Mechanical Engineer at MT&T Property Management

  • România, Cernavoda
  • România, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
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  • September 2011 - Present

    Mechanical Engineer, MT&T Property Management

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    •Commissioning, tests and supervision activities for equipments and facilities installation for a 14 -storey building and a mal:
    1.Electrical equipments: (electrical power supply from the general electrical cabinets, 1600 amps breaker installation, lighting systems installation, cable beds, and low voltage supply for de Fire detection system, carbon monoxide detection, CCTV system and the sound system);
    2.HVAC system (air handling units commissioning with air flows ranging 20000-40000 cm/h, chiller units commissioning, the introduction and exhaust air ducts, heat distribution pipes montage, circulation pumps, heat exchangers, expansion vessels, automatic supply stations, humidifiers, mixed diesel-gas burner commissioning, etc);
    3.Fire detection&Fire protection system (Fire detection control system, desfumage and introduction fans, Jet Fans, fire detection sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, motorized and fuse fire dampers, smoke hatches, sprinklers and drencers system);
    4.BMS system (LON and M-bus networks execution and commission, pressure and temperature transducers, check valves, Kamstrup electronic counters for monitoring the electricity and thermal parameters);
    5.Chemical treatment and dosing system (volumetric pumps commissioning, pipe injectors connection, inhibitors and biocides tank execution);
    6.Elevators and mechanical walkways (installation, commissioning and fire detection system linking
    7.Structures, waterproofing system and thermal insulation (waterproofing membrane installation, mineral wool installation, alucobond mounting, fire resistant rigypsum plasteboards wall execution and fire resistant doors mounting according to fire scenario);
    •Summer- winter season operating procedures execution;
    •Annual planning revisions on (Heating plant, Air handling units, Chillers, PRAM, CCTV, BMS, Generating sets, Power transformers, Fire detection&Fire protection system, Electrical cabinets, Sound system, Acces control system, etc);
    •Operating BMS system;
    •Detail Planning of major repair operations (electrics and mechanics) and monitoring execution times;
    •Works monitoring and issue deficiency reports (english and romanian) during the refurbishment project;
    •Issuing a monthly technical report in English to justify the preventive and corrective maintenance;
    •Develop “snagging list’s” with deadlines for a good surveillance of the subcontractors;
    •Attending  on a take over training course after the refurbishment of a 14 storey building and a commercial shopping center;
    •Maintaining good relationship with subcontractors, clients, parteners, and owners for the success of the project;
    •Technical team coordination on different operations based on the maintenance schedule;
    •Planning of the additional operation for the technical team;
    •Ensuring maximum safety work conditions according to current regulations.

  • January 2011 - May 2011

    Junior engineer, Polytechnica University from Bucharest

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    I have worked with PhD. Radulescu Victoria at a fesability study for siting wind turbines in cities Beresti (Galati county) and Galbeni (Bacau county). My responsabilities were to make the monthly and the annual average rates of wind speed and direction. I haved worked with NomadDesktop program to process the data.


  • 2011 - Present

    Master's degree, Poltychnical University from Bucharest

    • București, Romania
  • 2007 - 2011

    Bachelor's degree, Polytechnical University from Bucharest

    • București, Romania
  • 2003 - 2007

    Highschool, Industrial Enegetic High School

    • Cernavoda, Romania


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