• România, Cernavoda
  • România, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
  • Romania, Cernavoda
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  • November 2010 - Present


    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Being part of Precommissioning & Construction Team, responsible with construction, testing and turn over to the Client of Electrical Systems (Electrical Distribution, Cathodic Protection,  Instrumentation  and  Earthing  System);
    - Measuring isolation resistance/continuity checks/tests of protections.
    - Planning, scheduling, conducting, and coordinating electrical &instrumentation works
    - Ensuring proper interdisciplinary coordination on projects (civil and mechanical).
    - Working safely and in such a manner as to ensure own safety, as well as the safety of coworkers and all relevant parties.
    - Correcting unsafe acts or conditions within the scope of immediate work.
    - Ensuring that employees under his/ her supervision, are not entering any construction area without the knowledge of METKA jobsite supervision, and confirmation that all required and appropriate precautions and protections have been made.
    - Striving to make all work environments and company operations safe.

  • January 2010 - September 2010

    : E&I Supervisor, NUCLEARMONTAJ ROMANIA, Contractor: TOZZI QATAR / SNC LAVALIN, Client: QATALUM QATAR - joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and Hydro Aluminium of Norway

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Scheduling and planning all instrument activities for all pneumatically, electrical and electronic equipments, concerning maintenance, scheduled repairs, overhauling 
    - Planning, ordering all materials and instrument equipments  (also, ordering new equipment and spare parts, being responsible for instrument side);
    - Repairing, checking, overhauling instrument equipments for field and control panel: level, temperature, pressure, flow, conductibility transmitters; control valves; loops; solenoid valves; pressure control valves; overflow valves; scale pare; converters; controllers; recorders; multipoint recorders; interface for plc, manometers etc.
    Period:	(2008 - 2008)

  • April 2007 - December 2009


    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    - Studying all the contracts to verify the scope of work end providing feed back to the construction engineer about Additional work. Detail engineering   design including Standard Work Specifications Electrical & Instrumental, ASME Codes (data sheet, Selection of Instrument).
    - Cable ,Junction box spec, sizing and selection, Termination Dwg., cause and effect , logic diagram, cable schedule Instrument index, loop diagram, I/O List, Instrument hook up, Bulk material, Cable layout  Instrument layout, P& I D. Procurement, evaluation of the vendor, quotation and reviewing 
    - Acting as commissioning Engineer of all electrical installation work within hazardous area , creating punch lists and commissioning all a new apparatus and/or devices . Membrane plants compling hand over packs and documentation. Controlling of the permit system involving site sub-contractor. 
    - Issuing and analyzing all  vendor documents , Construction activity  (Engineering & Procurement and Construction Experience  

  • February 2006 - December 2006

    Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor, INTERCONSTRUCT ROMANIA, Main Contractor: CCC - Consolidated Contractors Group Client: SAUDI ARAMCO

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Performing installation for train No1 , were made  electrical, control & instrument :cable tray, supports end instruments in line installed, cables pulling and connection in  control substation.
    - Electrical supervising and site progress monitoring for the completion of the said  project
    - Preparing material take off and bill of materials as per project specification and applicable drawing
    - Providing assistance and consultance  the group of instrument and electrical technicians, in order to control them related field/site problems.
    - Coordinating the project ( for client and main contractor)
    - Performing Commissioning activity, including: waste water and sludge tratament works,sludgetransformer pumps, instrumentation using E&H pressure transmitter and ultrasonic's ABB thermal mass flowmeter  and  magmaster flowmeter compling hand ower packs .Documentation ,Commissioning method statemts.

  • May 2001 - October 2006

    Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor / Quality Inspector, CERNAVODA NUCLEAR POWER PLANT LOCATION: ROMANIA, Cernavoda

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Mouting and installing cable ladder, cable trays and perforated tray, various type B-Line , Transcab  System.	
    - Performing installation for cables and conductors (flexible metallic conduit, glands, clamps , lugs , shrink tube, clear tube, terminal block ,component marking .
    - Low end medium voltage panel installation,  auxiliary and distribution panels  and motor control centre (MCC) installation:
    - Responsible for the local control panel and junction boxes   installation 
    - Grounding system  performing : grounding  station, ground wire ,PVC conduit ,fastening clip, compression terminal lug, conduit clamp, earth rods, exothermic welding system.  
    - Executing works for public address and fire fighting system: conduit protection, installation panel and sensory
    - Doing the JB, frame, instrument stanchion support..
    - Heat  Tracing cables installation with accessories
    - Cathode Protection with   sacrificial anode and impressed anode type.  
    - Studying all detail engineering drawings such as P&ID  ,cable layout , termination drawing ,loop diagram, junction box location .and instrument layout ,instrument data sheet ,instrument hook up and vendor document .
    - Performing precommissioning  &  commissioning activities.
    - Performing inspection before test, sequence of test, conductor continuity, insulation resistence, polarity, eartelectrod  resistence  ,  eart fault loop impedance ,functions of all device including protective devices ,additional check for installation in hazardous enviromental
    - Performing inspection and test for LV& HV installations ,functional test of system/equipment
    E&I  Commissioning  Engimeer  working on a variety of fresh water treatment works in particulate Filtration systems , Chemical Dosing, control of  Permit to work procedures for all M&E installation and testing  hot work ,limitation of access confident space. 
    - Supervising the instrumentation construction works as per Project Spec.& Drawing such cable pulling, cable tray routing ,instrument installation., calibration ,junction box installation, and termination.

  • November 1999 - December 2001

    Electrical & Instrumentation Supervisor, TECHINT CIMIMONTUBI ITALY, Main Contractor: CHEVRON Client: NAOC

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Substation 33/6.9/04 Kv , 6.9 panel installation primary ,secondary and earthling bar connection. Working in the following installation
         - Earthing, system  inside and outside;
         - Cable tray system complete in volute;
         - Cable pulling in substation ,battery installation
         - Lighting  and HAVC afferent substation electrical test and  energization before temporary supply.:
         - Electrical commissioning engineer SAP,final ommissioning and documentation of all systems associated whit one export oil module and one gas treatment module Permit co-ordination.

  • January 1996 - August 1998

    Instrument Supervisor , ABB Spa ITALY (Leading Power and Automation Technology Group), Client: ENEL IRAN

    • Cernavoda, Romania
    • Full time
    • Work domain - It Telecom: Engineering

    Supervisiong the Installation activities, Calibration, loop cheek , Hot Transfer , startup commissioning of instrumentation  and control system for several works . 
    - Performing installation & termination of tank level gauging system.
    -  Performing Installation for associated instrument such as a pressure ,flow ,temperature ,level gas detector smoke detector, PD meter, pressure gauge, control valve , I/P convector, Make, Rosemount Fisher, Vertex.
    - Being familiar with the following Standard and Codes:
         - National Electrical Code (NFPA 70 , NEC 2002)
         - International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
         - API Cathodic Protection System
         - ASME Standard ( ASME 2002)
         - NEMA Handbook, National Electrical Manufactures Association
         - Instrumentation Hand Books (Seers)


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