Electrical engineer at Nuclearelectrica

  • România, Constanța
  • România, Constanța
  • Romania, Constanța
  • Romania, Constanța
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  • Reference number: 36515


  • October 2003 - Present

    Electrical engineer, Nuclearelectrica

    • Constanța, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Employment History & Experience:
    2003 – 2007: Commissioning Engineer in Commissioning Technical Electrical Department of the Nuclear Power Plant Cernavoda - Unit 2 – Romania. Commissioning on High Voltage Systems for NPP using Microsoft Office, TRAK, CMMS, WMS, InteC applications;
    2007 – today: Responsible System Engineer to supervise High Voltage Electrical Systems from Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant. 
    ·	Good knowledge about working with CCR, CQOR, SD, EFI, NCR, Turnover packages;
    ·	 Good knowledge about International Standards;
    ·	Orange radioprotection qualified for nuclear activities;
    ·	Talent for job organization;
    ·	Work in a multinational team (SNN Romania-AECL Canada-ANSALDO Italia);
    ·	Knowledge about the tests and inspections which are done on High Voltage Equipments;
    ·	Experience in witnessing and approving FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) and SATs (Site Acceptance Tests)
    ·	Knowledge about Power Transformers with and without On Load Tap Changer;
    ·	Knowledge about High Voltage Disconnect Switches;
    ·	Knowledge about Electrical Protection and Interlocks; 
    ·	Knowledge about Synchronization circuits;
    ·	Knowledge about Excitation system; 
    ·	Knowledge about Isolated Phase Buses;
    ·	Experience about working with Insurance Company (Beckett Wbelan & Company Limited) for High Voltage System Insurances;
    ·	Knowledge about Temperature Monitoring Systems (TRAFOGUARD), Explosion and Fire Prevention Systems (SERGI);
    ·	Knowledge about measuring systems (CTs, PTs, transducers, indicators);
    ·	Knowledge about MV Electrical distribution including sub stations, MV switchgear, transformers and LV distribution including MCCs, power distribution;
    ·	Knowledge about Technical Code of Romanian Electrical Transportation Network;
    ·	Knowledge about Romanian Maneuvers General Statute.
    Involved in Commissioning Activities Program for NPP Cernavoda Unit 2: elaborating and implementing procedures for commissioning (level 2, 3 and 4 commissioning procedures (Pre-turnover inspections, Equipment tagging, Power up and destination check, Pre-operational checks of the power transformers and auxiliaries, Pre-operational checks of the measuring panels including component calibrations, Verification of the completion loops between NPP and National Grid, Operational and functional tests for transformer and switchgear systems, Raised Voltage Tests for power transformers, First Back Feed Energizing of the High Voltage System from the Grid, Unit Starting Test), commissioning specification and objectives (including all the tests which are necessary to be performed in order to declare a safety related system available for service), standard commissioning procedures (standard procedure for commissioning verification of: power transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers, cooling system of the power transformers, SERGI Blast and Fire Prevention system, On Load Tap Changers, High Voltage Disconnect Switch and Earth Switch) and elaborating manuals for operation (operating manual, window alarm manual, annunciation response manual) on High Voltage Systems.
    Commissioning Engineer on Power Transformers (24/415kV Main Output Transformers, 24/10.5/6.3kV Unit Service Transformers, 110/10.5/6.3kV System Service Transformers) and High Voltage Disconnect Switches (24kV and 400kV). Checking and testing the interface between NPP and National Grid through 400kV Station (measuring, signalization, interlock and protection loops). 
    Leading small work groups during commissioning tests. Involved in Technical Electrical Department activities for operating of the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant U1+U2: Preparing preventive maintenance programs for the high voltage electrical systems (issuing the preventive maintenance work plans for each Outage). Preparing the spare part programs for SPV (Single Point of Vulnerability), critical and non-critical spare parts. Preparing operating and maintenance routines, troubleshooting plans.
    Safety comes first.
    Serious, hard working, focused on excellence.
    Very good adaptation for new situations.
    Organization skills.
    Team working.
    Good communication.
    Component testing.


  • 1994 - 2004

    Master's degree, 2003 – 2004: Master – Energy-Environment 1998 – 2003: Graduated – Power Engineering Diploma – part of “Gh Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania. 1994 – 1998: Graduated the “M. Eminescu” Theoretical High School in Barlad, Romania.

    • Filiași, Romania


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