Mechanical Engineering Domain: Engineering Service for Procurement at S.C. ELCOMEX S.A. Stree Medgidiei No.2b Cernavoda

  • România, Cernavoda
  • România, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
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  • January 2011 - Present

    Mechanical Engineering Domain: Engineering Service for Procurement, S.C. ELCOMEX S.A. Stree Medgidiei No.2b Cernavoda

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Tasks/duties: Engineering services is being conducted at the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant
    where Nuclearelectrica National Society is the beneficiary.
    Engineering activities are part of the development program of unifying the
    catalogs for Units 1 and 2.
    Activities and main responsibility
    Preparing evaluation sheets for mechanical equipment: pumps, tanks, heat
    exchangers, filters, valves, spare parts, consumables between products that are
    supplied 20 years ago and agreed new models for nuclear.
    Program evaluation is conducted to see whether substitutions or equivalence
    between products used in Unit 1 and Unit 2 or future purchases.
    Preparing data sheets have been assessed for mechanical equipment, with
    manufacturing data files and information received from suppliers.
    Updating the database with the latest revisions of applicable documents.
    Approval and implementation of all or part of the technical specifications for
    installation, repair and periodic technical checks received from the

  • August 2007 - January 2011


    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    Target Site: 
    ARMONIA Civil Building Bucharest	290 apartment and 2 basement for parking 1.5 years
    FETESTI Civil Building Bucharest 84 apartment and 1 basement for parking	 6 moths 
    Domain:	 Constructions/Equipments and Sanitary installations	
    Position title:	Mechanical Engineering- Superintendent of work 
    Employed of:	S.C. VITOINSTAL S.R.L.	01.03.2009 – 17.01. 2011 Street Izbiceni No. 77, District 1, Bucharest
    Entrepreneur: Danya Cybus	
    Liberty Mall, Bucharest Civil Building	 2 basement for parking	 1 year
    West Park-Fashion House & Tehnomarket Bucharest	Civil Building	 6 moths
    Position Title: Mechanical Engineering- Superintendent of work
    Employed of:	MET Engineering SA. 01.08.2007-01.03.2009	Street Dimitrie Pompeiu No. 5D, District 1 Bucharest
    Entrepreneur: Mivian Kier
    Superintendent of work for construction, sanitary installation and commissioning for the following systems:
    - Fire protection - hydrant systems and sprinkler systems - Network piping, pumps room, storage tank 
    - Interior/exterior drainage systems, - Network piping, external drainage manholes
    - Ventilation systems, - Ventilation ducts and fans chiller for underground parking and the public area 
    - Heating power plant. - Boiler room, hot water distribution columns, network piping
    - Sanitary installation - Water supply, pumps room, storage water tanks
    Responsibilities:Preparing documents for execution and setting priorities and deadlines with the investor or Project Manager in the execution graphs
    Coordination the project execution, scheduling work team, administration of the materials, activity planning
    Maintaining relationships, contact with designers of system in order to avoid anticipate possible non-conformance.
    Preparation documentation required by procurement and construction/installation activities (equipments data sheet, detail drawing installation, material lists 
    Permanent control of the quality of execution and progress. 
    Training facilities for pressure testing and preparing minutes
    Commissioning Services “PIF” for all system and prepare all documentation for Stages Inspectorate according to quality manual of project.
    Prepare all documentation for Construction Book, quality certificate for all material and equipments used, warranty, Minutes of hidden works
    Achievements:Organization and fire simulation and demonstration during the visit inspectors that all facilities operate according to the fire scenario
    In civil projects I have in my subordinated and coordinated team leaders, 50-60 workers, including small firms, and subcontractors for special works


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