Various logistics at Multinational

  • România, București
  • România, București
  • Romania, București
  • Romania, București
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  • April 2000 - August 2012

    Various logistics, Multinational

    • București, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Logistics

    Experience	2010 December – August 2012                   Kaufland Romania 	Ploiesti / Turda,
                                     Retail; Turnover 2010: 1000 mil Euro 
    Logistics Manager
    	Project management; Ensure successful start-up of new distribution center - Turda  September  2011;  10.000 sqm Fruits Vegetable (+9ºC..+11ºC), 10.000 sqm Fresh (+0ºC .. +2ºC), Frozen 8.000  sqm Frozen (-20ºC..-24ºC) (Ploiesti);   
    	Ensure proper organization for the new project, recruiting, training, business process documentation and technical one (60 persons acting as Head of Department, WE controller, forklift driver, WA picker, PC operator );
    	Ensure adequate layout design, storage strategy, process flow, labeling, adequate handling equipment , time window schedule goods receipt and goods issue; proper implementation of WMS (Warehouse Management System);
    	Outsourcing strategy design; single point of contact within daily business;   
    	HACCP implementation for the new warehouse (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points);
    	Performance monitoring per each process; coaching for the people provided when is deeded; Regular meetings part of continuous improvement program); 
    	Implementation of clear inventory cycle counting program;   
    	Annual budget preparation and monthly execution;
    	Regular meeting with different top suppliers in order to ensure smooth operations;
    	Ensure smooth daily operations, on time goods receipt, on time goods issue, adequate service level and adequate productivity; 
    	Single point of contact for ANSVSA and Financial Guard  and  full  responsibility;
    2007 December – 2010 September                   Danone PDPA	Bucharest,
                                     Fresh dairy products; Turnover 2009: 100 mil Euro 
    Customer Service Manager
    	Manage team of 52 people: Order Manager, Back Office Manager, Country Administration Manager, Order Support & Call Center team (6), Warehouse Administration team (9), Credit Control & Collection team (8), Invoicing & Proof of Delivery team (5), Customer Service Executive & Customer Service Operator (18), Telesales team (3);  
    	Build up specific budget and annual execution;
    	Act as single point of contact for daily Supply Chain operations for internal and external customers; Common projects developed with external customers in order to optimize supply chain: cost and  OSA (On-Shelf availability );  
    	Full responsibility for Order To Cash cycle execution;
    	Ensure adequate service package and service level negotiated with each customer;
    	Ensure proper order management (orders received by fax, email, EDI, Q4T PRS application) and proper stock allocation according with delivery schedule implemented;
    	Ensure proper warehouse administration activity: goods receipt, stock allocation, post goods issue, specific transactions for added value services (co-packing), stock take sessions, adequate documents issue for transportations ;
    	Ensure proper availability of customer line in call center, 
    	Organizing adequate invoicing process in order to provide in time and accurate invoices to all customers;
    	Ensure proper Credit & collection activity based on few pillars: credit limit check process, soft and hard collection, preventive collection;
    	Ensure effective claims process according with internal targets for TAT (turn around time);
    	Ensure Sox compliance, segregation of duties, adequate access rights;
    	Proper office administration for all platforms, proper cash management, authorities contact;
    	Lead monthly cash committee meeting in order to ensure proper management of accounts receivable;
    	Lead monthly VELO meeting in order to ensure proper collaboration between logistic and sales departments ;  
    	Dunning implementation, credit limit, soft collection, hard collection, payment reconciliation, balance reconciliation;
    	Providing specific reports and implementing adequate procedures;
    	Develop and monitor the application of operating system including policies and procedures, operating structure, and information flow;
    	Develop and implement customer service indicators in order to assure excellence in customer service;
    	2004 December – 2007 November          Danone PDPA	Bucharest,
    Warehouse Manager (National)
    	Manage team of 130 people, 5 direct subordinate; Factory Warehause Manager, Team Leader (3), RDC Manager, Picking Coordinator, Workers, Fork lift drivers acting within 5 warehouses, 
    	Staff, organize, and direct operations within a warehouse to effectively manage the receipt, storage, selection, packaging, loading, and shipping of products to customers;
    	Organizing specific activity for factory warehouse, 1000 sqm, 1000 pallets capacity; child 2-6C;
    	Ensure proper start-up and management for Bucharest Distribution Center, 3500 sqm capacity, 2500 pallets, child 2-6C; (2004)
    	Ensure proper layout design, start-up and management for Regional Distribution Center in Cluj, 600 sqm, 250 pallets capacity, child 2 -6C; (2005) 
    	Take over of  Raws & Packs warehouse, 600 sqm, 400 pallets, ambient; packaging, ingredients, ferments, fruits; (2006)
    	Ensure proper layout design, start-up and management of second Raws & Packs rented warehouse, 1000 sqm, 500 pallets capacity;     
    	Control cost trough productivity of personnel, efficient usage of storage space, and proper protection of stored materials;
    	Recommend warehouse/material handling equipment needs and replacement;
    	Build up specific budget and annual execution;
    	Constant involvement in recruiting process for warehouses staff;
    	Organizing and execution follow-up for added value services;
    	Ensure proper safety conditions and animation;
    	Ensure proper involvement for specific areas as Food Safety Audit (AIB International), HACCP, ISO; 
    	Organizing daily shuttle from factory warehouse to DCs;
    	2003 December – 2004 November           Blitz Distributions	Bucharest,
                          Owner of  the company , providing services for RFD Jurilovca;
                                 Distributor for fresh and frozen fish;
    Logistics Manager
    	Manage team of 42 people: Fleet Coordinator, Dispatcher, Invoicing Coordinator, Warehouse Team Leader (3), Stock Controller (1), Drivers (15), Workers (15), Invoicing Operators (5);
    	Build up specific budget and annual execution (warehousing & transportation);
    	Ensure smooth development of logistic network (warehousing & transportation);
    	Business key user for NSI Cogito implementation (ERP developed in-house by RTC Group);
    	Responsible for  fleet management :  cars 25, vans 15;
    	Ensure proper management of 4 small warehouses: child 2-4C 50 sqm for fresh fish, 50 sqm for live fish, 200 sqm -20-40C for frozen fish, 200 sqm ambient;
    	Single point of contact for external contacts, rented transportation; Negotiation ; 
    	Ensure proper stock take activity for all warehouses and 12 stores owned by the company in Bucharest, Ploiesti, Brasov and Constanta;
    	Staff recruitment;            
    	2002 December – 2003 November  TCE Logistica (RTC Holding)	Bucharest,
                              3PL Provider, Turnover 19.4 mil. Euro/2009
    Logistics Coordinator
    	Manage team of 127 people: Chief Cross Docking (9), Drivers and Workers;
    	Single point of contact for local carriers related to secondary distribution, contract negotiation and execution; 
    	Supervising of cross docking activity for Bucharest Hub;
    	Back-up role for Warehouse Manager, DC Bucharest; 5000 sqm, about 40000 items;
    	Ensure smooth start-up of the new company;
    2001 December – 2002 November  Euros Trading (RTC Holding)	Bucharest,
                                    Logistics division of RTC Holding; 
    Logistics Assistant
    	Control of procedures conformation within physical and informational flow; DC Bucharest and 27 working points;
    	Back-up role for Warehouse Manager, DC Bucharest;
    	Actively involved in monthly stock take sessions; 
    2000 April – 2001 November             ESCO	Bucharest,
                   Sole producer from thermoplastic rubber; Turnover 4 mil. Euro / year;
    Purchasing & Planning Coordinator
    	Responsible for achieving target customer service levels whilst optimizing the trade-off between production capacity constrains &  inventory levels; 
    	Daily, weekly, monthly schedule and execute production planning for 2 workshops; injection and finishing open 24/24 hours, 7/7days;
    	Monitoring of daily stock level available for each material, issuing daily order with all materials to be transferred  for daily production process;
    	Ensure proper calculation of BOM;


  • 1995 - 1999

    Bachelor's degree, The Academy of Economic Studies

    • București, Romania


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  • B

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