electrician at sc Termoflor srl

  • România, Galați
  • România, Galați
  • Romania, Galați
  • Romania, Galați
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  • July 2009 - July 2011

    electrician, sc Termoflor srl

    • Galați, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Sales: Retail / Trade

    -check , maintenance and repair electrical equipments  for air conditioning , refrigeration and freezing installations
    -low voltage cables pulling ,terminations and connections
    -execution of cable connections in junction boxes
    -replace and setting defective digital controller Dixell
    -check  integrity of electrical installations and replace faulty electrical equipments
    -assemblage of electrical system , checking and start up new installations
    -upgrade old electrical equipments to new electrical equipments and adaptation electrical diagrams to new devices
    -construction of buildings for business  and living
    -during this period I woked with  DAMFOSS  MOELLER

  • October 2006 - July 2009

    electician, North American Shipbuilding

    • Galați, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    -building , upgrade and repair ships
    -execution of cable connection in electrical and instrumentation panels 
    -LV/MV cables pulling 
    -testing the continuity and insulation resistance of electrical engines , devices and cables
    -execution installation of fluorescent lighting fixtures ( 18w;36w;65w )
    -check and disconnected fault electrical devices , motors
    -execution connection of engines , start up and adjustment them
    -execution of cable teminations for instrumentation and low voltage electrical cables (12 , 24v,240v,480v)
    -execution installation of firefighting and emergency lighting

  • March 1986 - September 2006

    electician , team leader , foreman, scIACMRS Galati sa

    • Galați, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    building,upgrade,maintenance and repair metallurgy installations
    -I worked with low and high voltage 0,4kv-10kv
    -execution installation of Earthing system  (pulling  earthing cables and electrodes installation,weld connections to structure and equipments )
    -construction , maintenance and repair cranes(pulling  cables , connecting them in electrical panels ,                junction boxes, electrical motors , limiters , brake)
    -energisation of the electrical equipment , adjustment and testing overload , overload single phase operation , earth fault , earth  leakage test
    -fixed damages and problems with electrical circuit diagrams
    -installation of lighting circuits
    - firefighting building
    -analysis and report for breakdown
    -executions of terminal cables for 0,4 distribution panels , 10 / 0,4 kv ; 6 / 0,4kv transforming stations
    -upgrade  electrical motors with frequency  converter
    -testing and continuity and insulation resistance for electrical cables and equipments
    -during this period I worked with SIEMENS , TELEMECANIQUIE , MERLIN GERIN , DAMFOSS , MOELLER
    -installation,checking and put onto operation the electrical switchboard
    -mounting of   electric equipments for new building (cables puling, connecting,checking and testing)
    -installation and electrical connection of different type of instrumentation such as swiches , level gauges,relays,DC batteries and safey light system
    -in this period I worked for the main builder of ARCELORMITTAL  GALATI


  • 1996 - 1999

    Postdoctorate, grupul scolar Anghel Saligny

    • Galați, Romania
  • 1986 - 1989

    Highschool, Liceul industrial nr 9

    • Galați, Romania
  • 1984 - 1986

    Highschool, scoala profesionala nr 2

    • Galați, Romania


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