mechanical technician at caspian maritime service ltd kazakhstan

  • România, Medgidia
  • România, Medgidia
  • Romania, Medgidia
  • Romania, Medgidia
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  • June 2011 - September 2012

    mechanical technician, caspian maritime service ltd kazakhstan

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries,Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    Work performed: 
    -Maintenance work tools
    -Responsible for installation, testing and inspection equipment
    -Experience working with mechanical and electrical
    -Use of tools and measuring equipment
    -Training capacity safety procedures and safety
    electrical installation
    -Installation of lighting equipment, cameras, sensors
    -Moving cables pulled TRAY
    -Mounting electrical equipment
    -Overhaul and maintenance of steel structures
    -Dimensioning of electrical installations
    -Using test equipment and hand tools to diagnose, locate and solve electrical problems.
    -Working on ladders, scaffolding cabling systems for various projects.
    -Ordering and receiving materials for new projects.
    -Measuring, testing and use of instruments such as ammeter, voltmeter and test lamps.
    -General repair electromechanical systems, ensuring compliance with code requirements.
    -Setting time circuits if they are well connected with switches and stabilizers to prevent any damage.
    -Assemble and install electrical equipment electrical codes while working on circuits.
    -Maintaining and recording the documents in timely delivery of equipment used in stock. 
    -Respect for the rules and guidelines while working.
    -Ability to understand and analyze the circuit maps and menus.
    -Membership of a recognized body of knowledge.
    -Self-motivated to work hard to end new knowledge, to meet quality people and I quickly integrate new team intro.

  • February 2010 - May 2011

    wate incineration plant, sc dirdates product medgidia

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Workers

    Work performed: 
    -Coordination team working
    -Regular training of workers
    -Communication walkie reception for any unforeseen problems with team work
    -Loading of materials (waste) on conveyor belts
    -Risk analysis for every worker in part to their shift
    -Sampling materials (waste) before burning furnace
    -Lines consist of equipment used in processing complexes waste shredding machines waste, container kilns.
    Ensuring that waste were stored in accordance with the provisions in force.
    Participate in drafting specific combustion operations, ensuring their strict implementation.
    -Check the cleanliness and sanitation of work equipment and its subordinated department.
    -Check the individual equipment and health personnel subordinates.
    -Check the records to perform for each product series was going to burn.
     -Coordinate activities receiving waste.
    -Coordination of the sort.
    -Coordination of temporary waste storage.
    -Coordinate activities directly storage Band conveyor burning.
    -Ensure accurate movement of specific documents and operative production activity.
    -Assurance operative in eliminating deficiencies while working.
    Participate in resolving violations that may occur in the production process.
    -Collaboration on time hierarchical superiors of any problems arising in the production process, acting in accordance with the decisions passed by them, answering challenges with kindness and professionalism.
    Necessary equipment in the storage, storing and burning were:
    -Systems for waste containers
    Filling-systems of waste collection equipment in disposable bags
    -Transport systems, special vehicles with hydraulic and pneumatic quick and unloading a container rotating around its axis.

  • March 2008 - April 2009

    technician cabling, sc blueling medgidia

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: IT

    Work performed: Installation , Maintenance and Repair 
    -Performance cabling, installation and conection instrusion alarms, security  systems integration, implementation of intervention operation, preparing and necessary documentation.
    -Installing security systems onsite
    -Security systems installation and wiring
    -Making servicing equipment installed
    -Making links between components
    -Commissioning of the plant
    -Were of good quality equipment and consist of audio-visual rooms, monitors, VCRs, analog, digital ----Transmission and recording systems and other devices used for professional and personal at a high level of protection.
    - Installation and interconnection of audio video devices
    -Service activities
    -Periodic checks
    -Replacements devices
    -Troubleshooting of electronic
    -Reception defective product from customers
    -Checking incoming primary product warranty
    -Informing customers about the status of guarantee
    -Responsibility for installation activities in good condition and on time customer
    -View customer requirements
    -Identify new customers
    -Special-domain measurements with electronic equipment and automation
    -Other equipment used were:
    -Perimeter detection systems
    -integrated security systems CCTV, DVR, CCTV
    -warning and alarm systems

  • February 2004 - February 2008

    electrician, elcomex sa cernavoda

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Service / Installation

    Work performed: Inspection and testing of electrical equipments prior to power-up
    -Installation of the cable glands in the electrical substation for instrument
    and electrical cables.
    -Termination and conection of instrument and electrical cables in the electrical
    substation and then in the electrical station.
    -Pulling and dressing of the instrumentation and power cables
    -Fabrication and installation of instrumentation and electrical cable tray
    -Making careful chose for ladders and main cable traiy routes and installing power and con-
    trol cable tray from link field instruments to junction boxes and from junction boxes .
    -Loop check performing for power and control cables
    Assigned execution
    - Perform cable routes
    - Installation of distribution boards, switches, sockets and other electrical devices as planned execution
    - Repair and reconditioning of electrical installations
    - Tracking project execution and implementation phases of project execution and operations on electrical parts
    - Supply of material job
    - Installation electrical installations inside and outside
    - Measurements electrical grounding
    - Electrical operation
    - Technical assistance on power line
    - Maintain constant operation of electrical installations
    - Timely intervention and quality necessary for proper functioning
    - Identify potential causes of failures of electrical equipment
    -Knowledge of equipment
    Equipment necessary for the activity were:
    -DC rotary electric cars and alternative
    Low-voltage electrical
          Manual and automatic switching
    Low-voltage electrical installations:
          low current


  • 2011 - 2011

    Postdoctorate, caspian maritime service ltd

    • Dej, Romania
  • 1986 - 1986

    Postdoctorate, romtelecom sa

    • Constanța, Romania
  • 1985 - 1985

    Postdoctorate, romtelecom sa

    • Constanța, Romania
  • 1985 - 1985

    Highschool, school of electrical medgidia

    • Medgidia, Romania


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