HR Senior Associate & French Payroll Specialist at *** (BPO Company)

  • România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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  • January 2010 - July 2011

    HR Senior Associate & French Payroll Specialist, *** (BPO Company)

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Human Resources / Psychology

    Client: US company with offices across Europe
    Job position: working as a primary resource for french locations 
    Trainings: several trainings on french payroll at ADP Lyon,
    stage at the client's headquarters (Toulouse, Montpellier)
    During KT and transition period:
    -	Capturing client’s processes
    -	Creating the documentation regarding efficient delivery model (creating and updating process maps and operating procedures (67 SOP)/business unit, delivering process improvements)
    No OJT period
    During BAU period - Monthly tasks:
    Ensuring work is completed in line with payrol’s processes and procedures and performed to agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA’s):
    For one juridical entity of the group, concerning around 250 employees:
    -	Monthly payroll (general processing, pay-period processing; implying a volume of 250 time and attendance forms, 180 monthly bonuses record and different type of bonus maintain calculation, different other calculations, launching and closing the payroll)
    -	Leaver process (leaver documents, final payslip, ANI calulation)
    For 4 juridical entities:
    -	Post-payroll activities (headcount calculus and report, meal tickets, pensions, salary stops, monthly payments to Work Council)
    -	Off-cycle processing: DIF, Fongecif (Languedoc Roussillon et Midi-Pyrénées), Health Insurance – ‘Prevoyance’, IJSS reimbursement and corrections, if the case (monthly workload: around 150-200), processing different kind of sickness leave: MA, AT (calculation and corrections for passing an work accident leave into a sickness leave), BB…)
    -	Tax returns and statements/juridical entity:
    -	monthly: DUCS (calculation and correction of automatically submitted contributions), DMMO – on-line and as paper forms
    -	quarterly (different providers/juridical entity; the dues calculations were done by Business Units for each  juridical entity and establishment): controlling and correcting, if the case, the amount of hundreds of rubrics involved in quarterly statements, fill in (and sometimes creating) the quarterly forms and bank transfers:
    -	for the 1st juridical entity (2 BU): for Mercer (6 statements), Abelio, Altea, Aipals, La Mondiale
    -	for the 2nd  juridical entity (3 BU and 2 establishments): UGRR-Isica, La Mondiale (2 statements), Mornay (5 statements), Aipals
    -	for the 3nd  juridical entity (2 BU): Mercer (6 statements), UGRR, B2V
    -	year-end processing: IDR report, 10 highest salaries of the year 
    -	Answering to the client’s requests (employees, local contacts, HR manager, ...)  - around 20-30 transactions on a daily basis – according to the SLA commitments
    -	Auditing:
    -	Audit (payroll and admin processing) for teammates 
    -	Creating and updating processes audit templates for the whole french team (admin and payroll – more than 100 sheets) – admin role for the Audit tool
    Other tasks:
    -	Involved actively in process improvement - Received WIPRO’s “PRAGATI” recognition for contribution
    -	Hypervision local management (managing user accounts, manage access to resources), supporting ADP provider’s  engineer in work configuration (computing parameters related to payroll)
    -	Setup and use of the internal working tools (ticketing system, Productivity tool)
    -	Admin account for different sites involved in processing
    -	Various other tasks, such as creating User guides (for Audit Tool and other applications) 
    -	Creating weekly/various reports 
    -	Cross-trainings for back-ups
    As realizations, I would specify the following:
    -	Succeeding to cover the quarterly statements for two quarters (till the closure of the project), simultaneous with the monthly payroll and all off-cycle processes and monthly-end statements. At the same time, I was in charge with the monthly payroll, implying many processes which were new for me, but I succeeded to cover them and also to deliver improvements.
    -	Creating complex queries
    -	Autodidact work: I have created operating procedures and managed complex processes without having KT, OJT or supervision/guidance. 
    I offered many solutions for improving the processes (one solution offered leads to a cash flow improvement, regarding the reimbursement of the sick leave) and service delivery.
    As a recognition of my work, on my annual appraisal, my activity was appreciated as  Highly valued contribution.

  • June 2008 - January 2010

    HR Specialist and CEO Executive Assistant, Integrator SA

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Human Resources / Psychology

    Conducts a variety of tasks including but not limited to:
    -	HR Dep.:
    -	involved and responsible of the entire recruiting process 
    timesheets, leave reports, meal tickets reports, managing relations with Labour inspectorate preparing and managing employment files (contracts of employment, additional acts, decisions), notifications for employees
    -	updating the electronic register of employees and sending online updates 
    * I mention various situations, such as: obtaining labour authorizations for foreign detached workers, discipline committee,  dismissal for economic reasons, suspending individual employment contracts
    Accounting Dep.:
    -	invoices, deductions (+invoices/payments/deductions reports)
    -	pursuing the contracts (the deliverables, accounts receivables, invoicing, payments), sometimes establishing with clients  to spread out payments of debts
    -	assisting chief-accountant in the resolution of payroll problems
    -	SAP R/3 4.6 user (invoices processing)
    Relations with the bank:
    - varied reports, invoice planning (for actual contracts and anticipated contracts) 
    Project documentation maintenance on company’s collaboration platform
    Juridical Dep.:
    -	 preparing varied dossier (in order to modify the constitutive act, changing headquarter, obtaining varied certifications from Trade Register, Financial Administration)
    -	editing varied documents (address, notifications, request to be admitted in claims table, relation with judicial administrators...)
     Administrative Dep.: 
    -	managing CEO’s agenda business correspondence, managing and attending meetings
    -	handling all the documentation needed by the CEO 
    -	making the communication process between the CEO and the other departments more fluent
    -	preparing time sheets, activity reports/month/client
    -	keep contact with suppliers (contracts, contracts management), with clients (payments, contracts management)
    -	organizing trainings (invitations, drawing up and maintaining clients database, registrations, coordinating training agenda)
    Various other tasks (such as registering at Romanian Copyright Office, obtaining authorization from National Council for Adult Vocational Training, assurances, …)


  • 2009 - 2012

    Master's degree, S.P.E.R.

    • București, Romania
  • 2005 - 2008

    Bachelor's degree, Spiru Haret

    • București, Romania
  • 1995 - 1998

    College, Facultatea Dunarea Galati

    • Galați, Romania


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