Forth engineer at Cardiff Crewing/TMS Bulkering ltd

  • România, Medgidia
  • România, Medgidia
  • Romania, Medgidia
  • Romania, Medgidia
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  • June 2016 - Present

    Forth engineer, Cardiff Crewing/TMS Bulkering ltd

    • Chiness North Sea, Australia
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Automotive

    25/06/2016-04/01/2017 –and present-forth engineer(officer mechanic operational level STCV III,1) in bulk carrier ship (Panamax),flag Malta,206037 DWT,106847 GRT, TMS Dry ltd/Cardiff Crewing
                 MAIN ENGINE: MAN B&W -18660 KW
                 AUXILIARY ENGINE:   3 YANMAR -800 kw
                 SEPARATOR,S : ALPHA LAVAL

  • April 2016 - June 2016

    Forth engineer, Cardiff Crewing Tms Bulkering ltd

    • Mediteranean Sea, Israel
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Automotive

    25/04/2016-08/06/20162016- forth eng(officer mechanic operational level III,1)  in bulk carrier ship,flag Malta,78786 DWT, 40447 GRT,TMS Bulkers ltd/Cardiff crewing
                MAIN ENGINE:             MAN B&W 8550 KW
              AUXILIARY ENGINE : 3 YANMAR 660 kw
                SEPARATOR,S:    ALPHA  LAVAL

  • August 2015 - November 2015

    Third engineer, Marina Crewing/Yassin Logistik co

    • Mediteranean sea, Spain
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Automotive

    Logistics CO.SA/Marina Crewing
    DOOSAN-302 KW
                SEPARATOR,S :  ALPHA            2015-iul-2015 nov-third engineer to lifestock ship-2936 GRT-2195 HP:3180KW-flag Comoros Moroni,Yassin
                MAIN ENGINE:   MAN BW-3185KW
                BOW THRUSTER:  BDSF 315 MB65/TF/35-256 KW/970 RPM                                    
                AUXILIARY ENGINE:  2 MERCEDES BENZ-222KW,344KW
                                                      2  LAVAL
    (As a fourth engineer you have duties:
    -Durring the watch check all machinery  is in safe and in good condition,s 
    -Check that all machineries under responsibility are well maintained foroptimum performance    and fuel    consumption.
    -As in charge of Purifier, compressor, and machinery other than main engine,    auxiliary engine and boiler, is responsible for:
    -Record keeping of machinery running hours under his charge
    -For carrying out planned maintenance routine ,completing the month end official papers for his designated machinery.conform PMS 
    -Make daily tank sounding of fuel oil, diesel oil, lube and cylinder oil on board ship and record
    keeping of the same.
    -Record keeping of sludge and bilge on board.
    -Acting as assistant in charge to chief engineer for operation during bunker of fuel, diesel and lube oil.
    -Check stock of machineries spare parts in order to ensure that minimum requirements can be kept at all times.  
    -Perform other routine and maintenance activities, including breakdown maintenance, as directed by Second Engineer / Chief Engineer. 
    -Check that chemicals are used in a safe and responsible manner as per Material Safety Data Sheet instruction
    -Check the inventory and location of all purifier and compressor spares.- check Inventory and location of pumps spares and tools.
    -Check running hours and maintenance schedule of his designated machinery.
    -Check general condition of machinery and special procedure for operation.
    -Check condition and layout of bunkering system including valve operation, tanks and sounding pipe location 
    -Check condition and layout of sludge and bilge discharge system including valves and pump operation 
    -Thorough sounding of all fuel tanks, bilge and sludge tank should be taken.
    -Check daily consumption of lube oil, fuel oil, marine diesel or gas oil and cylinder oil for daily record keeping in sounding log 
    -Check daily production of bilge and sludge on board for record keeping of waste water sounding log)

  • January 2015 - April 2015

    Technician marine(pipe fitter), Star Shipping/3CMetall/Seadrill

    • Atlantic ocean,Las Palmas,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    2015 ian-2015 apr¬—technician marine,pipe fitter(mechanical completion team) in a drillingship West Tellus,offshore project,under Sea Drill/3CMetall/Star Shipping.-(Gran Canaria –Spain,Atlantic Ocean,Rio de Janeiro-Brasil)
    -Reads plans or drawings to assist in the above operations. 
    -Cuts, threads, bends, joins, removes,and fabrication new pipe line  to different  size,for low pressure,high pressure,kill line,chok line,install the elbow ,tee,block way,three way valve,different types off valve,blind,s,etc

  • July 2014 - November 2014

    Ductman spv, Petroconsult

    • Doha, Qatar
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Automotive

    2014-iul-2014-oct:Ductman  spv to  air-conditioning system at the Sheraton hotel chain in Doha,Qatar ,under contract for UCC/Petroconsult Ploiesti.
    As a  plumber and ductman spervisor , we performed and coodonate works manufacturing various kinds of support that were fixed diferent spooler,s of pipe according to the drawing, either mechanically connecting threaded pipes or couplings using to the cooler,s and chiller,s(watter cooling) to air conditioners,  respectively to general suction  and discharge pipes,  mountage and installing off different types of  pressure and temperature transmiter,s,thedolet,s,vendolet,s,try way valve ,butterfly valve,strainer and other,s
    -Reads plans or drawings,assist work off cuts and prepaire all joint, threads, bends, joins, removes, installs and assembles carbon steel,stainless steel and nonmetallic pipe fittings. 
    -Installs and removes valves and swings blinds. 
    -Cuts, fabricates, joins and assembles copper, steel, stainless steel and nonmetallic pipe. 
    -Pulls tube bundles and expands and plugs tubes

  • July 2013 - January 2014

    Engine cadet, Offshore Shipping/Eagle shipppingltd

    • North Sea, Denmark
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Naval

    2013-iul -2014 ian:Engine cadet to Eagle Shipping LTD/Offshore Shipping Galati,in two ships, two Norwegian flagged vessels (,first three months to Atlantic Eagle supply vsl,3580 kw,GRT 3297,and last three months to Ocean Eagle supply vsl,3132 kw,GRT 2073,offshore ,in north sea.
    -As an engine cadet, you will operate and maintain the ship's machinery, including: (check working parameters (temperature, pressure, etc.) of all equipment and machinery serving and competing in the ship propulsion system, propulsion plant, main and auxiliary engines (each specific oil checking and filling facilities or equipment in hand , ME, AE, Compressors, Thrusters)  seawater system (cooling), fuel supply system, oil plant, freshwater plant, installation of bilge, ballast,  fire and others at the optimal level of functioning, installations serving in assuring optimal conditions on board, air conditioning, boilers,distillation plant, refrigeration systems,expands and plug boiler tubes,cleaning or change the lub oil and fuel oil strainer,s ,automatic filter,s from aux engine,lub oil sep,fuel oil sep,booster unit,s,west watter ,sludge,oily water sep,compressor,s air filter,s ,assist to transfer fuel oil and lub oil transfer,bunkering,etc

  • August 2010 - September 2012

    Foreman mechanical pipping systems, Eni /Agip kco/Tozzi llp/Caspian Marine Services

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Energy / Extractive Industries,Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    2010-iun—2012-sept:  Enlisted with a recruitment company and assigned to work inKazakhstan for the Company TOZZI Kazakhstan LLP/ Caspian Marine Services
    Position held-Foreman mechanical piping system, offshore project in Kazakhstan, Atyrau (Caspian Sea Oil Platform)
    Client customer:ENI AGIP KCO
    -Performance, production, metal beams and pillars, chaps, consoles in workshop,field area  and   assembling them in the field,to paybreak,in LER,s and other locations
    -Assembly and Installation of LER,s(Local Equipment Rooms)
    -Installation of telecom & instrumentation equipment such as speakers,beacon, pressure, transmitters (pressure, level, flow, temperature) as per the hookup drawing; 
    -Fabrication, modification and installation of cable trays  and supports,  cable  tray conduits    
    -Fabricated impulse tubing for pressure transmitter as well as the diffe transmitters.
    -Fixed & rectify outstanding/ punch list items as part of the mechanical completion prior to system handover. 
    -Changing schedull  and conduit of certain lines of the pipe and the secondary all the lines of the pipe to have in the composition that system including all subansamlyng of apparatus and instrumentation in accordance with the new documentation included in punchlist  from mechanical completion
    -Ability to ensure the correct operation of a work permit to read  and understand very well the construction drawing,planning and the isometric pipes drawings 
    -Familiar with pneumatic & hydraulic systems, including the use of equipment; 
    -Knowledge of all phases of construction discipline; 
    -Familiar with the use of all electrical tools such as grinders, drill,s automatic system,s  for mechanical jobs           
    -Strong knowledge and ability to perform manual labour or    mechanical operations (construction, installation, repair, and    maintenance) 
    -Deep knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety    precautions . 
    -Strong ability to plan and perform work involving the    installation,modification and repair of new and existing piping    systems, to follow instructions, specifications in mechanical jobs

  • June 2007 - December 2009

    Pipe fitter,steel erector ,steel carpenter,QC controller,piping foreman, Eni/Agip kco/Bonatti spa/Caspian Marine Services

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    2010 feb-2007iun: :  Enlisted with a recruitment company and assigned to  work in Kazakhstan for Bonatti/ Caspian Marine Services 
    Position held:Pipe fitter,steel carpenter,steel erector,AQ controller,Piping foreman
    Client customer:ENI AGIP KCO
    -Manufacture, assembly and installation  conform to the drawing,s steel buildings, assemblies and subassemblies, metal poles, metal beams, metal supports various types for pipe, cable routes, and air conditioning and ventilation piping systems, equipment and installation of coolers, with the necessary changes was the case
    -The first year I worked as a pipe fitter,  steel carpenter,doing various type,s activitie,s ,to cutting, grinding,pipe spools alignment, pipe fitting, etc. both in workshops and in the field, where required, until the final alignment pipe 
    -Laid out full scale drawings of pipe systems, supports, and related equipment, following blueprints. ---Planned pipe system layout, installation, and repair according to specifications. 
    -Selected pipe sizes and types and related materials, such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders,diferent type,s of vlave,s,strainer,s, flange,s according to  the drawing,s specifications. 
    -Cut and bored holes in structures, such as bulkheads, decks, walls, and mains, prior to pipe installation,s
    -Second year and half:  I worked QC steel erector, respectively Pipping foreman 
    -Performing various works of prefabrication and assembly of metallic segments, according to the drawings, with subsequent modifications where required, modifications imposed by the actual assembly structure or field conditions. Once the pay-break segment was complete, I deliver such segment to a QA Inspector of the Subcontractor, namely the Company BONATTI  SPA, also my employer, and then the final delivery to the QA Inspector appointed by the Contractor AGIP KCO. During the third year of activity, given my proven skills, I worked as a Piping Foreman, being responsible for the prefabrication and installation of pipe supports, modification works looking for optimal solutions in order to solve the problems, until the final control of the pipe spool alignment according to the drawings
     Key SKILLS:
    -Ability to read  and understand very well the construction  drawing,planning and the  isometric pipes and the structure drawing  
    -Laid out full scale drawings of pipe systems, supports, and related equipment, following       blueprints
    -Planned pipe system layout, installation, and repair according to specifications. 
    -Selected pipe sizes and types and related materials, such as supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders, according to specifications. 
    -Cut and bored holes in structures, such as bulkheads, decks, walls, and mains, prior to pipe installation, using hand and power tools

  • February 2000 - June 2007

    Mechanical and instrumentation,s locksmith, CNE/Ansaldo group/SIEA-Energomontaj

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Service / Installation

    2007-iun-2000feb:  CNE /ANSALDO/ ABB/SIEA Bucharest, –   working at Nuclear Power Plant  Cernavoda, Petromidia, Petrobrazi Rafinery,Hydroelectric power plant,electrical power plant,Gutinas,Isaccea
    Position held:mechanical and instrumentation,s locksmith
    Customer client:Nuclear Electrica Cernavoda
    -Performance, production, metal beams and pillars, chaps, consoles , assembling them in the field, cutting board papers of different thicknesses by electric grinder machine, mechanical shear, bending works at different angles production of various types of mechanical joining plates models, ranging from cutting,drilling, chamfering
    -Installing and fabrication of wiring supports and cable trays, including accessories; Power cables routing  
    -Fabrication and installation of protective cable conduits; pipe systems and subassemblies for water
    supply systems and fire fighting installations; 
    -Preassembling and assembling of electric equipment and metal structure,assembling electric beds, protective pipes for cables,provisional lighting, fire warning pipes system and high voltage current station
    -Installation and repair works for mono-phased and three-phased screened bur bars and Aluminium paths of current up to 25 KA/ 24 KV
    -Skilled at interpreting construction drawings and blueprints, installing flooring, walls, roofing and other building components,
    -Skilled at erecting  prefabricated and pre-engineered metal structures as well as performing millwright, head saw operations,fabricate, install and maintain piping systems.
    - Repair and install pumps,  motors gear boxes

  • September 1998 - February 2000

    Mechanic,Machinist, Sursal Saligny S.A

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Engineering: Industries / Production / Manufacturing

    2000-feb-1998 sept:  Mechanic at SURSAL SALIGNY S.A.
    Experienced in:
    -Executing the adjustment operations for automatic Omega machines passing through all stages from debiting to the final product as screw, screw nut,washer; 
    -Knowledge about the procedure of making the material preparation of wire,  through successive operations through heat treatment there of, pickling,washing and to the processing of its own mechanics it self using semiautomatic machines, iron, Omega by cutting, punching and ebojing
    depending on the type of product you want and Stas (screw), then spinning it,and cover by zinc electrochemical, achieving the finished product

  • April 1996 - September 1998

    Pipe fitter apprentice,steel carpenter,steel erector, CNE/Ansaldo group/Katon Exim SRL

    • Medgidia, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - Technicians: Construction

    1998-sept-1996-april:  S.C.KATON (Nuclear Power  Plant- Cernavoda)
    Position held:Mechanical locksmith,pipe fitter
    Costomer client:Nuclear Electrica Cernavoda
    Experienced in:
    -Manufacture metal floors, metal supports and other subamsamble entering assembling scaffolding and steel bridges   
    -Install and repair sinks, commodes, bathtubs, water heaters and softeners and garbage disposals.  
    -Executing    different cutting-off operation, buffing and making the necessary  preparations for joining pipe segments;
    - Install and repair radiators, convectors, autoclaves, traps,valves,pumps, meter, and related piping and equipment. 
    - Install  and maintain water and steam distribution piping and control  equipment,fire hydrants and related distribution system equipment.
    -Install and maintain sanitary and storm sewer systems


  • 2010 - 2014

    Bachelor's degree, UMC-Faculty of electromechanic,s naval and industrial

    • Constanța, Romania
  • 1994 - 1995

    College, Total Data

    • Constanța, Romania
  • 1994 - 1994

    College, Atlas Adra

    • Cernavoda, Romania
  • 1990 - 1994

    Highschool, Pontica Constanta

    • Constanța, Romania

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