Instrumentation Supervisor at UHDE GmbH, ThyssenKrupp

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  • România, Ploiești
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  • Romania, Ploiești
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  • June 2011 - July 2012

    Instrumentation Supervisor, UHDE GmbH, ThyssenKrupp

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries

    COMPANY: UHDE GmbH, ThyssenKrupp
    LOCATION: QATAR-Mesaieed, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO)
    PROJECT: LDPE 3 ( Low-density polyethylene)
    POSITION: Instrumentation Engineer
    The LDPE-3 Project will be using the excess ethylene produced by QATOFIN and QAPCO, and it is planned to produce annually 300000 metric tons of low density polyethylene using the high pressure tubular reactor technology from “Basell” of Germany. In addition to the new 300000 metric tons low density polyethylene train, the LDPE3 Project includes a new Central Control Room common for all QAPCO and QATOFIN plants and the integration with existing utility and logistics facilities of QAPCO and QATOFIN.
    Essential responsibilities during construction and commissioning:
     QA/QC activities
    - Working under QA/QC unit, checked instrumentation works in order to maintain an acceptable quality level;
    - Technical support and supervision inspection regarding: Cable tray installation, Cable pulled and segregation before covering, Jonction box installation, Air header installation,  Instrument multipair cable installation, Fibre optical installation, FTA cable installation, Instruments, Valves and SAS cabinets to be in compliance with: P&IDs, Plot Plans, Hook-up drawings, Cables schedule, Loop wiring diagrams, Material certificates, Calibration certificates and Data sheets;
    - Checking technical documentations before to approved the RFI to be in accordance with QC procedures template;
    - Ensure that assigned ICAPS check-sheets are properly notified and completed with the relevant punch-list and also participation and inspection for closed the punches;
    - Checks sheets and verify ICAPS database progress.
    - Folow up the daily schedule inspections to be done and report to Instrumentation Managers;
    - Witness and participate in Vendor site activities.
    - Cooperating and giving assistance to the field subcontractor engineers, QC team, the other construction supervisors and the pre-commissioning supervisors;
    - Involved in flashing for air headers and air lines, leakage and pressure test for impuls lines inspections;
    - Ensure all in-field activities carried out safely complying with company environmental health & Safety guidelines and procedures;
    - Attend and participate in meetings when required;
      Loop check and functional test activities
    - Responsible for troubleshootings of instrument loops having problem encounter during the testing and fixing;
    - Carried out instrument signal testing and function checked of process variable instruments, Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature Transmitter monitor in DCS HONEYWELL Experion PKS face plate indication with corresponding alarm set point as per I/O list and Stroking of control valves, shutdown valves open/close to command in DCS face plate monitoring station; 
    - Check I/O blocks configuration and the assigning of I/O channels with Honeywell control builder;
    - Supervising field loop checks assuring that all components in the loop meet specifications and calibration requirements. Verifying right operation of loop including fail-safe valve actions. Checking the correct interventions of alarms. Fixing interpanel signals;
    - Verify action of Interlocks and supervise simulation operations on the instrumentation.
    - Supervising and configuration of loops regarding the Tehnical Control Room: Marshaling cabinets, Papperl-Fuchs HiC and HiD Series modules with SIL 2/3 Isolated Barriers and the I/O moduls;
    - Check the signals and alarms as per project with TRICONEX ESD and HIMA F&G station;
    - Check the signals and alarms as per project with BENTLY NEVADA 3500 station;
    - Working by FDM- Field Device Manager with complete command and control of HART  which automatically highlights instruments for diagnosis faults and checks the configuration of instruments;
    - Testing the instruments with 375 and 475 Hart Communicator or ABB hart communicator and checking loops for instruments mentioned below;
    Calibration and configuration for Endress Hauser  Level measurement for the next types:
    - Rod probe for: FMI 21, FMI 51, FMI 52 (4-20 mA/Hart) for continuous measurement-capacitance in liquids; rope probe for FTI 51, FTI52, FTI 55 (Namur, relay) level switch-capacitance for lichid and bulk solid;  FTL 50, FTL 51 (Namur, relay) level switch for measurement-vibronic in liquids; horn atena FMR 240, FMR 250 (4-20/Hart) for continuous measurement in liquids and solid;
    Calibration and configuration for Endres Hauser flowmeters for the next model:
    - Promag 50/51 electromagnetic flowmeters; Promass 80 coriolis mass flowmeters; Oval wheel meters: Variable area flow meter 
    Calibration and configuration for Rosemount instruments for the next model:
    - 8800 Vortex flowmeter; 3051 Pressure Transmitters and Differential Pressure Transmitters; 3051   Differential Pressure Level Transmitters with capillary
    - Valves Calibration and configuration for the next model: Control valves with Fisher positioner DVC 6000 series; Siemens Sipart SP2 Positioners; Flowserve valves; AUMA valves; Foxboro Eckardt SRI model; SAMSON control valve with 3730 and 3731 positioner model
    - Working with different types of ON-OFF Valves with Norgren and ASCO solenoids, different proximity switches and different types of pneumatics actuators with diaphragm and pneumatics actuators with piston;
    - Configuration  for Dräger gas detectors made Polytron IR CEN Typ 334, Polytron IR Ex IL, Polytron 2 XP EX ATEX by Hand Held Communicator ABB.
    - The HART Loop Converter configuration made Endres Hauser
    - Technical support for Johnson Control, BONO, DURR packages unit.
    - Commissioning and technical assistance for start-up

  • October 2010 - May 2011

    Electrical&Instrumentation Engineer, FINZE & WAGNER GROUP, Germany

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries,Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    LOCATION: ROMANIA, OMV-Petrom, Petrobrazi Oil Refinery
    PROJECT: Revamping Loading/Unloading Station-LPG Ramp Area
    POSITION: Electrical&Instrumentation Engineer
    The main objectives of Systematization, Optimization and Revamping of LPG Loading/Unloading Stations Project followed:
    - to increase the delivered capacity according to new requested quantities;
    - to improve the functionality, reliability and operability of the loading procedures;
    - to comply the station to the legal requirements regarding environmental protection; 
    - ramp’s to safety operation improvement;
    Essential Responsibilities:
    Provide technical support (engineering, procurement, execution, commissioning and start-up activities) for OMV Petrom Investment project (electrical and instrumentation works), in the sector Oil and Gas
    - Checking FEED (Front End Engineering Design) documentation for preparation ITB (Invitation to Bid) for (Detail Design Engineering) DDE;
    - Technical evaluation for DDE and (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) EPCM made bidders;
    - Technical clarification with bidders regarding DDE or EPCM package;
    - Preparing together with Staff Company and contractor the detailed time schedule for each project;
    - Verifying of the contractor’s weekly report with the progress of the works;
    - Participating in project meetings;
    - Verifying of the documentation/drawings and verifying of the materials, equipment;
    - Establishing with contractor the detailed steps for execution;
    - System integration, internal wiring and termination.
    - Supervise and control installation of MCC panels, Analyzer cabinets and field instruments.
    - Supervise installation of Switch Gear and Starter Panel in Substation-U.
    - Supervise installation of field junction boxes and lighting JB’s. with internal accessories 
    - Lying of Electrical, control and instrument cables from field to JB’s and JB’s to control room and substation along with proper dressing and termination with tags and lugs at both ends.
    - Supervising the works in commissioning phase regarding instrumentation loops;
    - Supervising the execution works to be according to documentation;
    - Supervising the execution works to be in compliance with standards and OMV norms;
    -Checking quality of the works;
    - Re-checking on site the AS BUILT documentation versus the actual works executed in site
    - Taking care about safety rules during execution;
    - Reviewing P&IDs, PFDs, DCS and ESD Cause & Effects diagrams, developing and reviewing specifications;
    - Technical evaluation for Various instruments: ABB, Siemens, Honeywell, Rosemount instruments;   Fire&Gas detection systems; Technical support and supervision during the loop checking and Commissioning and technical assistance for start-up;

  • May 2010 - July 2010

    Instrumentation Supervisor, ABB S.P.A.

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    LOCATION: CHILE, Calama, Coya Sur
    PROJECT: Potassium Nitrate Crystallization Plant
    POSITION: Instrumentation Engineer
    KNO3 fertilizer processing plant in Chile for SQM (Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile.) Scheduled for completion in 2010, the new plant will be located at Coya Sur, Antofagasta Region, in the north part of Chile. The new plant will produce more than 1,150 metric tons of Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) per day and is part of SQM’s long-term plan to increase their current specialty fertilizer production capacity. Potassium Nitrate is used to provide plant nutrition for crops such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and cotton.
    Essential Responsibilities during construction and commissioning:
    - Ensuring that junction boxes positioning layout, instrument and electrical cable routing layout, junction boxes wiring diagrams are based on project data. Review P&IDs, DCS and ESD Cause & Effects diagrams, develop and review specifications;
    - Loop checking between ABB 800xA-control system and field, commissioning of various ABB instruments. Assuring that all components in the loop meet specifications and calibration requirements. - - Verifying right operation of loop including fail-safe valve actions. Checking the correct interventions of alarms; 
    - Verify action of Interlocks and supervise simulation operations on the instrumentation.
    Checking signals for Motor Control Valve type BIFFI and AUMA (calibration and checking signals as: Torque, Open, Close, Fault, Feedback). 
    - Conduct troubleshooting/ support during testing and commissioning phase onsite, calibration of field instruments from Rosemount, ABB etc using HART Communicator; Function Checking and Troubleshooting of Compressor, Pumps, motors and other Electrical system; MCC loop checking.

  • June 2008 - May 2010

    Maintenance Instrumentation Engineer, PETROTEL LUKOIL Oil Refinery

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    PROJECT: DGRS, Tail Gas, Recovery Sulfur, Striping Water 
    POSITION: Maintenance Instrumentation Engineer
    Essential Responsibilities:
    - Supervised & monitored all the maintenance activities of Instrument Section to ensure that the facilities (Gas Desulphurization and Sulphur Recovery Unit, Tail Gas, Recovery Sulfur, Striping Water areas) function in accordance with the company maintenance procedure, to ensure that the maintenance activities are conducted safely, efficiently & economically and the objectives are achieved. Specific responsibilities included establishing procedures pertaining to calibration, bench testing and final testing of all instruments, supervising preliminary inspections of flow elements, DCS equipment/panels and miscellaneous equipment, supervising both electronics and pneumatic calibration shops, preparation of material take-off, developing and maintaining I&C databases. 
    - Planning operations for maintaining activities and for technical revision. Selection, procurement of instruments for various expansion, improvement / saving projects and incorporating controls in DCS. Instruments Calibration, Servicing, trouble shooting of different types of measuring instruments, Control loop checking 
    - Construction, Commissioning and assuring technical assistance at start-up of new areas as Tail Gas, Recovery Sulfur, Striping Water and also construction responsibilities of supervising subcontractors during the installation of instruments, installation instruments equipments, instrument calibration, loop checks, cable installation, termination.. Checking the Supplier’s material and technical documentation delivery schedule, checking that the same is in line with Construction schedules. 
    - Maintenance, calibration, configuration for: ABB, Siemens and Rosemount 148 and 248 Temperature Transmitters; Honeywell, ABB, Siemens and Rosemount 2051 and 3051 Pressure Transmitters; ABB, Rosemount Differential Pressure Transmitters; Rosemount Integral Orifice flow meter; ABB, Rosemount Vortex flow meter; Endress-Hauser Coriolis mass flow meter; Endress-Hauser Thermal Mass flow meter; Valves with Fisher-DVC6000, DVC6200 Positioners, Siemens Sipart SP2 Positioners, YTC-2400 Positioners; 12400 Masoneillan Level Transmitters, Fisher Level Transmitters DLC 3000, Rosemount tankradar Rex; different types Solenoids and Limit Switches; Zener barriers, isolation barriers, programmable barriers; loop checking of instruments and controls connected to DCS Emerson DeltaV System.

  • February 2006 - June 2008

    Instrumentation Supervisor, PETROMIDIA Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Complex

    • Ploiești, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    COMPANY: PETROMIDIA Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Complex 
    LOCATION: ROMANIA, Constanta
    POSITION: Instrumentation Engineer
    Essential Responsibilities:
    Planning operations for maintaining activities, technical revision and investment projects of installations automation and control processes in Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation (DAV) Area.
     - Documentation analysis equipment view realize orders for equipment (Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow and Valves), materials and spare parts;
     - Request by order all instrumentations as documentation;
     - Participating in committee for equipment and report to supply department to nonconformities arising from equipment delivered;
     - Participating in the execution of maintenance/ investment projects / technical revision;
     - Providing commissioning and technical assistance at startup of works executed;
     - Participating in the Installation and Erection Control Valves, On-Off Valves, Safety valves, Online Instrument, Transmitters, JB, Cables, Trays etc;
    - Engineering, calibration, construction, commissioning and maintenance of different control systems and variety of field instruments of DAV area;
    - Loop checking and logic checking of different instruments;
    - Checking of P & I diagrams, Hook up drawing, reviewing of instrument data sheets, , and preparation of instrument index, installation details, location plans & layouts, cable schedules, connection lists, cable routing, loop drawings, Logic diagram, P&ID, Cause & Effect diagrams;
    - Coordinated with vendors on problems related to packaged equipment. and review of vendor drawings/documents;
    - Preparation of material take off (MTO) for Installation Materials;
     - Interface with other departments (Electrical /Mechanical /Process /Civil);
     - Responsabil during the technical revision with signal testing and function checked of process variable instruments, Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature Transmitter monitor in DCS EMERSON DeltaV face plate indication with corresponding alarm set point as per I/O list and Stroking of control valves, shutdown valves open/close to command in DCS;
    - Materials management using Maintenance Management System (CMMS) MAXIMO 5;


  • 2008 - 2010

    Master's degree, Oil and Gas University-Ploiesti

    • Ploiești, Romania
  • 2001 - 2006

    Bachelor's degree, Polytechnic University of Bucharest

    • București, Romania


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