Director Logistica at Eurotire

  • România, Brașov
  • România, Brașov
  • Romania, Brașov
  • Romania, Brașov
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  • September 2010 - Present

    Director Logistica, Eurotire

    • Brașov, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Logistics

    S.C. Euro Tyres Manufacturing SRL, Drobeta – Turnu Severin, Romania
    Mining industry, OTR tire manufacturer, over 600 employees
    Coordinate Logistics, Investment and Site Administration functions.
    •	Leading 6 departments with more than 100 employees, reports to General Manager,
    •	Responsible for logistics function including: order intake, purchasing and worldwide delivery.   
    •	Coordinate investment project for production ramp up.
    •	Site administration responsibilities, building and machinery maintenance, Health and Safety activity coordination, Environmental approval process.
    Managing factory budget of more than 70 millions USD.
    •	Manage the factory purchasing plan of more than 40 millions USD ensuring good quality and on time delivery with a 5% saving target. 
    •	Coordinate worldwide delivery of products to customers ensuring good quality of the products and services supplied.
    •	Manage investment budget of 10 millions USD including machinery of more than 5 millions from China suppliers and factory expansion.
    •	Oversee continuous site improvement process by managing the internal administration team.
    •	Participate actively in the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification process, being responsible for the H&S aspects and requirements from the responsible areas.

  • September 2005 - August 2010

    Manager Logistica, Dexion

    • Brașov, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Office jobs: Logistics

    S.C. Dexion Hi-Lo Storage Solutions SRL, Brasov, Romania
    Metalworking industry, Warehousing systems manufacturer, 150 – 200 employees
    Manage Logistics department in an international company.
    •	Responsible for the department operations including: customer support, purchasing, production planning, transport, reports to General Manager.
    •	Benchmark best practices from other group factories.
    •	Production relocation projects.
    Responsible for purchasing of more than 10 million Euros a year.
    •	Create and manage a purchasing department made of 2 purchasers and a warehouse responsible.
    •	Make purchasing plans in line with the business requirements, with focus on continuous savings.
    •	Establish and manage business relations with internal and external suppliers (ArcelorMittal, Wupperman, Corus steel and US Steel).
    •	Adjust purchasing policy in line with business and factory requirements.
    •	Ensure competitive purchasing is achieved focusing on quality, price and availability of products and services required. Make or buy decisions based on factory loading and TCO analysis.
    •	Inventory management ensuring stock rotation and value of stock are under control. 
    Manage the ICO orders intake and factory control.
    •	Manage the Customer support function and relations with all the other group companies.
    •	Manage the order intake process in line with the factory loading and use leveling tools between client requirements and factory output.
    •	Manage production planning department made of 2 production planners. Planning of the factory manufacturing on resource centers taking into account each machine capacity, using Kan-ban system and other visual management tools. Make detailed capacity plans monthly and weekly, controlling production output from qualitative on quantitative point of view are in line with customer orders and stock policy.
    •	Manage material intake in line with production output and requirements.
    •	Coordinate production activity in all areas such as slitting steel coils, cold reducing process, cold forming process, welding process, powder coating process, fabrication process (guillotining, brake presses, punching, drilling and bending).
    •	Make sure production is on time, in full and coordinate efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.
    Manage delivery and distribution functions.
    •	Coordinate department of 8 employees with responsibility of delivering the products to the customers.
    •	Manage finished goods warehouse, extra packing and preparation for shipment of the finished goods and purchased items.
    •	Ensure transport is available and in budget for delivery of products to customers.
    •	Make delivery plans in line with customer requirements or installations requirements, ensuring OTIF deliveries and all necessary documentation (export documents, packing lists, invoices, certificates and others).
    •	Focus on quality improvements of the services supplied and cost reduction of packing, transport and other costs related to the delivery of goods.
    Major Projects
    Relocation projects, factory closures and machine transfers.
    •	Relocation of UK production facility in 2005-2006. The production of 2 product ranges manufactured on 7 machines.
    •	Factory closure from Norway in S2 2009, the production of 2 product ranges on 7 machines coordinated with German group colleagues.
    •	Factory closure from UK in Q3 2009 and S1 2010, consisting of relocation of 3 product ranges manufactured on 5 machines.
    •	Benchmarking of lean warehousing project within the group. Defining warehouse layout, and establishing standards.
    •	Lean manufacturing projects.
    Manage new product range integration in factory flows and manufacturing.
    ERP implementation in the company with focus on material movements, BOM and logistics.
    Introduced systematic analysis of daily activity reports.
    •	Create logistic department now employing 15 people, training them in specific tasks and establishing detailed activity sheets.
    •	ERP implementation.
    •	Get ISO 9001 certificate for Logistic department (all functions)
    •	Establish factory KPI for operations, weekly reporting to group HQ, daily for continuous improvements.
    •	Coordinate activity of production department of more than 130 employees.  
    •	Increase productivity by 50 % from 500 Mt / monthly to 800 Mt / monthly, through planning and improvement programs.
    •	Improve customer satisfaction by increasing the OTIF delivery indicator from less than 50% to more than 85 % reducing the cost of delays.
    •	Improve the flow of orders through the factory reducing the lead time from 4 to 6 weeks to an average of 2 weeks.
    •	Reduce operations cost by reducing inventory, reducing the total production cycle.
    •	Manage multiple projects with value over 1 million Euros for clients from Europe such as, REWE supermarket chain, DHL, Tesco Stores, Marks and Spencer, L’Oreal, AGF UK Ltd.
    •	Continuous improvement projects in the fields of purchasing, warehousing, production, quality and continuously improvement of the processes and procedures throughout the factory.


  • 2000 - 2005

    Bachelor's degree, Universitatea Transilvania Brasov

    • Brașov, Romania


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