Chief of leading operation and training department. at Romanian Ministry of Defence

  • România, Oltenita
  • România, Oltenita
  • Romania, Oltenita
  • Romania, Oltenita
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  • December 2011 - Present

    Chief of leading operation and training department., Romanian Ministry of Defence

    • Oltenita, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Protection and Security

    Organize and coordinate training activity conducted by a Headquarters and also supervise and support subordinate units;
    •Identifying training requirements based on combat and garrison missions and the training status of the unit;
    •Ensuring that training requirements for combat are oriented on conditions and standards of combat;
    •Preparing and carrying out training programs, directives, and  orders; and planning and conducting field exercises;
    •Determining requirements for and allocations of training resources, including ammunition for training, ranges, facilities, and training aids and devices;
    •Organizing and conducting internal schools, and obtaining and allocating quotas for external schools;
    •Planning and conducting training inspections, tests, and evaluations;
    •Compiling training records and reports;
    •Maintaining the unit readiness status of each unit in the command;
    •Planning the command operating budget for training and  monitoring  use of training funds to support training programs;
    •Conducting battalion training meetings;
    •Preparing annual and quarterly training guidance for the battalion;
    •Maintaining a current operation estimate of the situation in coordination with other staff officers;
    •Preparing, authenticating, and publishing the overall tactical SOP with contributions from other staff sections;
    •Preparing, coordinating, authenticating and publishing operation plans and orders;  and reviewing plans and orders of subordinate units;
    •Recommending priorities for allocating critical resources of the command, including time, personnel, supplies, and equipment, such as:  ammunition basic loads, ammunition, unit replacement requirements, and electronic frequencies;
    •Recommending task organization and assigning tasks to subordinate elements of the command;
    •Coordinating all aspects of maneuver with support;
    •	Recommending integrated schemes of tactical maneuver and/or dispositions and fires, including nuclear and chemical fires;
    •Recommending boundaries and other control measures;
    •Recommending the general locations of command posts;
    •	Designating areas for bivouacking, quartering, and staging units;
    •Preparing operational records and reports;;
    •Exercising staff supervision over EW, PSYOPS, OPSEC, CMO, deception activities, and rear area protection;
    •Considering airspace management aspects of operations;
    •Integrating all combat, CS, and CSS assets;

  • January 2011 - December 2012

    Intelligence officer, Romanian Ministry of Defence

    • Oltenita, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Protection and Security

    During the deployment in Afghanistan i had the next responsibilities:
    •Plan and conduct collection, reporting on intelligence information obtained from all sources. 
    •Direct and support collectors who are conducting field operational activities. 
    Conduct research and assisted collectors to locate and contact prospective sources of intelligence. 
    •Prepare and maintain various records and reports. 
    •Develop and maintain situational awareness of the area of operations (AOR), by conducting Analysis of Information and Making Predictions of future events.
    •Analyze and foresee – Hunter vs. Hunted.  We’re moving towards an offensive mindset, not simply reacting but causing the enemy to react to our offensive.
    •Develop lethal and non-lethal courses of action based on the commander’s desired effect.
    •Conduct intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB) for operations - Support to situational development and maintain understanding of the operational environment.
    •Provide targeting recommendations to the commander - Conduct Target Development (Lethal and Non-Lethal).
    •Provide counterintelligence/deception recommendations to the commander.
    •Conduct RISTA planning, synchronization, and request for assets
    •Conduct Assessment of Effects and Exploitation following a mission
    •Provide Predictive Analysis to the Commander
    •Assist the commander in ensuring that tactical informants are paid and accounted for in accordance with theater policy. 
    •Facilitate intelligence sharing with adjacent units.
    •Maintain intelligence board for outgoing patrols.
    •Conduct mission briefs and debriefs
    •Produce, process and analyze information/materiel from Tactical Site Exploitations (TSE). 
    •Disseminate combat information and actionable intelligence
    •Create and execute tactical questioning and sensitive site exploitation plans.
    •Collect and analyze patrol debriefs.
    •Track and analyze all significant activities (SIGACTS).
    •Generate Analytical, Assessment, and Mission Summary Products for the Commander 
    •Conduct local intelligence analysis and forecast enemy actions - Prepare Threat SIT-TEMP to include Threat MLCOA/MDCOA
    •Ensure briefs are conducted for outgoing patrols, attachments and units operating within the company/troop/battery AO
    •Provide intelligence briefs to Company leadership
    •Supervise IPB for company/troop/battery AO and individual missions
    •Ensure debriefing occurs for all patrols
    •Manage collection effort 
    •Supervise and review analysis of events and combat reporting for validity to battalion intelligence effort
    •Attend Targeting boards/meetings to provide nominations and supporting intelligence products to Commander
    •Assist leadership in Detention Ops by providing necessary information, intelligence and evidentiary materials to support detention 
    •Conduct coordination with HQ to requests additional intelligence resources in accordance with collection effort
    •Conduct coordination with adjacent and supporting units for dissemination of relevant intelligence information/products
    •Ensure all products are up to date pertaining to IPB, Collections, Analytical Tools, Target Packets, CoIST Journals, Battalion reports (INTSUM, TSE Supplementary reports, SITREPs, ISR Sync/Coverage Matrixes
    •Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating open source information
    •Develop and manage relationships with local leaders
    •Integrate open source atmospheric information into decision making processes;
    •Monitor and track trends in local sentiment regarding ISAF programs and policies;
    •Study and provide professional advice and assistance with regard to cultural, social, religious, political, economic, and tribal matters.

  • December 2009 - December 2011

    Reconnaissance Company Commander, Romanian Ministry of Defence

    • Oltenita, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Protection and Security

    •Mission Planning for the current and the future missions;
    •Plan, resource and assess collective training;
    •Property Accountability: I was the primary hand receipt holder. I must ensure all equipment is maintained and accounted for at all times;
    •Morale: The Company Commander has a direct impact on unit Soldier morale. Enforce the standards and lead by example at all times. 
    •Unit Readiness: to make sure that  soldiers and equipment is prepared for mission. This includes equipment, training and personnel readiness. Monitor these elements every month. Track the progress and keep current assessments.
    •Physical Fitness: It was my  job to ensure soldiers take the Physical Fitness examination once per year. Make sure the Physical Fitness examination is done to standard. 
    •Discipline: Make on the spot corrections. Always enforce the standard. Soldiers like and need discipline. Hold yourself, your subordinate leaders and NCOs accountable for everything they or do not do.
    •Senior Tactician: The Company Commander is the senior tactician. He or she must be tactically proficient. You must understand battle focused training and must be able to effectively lead your Soldiers in combat.
    •The Mission: my job was to make sure the mission gets done. Whether my mission was to clean the armory or to fight in combat, completing my mission is my top priority.
    •Decision Maker: As the Company Commander, I was the decision maker. I have always collecting the facts, seeking input, and making  an informed decision. 
    •Operational Readiness: to ensure that equipment is working and operational. This includes scheduled maintenance and services. Always know the status of the equipment at all times.

  • March 2006 - December 2009

    Reconnaissance Squad Leader, Romanian Ministry of Defence

    • Oltenita, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Services: Protection and Security

    •deployed with the Squad in IRAQ for 6 months where we accomplish missions of patrolling, VIP escorts, monitoring and reconnaissance, leader engagement, CIMIC, convoy escort, counter IED, cordon and search.
    •responsible for the training, accountability, health, welfare, mentoring and discipline of a 5 man Reconnaissance Group;
    •responsible for ensuring the group’s readiness to deploy anywhere in the country within 24 hours, conduct Reconnaissance Operations and future operations;
    •	maintained and accounted for group weapons and equipment;
    •receive the mission;
    •prepare the mission brief;
    •designate the team members duties;
    •assure that all the members understood the missions and are ready for it;
    •present the mission brief to Chief of S 2 - Intelligence and prior mission to each mission’s participant;
    •plan, coordinate, and conduct amphibious-ground reconnaissance and surveillance to observe, identify, and report enemy activity, and collect other information of military significance;
    •Conduct specialized surveying to include: underwater reconnaissance and/or demolitions, beach permeability and topography, routes, bridges, structures, urban/rural areas, helicopter landing zones (LZ), parachute drop zones (DZ), aircraft forward operating sites, and mechanized reconnaissance missions;
    •when properly task organized with other forces, equipment or personnel, assist in specialized engineer, radio, mobile, and other special reconnaissance missions;
    •infiltrate mission areas by necessary means to include: surface, subsurface and air assault operations;
    •conduct counter-reconnaissance;
    •conduct Initial Terminal Guidance (ITG) for helicopters, landing craft, parachutists, air-delivery, and re-supply;
    •designate and engage selected targets with organic weapons and force fires to support battle space shaping. This includes designation and terminal guidance of precision-guided munitions;
    •conduct post-strike reconnaissance to determine and report battle damage assessment on a specified target or area;
    •conduct limited scale raids and ambushes.


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