OFFICE CLERK at Craegmoor , Birmingham, UK

  • România, Galați
  • România, Galați
  • Romania, Galați
  • Romania, Galați
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  • July 2008 - July 2010

    OFFICE CLERK, Craegmoor , Birmingham, UK

    • Galați, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Administrative

    - Screen telephone and personal callers, record appointments, operate office equipment, file correspondence
                                                            and other records, receive and process incoming and outgoing mail, prepare agendas or programs for meetings,
                                                            both in the office and at other locations, travel arrangements, meetings and social functions.
      - Translation services from English to Romanian and Italian languages through a network of reliable translators                                                            who are fluent in both the source and target languages. 

  • January 2008 - May 2008

    OFFICE CLERK, MaxiCar Racing s.r.l.,Troghi Rignano sul Arno (FI), Italiy

    • Galați, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: Sales

    - Commercial correspondence speeds up of payment, orders, confirmations of order, delivery confirmation,
    - Transport documentation, invoicing, customers and suppliers orders, ordinary accounting management with                                                         managerial software.
    - Manage relationship with customs authorities and departments to ensure business continuity.
    - Generating sales leads, calling prospective clients and establishing strategies to develop business and sales.
    - Identify, propose and negotiate best cost alternatives within contract limits.

  • January 2005 - December 2007

    OFFICE CLERK, CONSULTING, TRANSLATOR, EXPORT OPERATOR, Agrialleva S.C. a.r.l. Santa Barbara (AR), Italy

    • Galați, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Fishery / Forestry

    - Implementation and review the structure and the operations of one project for the Romanian agriculture, planning workshop for cooperation for rural development; planning of outputs and activities. Sapard programme.
    - Translation services, screen telephone and personal callers, record appointments, correspondence and other records, receive and process incoming and outgoing mail, prepare agendas or programs for meetings,    both in the office and at other locations, travel arrangements, meetings and social functions.
    - Investigate and assess the demand for biological goods produced in Italy, research and comply with legal                                                        requirements affecting export and import of biological goods to and from Italy, arrange the shipment of goods, ensuring that all customs barrier control procedures and other documentation requirements are satisfied, payments arrangement to meet financial regulations in Italy and all over the Europe, keep an eye on the performance of the biological products to determine whether they meet specifications and quality standards

  • July 1985 - June 2006

    ENGINEER, S.C. TREFO S.A. Galati, Romania

    • Galați, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Administrative

    - Pricing strategy. The elaboration and database updates in the sight of operative elaboration of the bids.
    - Cost-prices. Breed the labor productivity and the diminution of the costs and prices.
    - The planning, evidence and the computation of the cost-prices, circulation’s    expenses, analyzes, propose measures of continue decrease the cost-prices and in particularly mode row materials expenses on each product, activity, service.
    - Complete administration on groups and subgroups of classification of fixed resources and of the inventory's objects of patrimony as well as the monthly calculation of the amortization. Reports of inventories, amortization, movements. Journal of the reassessment. Profitability.
    - search for new clients who could benefit from company products or services and maximize customer                                                    potential in designated regions;
    - establish new, and maintaining existing, long-term relationships with customers;
    - manage and interpret customer requirements  - listen the clients and use astute questions to understand, anticipate and exceed their needs;
    - calculate client’s quotations, negotiate tender the contract terms, meet both client and company needs;
    - negotiate and close sales by agreeing terms and conditions;   
    - offer after-sales support services;
    - administer client accounts, analyze costs and sales, prepare reports for head office;
    - meeting regular sales targets;  
    - record and maintain client’s contact data, coordinate sales projects;
    - support marketing activities by attending trade shows, conferences and other marketing events;
    - make technical presentations and demonstrate how a product will meet client needs;
    - provide pre-sales technical assistance and product education;  
    - liaise with other members of the sales team and other technical experts;
    - solve client problems, help in the design of custom-made products;  
    - provide training and produce support material for other members of the sales team.
    - plan and oversee the entire programme of work, anticipate a contract's demands in terms of labour, materials, equipment and technical challenges. 
    - ensure a high technical standard, responsability for specifying the timing of the contract. 
    - select the appropriate techniques and sequence of events for a particular program; 
    - present schedules of work, often with visual aids such as bar charts and procedures diagrams; 
    - monitor progress throughout the production process and compare this with the planning schedule of work;
    - liaise with the site agent and surveyor throughout the process, making adjustments to projects as necessary;
    - provide advice and support on the development of specific systems.
    - responsible for day to day management of the black wire production; 
    - organize, plan, commission and maintain production lines;
    - improve existing operations, incorporating new methods and processes;
    - handle equipment purchase and installation
    - investigate operational problems affecting production;
    - provide technical expertise and support;
    - prepare manufacturing documentation required for product manufacture;
    - co-coordinate projects; run meetings with other team members;
    - identify ways to reduce production costs, manage budgets;
    - work with other departments to produce cost estimates for new designs;
    - liaise with research and development departments;
    - give presentations to colleagues in other departments;
    - liaise with suppliers and customers;
    - work with regulatory bodies to ensure that safety, environmental and design standards are met;

  • September 1983 - July 1985

    QUALITY CONTROL ENGINEER, Mittal Steel Corporation (Sidex) Galati, Romania

    • Galați, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Administrative

    - ensure that the product is fit for its purpose and meets customer expectations.
    - monitoring and advising on how the quality management system is performing and publishes data and reports regarding company performance against set indicators.
    - promoting quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the organization.
    - setting QA compliance objectives and ensuring that targets are achieved. 
    - maintaining awareness of the business context and company profitability, including budgetary control issues.
    - ensuring compliance with national and international standards and legislation. 
    - considering the applicationof environmental and health/safety standards. 
    - agreeing standards and establishing clearly defined quality methods for staff to apply. 
    - defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff, setting up and maintaining controls and documentation.                                                    - identifying relevant quality-related training needs. 
    - collating and analyzing performance data and charts against defined parameters. 
    - ensuring tests and procedures are properly understood, carried out and evaluated and that product modifications are investigated if necessary. 
    - supervising technical staff in carrying out tests and checks
    - writing technical and management system reports.


  • 1978 - 1983

    Bachelor's degree, University of Galati, Mechanical Faculty, Metallurgical section

    • Galați, Romania


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  • B

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