing machines(Mageba)
    -1 finishing line with 8 ends
    -4  quality inspection stations
    Achieved goals: 
    1.Increase productivity starting from 42 employs in a production area and 10 working stations: 
    Create a new concept layout and analyze all the aspects, create a team lead by a champion in order to bring and involve the team member to achieve the tasks using different management tools like:QOS,OEE,LMPU,PDCA,LOP. 
    After 6 wks we are in the point that shows us the new figures :from 42 operators remain 21(decrease the headcount for blue collar with 50%) 
    -from 10 working stations remain just 4 (-60% reduction of active fix assets and according with this -60% utilities consumption and -60 % maintenance costs) 
    -the norma for 1 operator before 10.000 pcs/8 hours….after 40.000 pcs/8 hours( increase the productivity with 300%) 
    2. Maintenance application: 
    Standard spare parts cost for one pieces 18.5€ and the MTBF 3000 hours. 
    Investigate a new tipe of material as prototype and use on one production line in order to measure the effectiveness and the results are : 
    Before :one spare part cost 18.5 € and MTBF 3000 hours 
    After :one spare part cost 6 € and MTBF 7500 hours and still running . 
    If we consider for one production line we need 60 identical spare parts and we have 3 identical production line we have the following figures: 
    Before we spent every year 6660€ for all 3 production lines and MTBF 3000 hours. 
    After :just 1180 € for all 3 production lines and the MTBF 7500 hours and still running. 
    In percentage will look like this -83.7% in cost for spare parts and until now we increase MTBF(mean time between failure) with +60% and growing. 
    All of these examples was a part of workshops applications 
    As a breakdown rate I have started in 2007 from 3%,in 2008 1.57% and in 2009 0.84%. 

  • July 2002 - June 2006

    Supervisor CNC Mazak, Terwa Romania

    • Brașov, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Equipements used in production proces:
    -4 turning machines Mazak QT
    -3 milling machines Mazak FH4800
    -2 milling machines Mazak VTC 200&200B
     Responsibilities: Coordinate a team that operates CNC equipments (MAZAK machining centrelles,VTC200,VTC200B,FH4800),training of operators, creating the machining programms, create the production process for parts, optimization of process, tooling optimization and management, development of piece holders . 
    6 months experience on  Mazak CNC machining centers ,in a dutch company located near Utrecht,Holland.
    Good skills to operate&programm CNC machines(vertical&horizontal milling machine).
    Ability to operate CNC Mazak  turning machine.
    Verry good skills to programm in Mazatrol Fusion M640&Matrix and also in  EIA-ISO .
    Good skills to operate classic turning machines.
    Good knowledge in machining process.
    Good abilities to lead&coordinate teams.
    Good knowledge to use measurement devices(micrometers,callipers a.o)


  • 2002 - 2005

    College, Univ Transilvania Brasov

    • Brașov, Romania


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